Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th September 2021 Written Update: Dada Ji Gets Drunk

What if Karan isn’t there, Amrita says, but there is life, I’m alive, and it’s my godh bharai’s turn to bless my baby. Pammi inquires if you will use mehendi because you are a widow. Nimmo and Saroj are distressed. Pammi is stopped by Nimmo. Amrita sobs. She says that her Karan did not abandon her, that he is always with her, that it is not about Karan, but about her and her happiness, that she wants to apply mehendi, that it is Mother’s Day, and that a mother has the right to celebrate every happiness. Nimmo believes you are correct. Pammi wonders if it will look good if guests come into godh bharai and say strange things. Amrita will apply the mehendi after Biji says enough. Karan, according to Amrita, wants to see mehendi on my hands. Soni applies mehendi to Amrita’s hand and writes K on it. Dada ji has finished his beer. Guneet promises to finish the other bottle as well. Pritam turns to face Dada ji.

Dada ji says, “I went to meet Mansoor and invite him because I heard about what you did for Soni.” Bless you, Dada ji. Nimmo suggests that we begin the dance right away. Dada ji laughs and says, if we get a chance to celebrate, everyone smiles, you did well to become a part of our happiness, we were tolerating a lot of sorrow, eyes don’t dream and tears don’t stop, Karan left us, Angad’s marriage fell apart, Guneet’s shop closed, everyone tries hard to smile, but there is pain inside. Guneet, Kabir, and Angad are saddened when they hear this. Dada ji says that if my Karan was still alive, he would have handled everything himself; he used to have a lot of courage, and no one ever complained about him. He smiles and says, “You should have met him, you two would have become good friends, we will miss him a lot tomorrow, why Lord takes our loved ones away, he should have called me, my Karan didn’t see the world well.” Pritam becomes depressed. Dada ji sobs. Please, Pritam, don’t cry. Guneet, Kabir, and Angad are also in tears. Guneet sobs as he hugs Dada ji. Dada ji inquires as to your purpose for being here. He tells Guneet not to cry and to drink; he’ll be fine. Kabir advises, “Get happy, don’t cry now.” They are aware of the music. Kajra mohabbat wala….sings… They catch sight of the ladies dancing. On the terrace, they drink and dance. Pritam cracks a grin. Amrita performs a dance. Pritam is upstairs, she notices. Dada ji says the beer is finished; is there any more? He goes in search of it. Dada ji collapses on the cot and declares, “Hear a joke?” They’re all saying no. Pritam, according to the man, was with Sakhujas. Inspector says he looks like a member of their family, but who is this family? The man says that they are a simple family, and that their financial situation is not so good. Inspector inquires as to how they obtained the funds to decorate the house; they are acting in order to keep him as a tenant; they are his allies.

Saroj invites you to come see what we have. Kuljeet, according to Baljeet, will get if there is anything less. Dada ji arrives inebriated. He inquires as to who will hear my item, and I respond that I am fine. Pritam notices the bag. Nimmo inquires if you are inebriated. Baljeet says that no one told him about the beer. Biji inquires as to who supplied him with the beer. Guneet says I did not. Amrita inquires of Angad and Kabir. Don’t ask Kabir, he says. Baljeet says that it is my insult, and that we will leave. Dada ji promises to feed you, Kada. Nimmo inquires as to who supplied beer to Dada Ji. Guneet responds, “I’m not sure.” Dada ji says, “Ask me,” Pritam fed me the beer, and he is present.

Pritam is chastised by Biji and Amrita. According to Pritam, I… Pammi says that you come downstairs and respond. Pritam is defended by Dada ji. Pritam instructs Kabir and Angad to accompany Dada ji inside. Dada ji summons him downstairs. Amrita summons Pritam to handle the situation right away. Pritam enters the room. He notices the bag. Amrita is furious at him. Pritam believes it is difficult to take the bag. Episode end.

Precap: Pritam goes in search of the bag. During his sleep, he notices Amrita smiling. Dada ji says that I know his truth, that Mansoor told me everything, and that he is who he says to be. Baljeet suggests that you reveal all of your secrets today.

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