Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th September 2021 Written Update: Pritam Searches For The Bag

Dada ji says, “I got drunk myself; it’s not Pritam’s fault; he has saved Soni’s respect today; he is a wonderful person.” He inquires of Saroj and Kuljeet. He’s said to be nice. Dada ji says that I know the truth because Mansoor told me everything. Pritam becomes concerned. Dada ji says to know who he is. They’re all curious about who he is. Dada ji tells us not to tell anyone because he is our tenant. Pritam keeps his head bowed. Dada ji, you go and sleep, says Kabir. Dada ji asks who is going to hear my jokes. Stop, says Biji. Pritam is nice, he is a stockbroker, he is our tenant, is there more beer? says Dada ji. He chastises Baljeet.

Nimmo instructs Guneet to accompany Dada ji to his room. They kidnap Dada Ji. Pritam examines the bag. Amrita takes a look at him. I’m sorry, he says, but I didn’t do anything. She asks him to leave because he has already done so much. Angad says it was not his fault; Kabir and I took the beer, hid it, and Dada ji drank it. Nimmo apologizes to Pritam and tells everyone to go to bed. Pritam is leaving. Saroj says, “Look at what we’ve got.” We’ll see it tomorrow, according to Nimmo. She gives the bag to Kamli. They’re all gone. Pritam informs me that I have learned about the bag and that I must obtain it tonight.

Amrita enters her room. She takes off her bangles. Pritam says everyone should be sleeping by now, so I’ll go get the bag. He notices Angad and Kabir making their way upstairs. Kabir says that Baljeet has taken over our room, that we must sleep on the terrace, and that we will force him to drink jamaalgota. Angad laughs and says, “We know who he is.” Kabir says yes, but why is he acting so rudely? We’ll sleep in the penthouse. According to Angad, it is for rent. Kabir says to be our friend. Pritam says he doesn’t believe so. Angad advises not meddling in Pritam’s life. Pritam believes that only Angad is rational. He considers how he will go out. Tomorrow is a big day, according to Kabir. Yes, Angad says, it’s a big day for Amrita; she was happy, but she was missing Karan terribly; if Karan were there… Kabir assures her that we are on her side. Angad says yes, but Amrita will miss Karan terribly the next day. Pritam remembers Amrita’s words.

We will not let her be sad, according to Kabir. Angad suggests that you go to bed right now. They are dozing off. Pritam observes. Krishnakant inquires as to which sherwani looks the best. Apa gives him a look. He instructs Meera to choose his sherwani. She inquires as to what you are doing. Apa cracks jokes. He says I’m going to my first function after covid, Sakhujas would have called the entire neighborhood, and I should look good. Meera responds, “No, they called fewer people.” He inquires as to how you know. She says it’s not important because they’re struggling and have a financial problem. He says that I got Angad’s job. Meera affirms. Apa thinks you did a good job. She says, “But he wouldn’t have gotten his salary until now; we have to be low-key because they have a lot of problems.” He says it’s not right, Amrita’s godh bharai should go off without a hitch, she deserves it, and I need to do something. Apa inquires. He tells me to go to bed and I’ll see what happens. Pritam awakens and notices the time. He says they will ruin my entire evening. He makes his way downstairs. He notices Guneet, Nimmo, Saroj, and Kuljeet conversing. Pritam goes into hiding. Nimmo says we’ll give Amrita some time to rest. Pritam advises him to go to bed. Baljeet asks that Pammi go get milk for him. Pammi departs. Pritam has also stated that he is present. Kuljeet says that the gents will sleep here, while the ladies will sleep in the room. Baljeet says no, I need a bed, and my back hurts. He walks away.

Nimmo is upset with Baljeet. Kuljeet says, “Don’t worry, go to sleep; I had to speak with Guneet.” Pritam suggests that you go to bed right now. Nimmo and Saroj enter their bedroom. Guneet says I’ll close the door. Guneet and Kuljeet are also sleeping. Pritam enters Amrita’s room. He notices her sleeping smile. He smiles and thinks she’s in a lot of pain, but she’s smiling in her sleep. He searches for the bag. He smiles as he notices the bindi on the mirror. On the wall, he notices Karan’s photos and certificates. He bows to Karan. Episode end.

Precap: Nitin asks that Pritam leave the house. Pritam declares, “I will not let this family fall apart.” He returns to retrieve the bag.

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