Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita Thanks Pritam For The Gift

Episode Start: Amrita said that she didn’t have to speak to me. Pritam says anything happened was wrong, I didn’t know it will happen, building the house is weak, trust me. Amrita asks I’m going to go, done now? He says wait, I have this for you, its photo frame for your husband. Amrita sees the pic of Karan. I gave it to Dada ji, she asks how did you get it. He said I broke it, I had to fix it, fix it as before, I’m sorry again. I’m so sorry. He goes. He goes. She takes the pic gladly. She sets the frame. Naina milake… the games… Amrita says Karan is here. Soni hugs her. Soni hugs her. Angad thinks of Meera and she doesn’t have the courage to say she broke the marriage. Amrita asks what happened. What happened? He’s not signing anything. She’s going to get kheer. She asks you’re all right. He says yes. He says yes.

Guneet comes and says the photo of Karan is well-fixed. It’s good, Nimmo realised his mistake, I’m happy. Dada ji says he’s going to fix it. Soni says that at heart he’s good. Angad is whispering about Meera. Dada ji says to send some pritam kheer. She’s not going to accept it, Kamli says. Amrita says he will not eat food. He will not eat food. Guneet says he’s sending it and seeing. Kamli takes the cheer. Kamli takes the cheer. Pritam asks what I’ve done. Kamli says that you’re sent kheer. He says I don’t want. He says I don’t want. She says Amrita’s sent it, it’s his last time, she dumps it into a bucket if you don’t want, don’t throw it anywhere else, thanks to my side, you did well with fixing up Karan’s pic. She goes. She goes. He smiles. He smiles. He checks the cheer. He checks the cheer. He eats it. He eats it. He’s going to go out and eat. Amrita’s watching him and smiling. Pritam looks at her and hides the bowl of kheer. She thanks him. She thanks him. He says listen, thank you, kheer is tasty. She nods. She nods. She goes. She goes.

His morning, Guneet says that we have a date for the goddess Amrita Bharai. Pritam comes. Pritam comes. Dada ji is asking him to come with coffee. He agrees. He agrees. Nimmo asks for coffee from Soni. Angad says I know you’ve got a problem staying with us. Amrita asks Pritam to speak well with them. Biji tells them about the brutal killing of a girl in the hotel. Amrita asks you to mean that Pritam did the killing. Pritam gets shocked. Shocked. Angad’s wondering what. Biji tells me that I tell me the news. They are soothed. Biji says crime in our city is growing, Pritam read it and tell them. Pritam gets shocked by the girl’s sighting. Biji says assassin can’t get saved, his pic came in CCTV, we stay in that very city, who knows that the assassin is around us. Amrita looks at Pritam. Looks at Pritam.

Dada ji says that you say that he did the assassination. Guneet asks Pritam to have coffee and to sit down. Pritam says I have a phone call to make, I’m just going to come. He goes upstairs. He goes upstairs. Dada ji asks Daddy why she showed him the picture of a dead body. Nimmo says he’s afraid to look at the pic, he has a rat heart. Angad says he’s going to leave it now. Episode End.

Precap: Amrita says this news is related to the news. Nitin says you’re being found by the police, your pic is coming. Pritam sees the inspector.

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