Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th September 2021 Written Update: Pritam Fights Rathi’s Goons

Pritam stated that she would be waiting for her. Rathi asks as to who that lady is and what she means to you. Pritam says, “No nonsense, she is a widow, a decent woman, let me go, she lost her husband a few months ago, her life has one chance to celebrate happiness, I have to take this dress and reach her.” Rathi and his henchmen laugh. Rathi asks whether you are a drug dealer or a tailor, noting that a dress is more important than a bag. Pritam says the bag is important for us, but the dress is important for her; try to understand. Rathi slaps him and tells him to take care of himself first. He hurls the dress down the stairs. Pritam yells Rathi and falls to the ground. He notices the dress packet clinging to some metal rods. Mansoor asks as to where Pritam has gone. No, says Angad. Amrita asks as to how you brought a man like him here. Mansoor asks as to what’s wrong. He misbehaves and becomes enraged, and he appears to be a goon, she says. Angad asks as to how you know him. Soni confirms that your personality does not match his. Mansoor says that in life, there are all kinds of people, and Pritam is one of them. He says that if you balance his goodness and badness, you will notice his goodness more. Yes, Angad says, he was a big help to us. Soni describes him as daring, and he always arrives dressed as a hero. Amrita asks as to who he is and what he does, noting that he does not appear to be a stock broker. Mansoor is concerned.

Amrita asks as to what transpired. Mansoor says nothing; he has a good heart; don’t judge him by his demeanor; he is hurt, so he becomes angry. Kabir and his friends arrive. He smiles at Mansoor. Mansoor hugs him and tells him, “I heard you got a job, and I’m very happy.” He tugs on Kabir’s cheek. Kabir says, “I got the coal; why isn’t Amrita ready yet?” Soni says she needs her dress. He asks as to why Pritam did not bring the dress. According to Angad, you went to take it. Yes, Kabir says, I brought him along, then I went to get the coal, and he was going to get it. Amrita wonders why he will get my dress. Mansoor says he’ll get it, so what’s the harm in that? Angad tells you to unwind and dial Pritam’s number.

Pritam is thrashed. He says, “Send your man with me, I’ll give you the bag, free me, if you kill me here, how will you get the bag?” Jogi, free him, says Rathi. Pritam stands up. Rathi tells Jogi that if he doesn’t hand over the bag, he will shoot everyone in the area. Pritam grabs his gun and shoves him. He brandishes a gun at Rathi. He says I’m going, that I have to take the dress, and that I’ll get the bag. The thugs order him to stop. Pritam takes off. He picks up the dress packet. He notices the goons approaching him. The goon smacks him on the head. Dada ji asks about Pritam’s whereabouts. It’s 4 p.m., according to Angad. Pammi says that the puja has not yet begun and that it will be abshagun. Saroj advises, “Talk well.” Pritam, according to Baljeet, does not want good. Angad says that his phone is turned off. Guneet asks as to why you gave Amrita’s dress to Pritam. Mansoor tells them to be patient because Pritam will retrieve Amrita’s dress. Nimmo asks as to when he will arrive.

Amrita says I’ll wear something else, that puja will take place on time, and that I’ll get ready. Okay, says Nimmo. Pritam returns home. The wounds on his face and body are visible to everyone. They inquire as to how you were injured. Pritam assures me that I am fine. Amrita observes. Kuljeet asks as to what is the matter. Pritam says that my bike skids. Mansoor says he’s fine, and it’s good you arrived on time because Amrita was getting a warrant for you. Pritam notices Amrita. He walks over to Amrita and hands her the dress. Amrita accepts it and expresses gratitude, saying, “You are greatly hurt.”

He doesn’t say much, but I can’t stand the pain. He ascends the stairs. She requests that he stop. He is deafeningly deafeningly deafening She refers to a statue. He pauses. She hands him the first aid kit and tells him that if he is seriously injured, he should see a doctor. He instructs Angad to clean Pritam’s wounds and administer first aid. Pritam says, “I’m fine, thanks,” and that it’s just a scratch. She says that your nose is bleeding. Angad says, “Come on, I’ll help you.” Pritam says no, I’ll do it, and you all begin the function. Nimmo instructs Amrita to prepare. Mansoor says, “Come on, I’ll help you.” Yes, says Pritam. Dada ji says, “Get ready and come quickly to the function.” Meera is still upset. She requests that Divya take the dress and dispose of it. She becomes depressed and says, “Guneet and Nimmo made us strangers.” Mansoor provides assistance. He says it’s good to see my Pritam after so many days. I don’t want anything to go wrong because Pritam says it’s Amrita’s good day. Amrita has tolerated a lot, but it is not her age to tolerate, according to Mansoor. According to Pritam, the Lord does not consider age before inflicting sorrow. Mansoor asks as to who you fought and why you came. Rathi, says Pritam. Mansoor says that you have located the drug dealer. Yes, says Pritam, but there’s a problem: there’s a bomb in this house. Mansoor is taken aback.

Amrita’s godh bharai takes place. Mansoor asks as to why the bomb was brought here. Pritam says that it was exchanged by mistake. Rathi says I want that bag, as well as Pritam.

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