Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th September 2021 Written Update: Pritam Lands In A Hilarious Fix

Kabir says that no one knows I work in your office and that you can tell everyone when you come here. She says she needs your assistance. Divya instructs her to inquire about the gift with Kabir. Meera says never, but I was wondering what would be best for Amrita. She requests that Divya leave. She requests that Kabir tell her something special. Kabir suggests that you give your father a car because he has a lot of money. Meera says that calling you was a mistake. Kabir says you’re coming; that’s Amrita’s big gift; apologize to Mumma, and everything will be fine. Guneet asks as to whom you are conversing. Kabir says it’s the boss’s call. Meera cracks a joke. Guneet instructs Kabir to communicate effectively with the boss. Kabir invites him to accompany him. Meera asks whether Guneet is pleased with his dad’s visit. He says yes, come on over, everything will be fine, and I need to bring a gift. He suggests giving the baby a pram. Meera agrees, and thanks Kabir for the suggestion. She asks if you contacted the DJ, as we are required to perform a dance routine. He says no, you know our house condition, we arranged some money to keep the function going, we did the decorations ourselves, don’t know how to manage the food budget, we will play the songs and dance ourselves. She is concerned about them.

Pritam looks through the rooms for the bag. He notices Dadi. Dadi asks as to what you have discovered. Pritam refers to a toolbox. Dadi asks if you repair things. Yes, he says. She requests that he repair the torch, among other things. He says he has a lot of work there and that we will do this later. She invites him to accompany her. He walks away.

Pritam says that I have completed all of the work and that I have completed the list. Saroj says you didn’t see what we got for Amrita. She instructs Kamli to retrieve her bag from Amrita’s room. Pritam searches for the bag. Kamli walks over to the bag. Pritam doesn’t notice her. Amrita notices him and asks you to come here. He asks as to your purpose for being here. She asks, “What are you doing here?” I came here to dry my clothes, she says. He says I…. Guneet requests that Angad obtain mirchi lights. Pritam uses the word mirchi. She asks, “Do you find me mirchi, are you karela?” He says I’m discovering mirchi lights. She says it is on that shelf. He walks over to the shelf and opens it.

Saroj is on the verge of opening the bag. Pritam removes the shelf. The flour tin is opened. Flour has fallen on him. Amrita chuckles. Saroj notices the sound and comes to a halt. Everyone goes to see the show. They laugh when they see Pritam. Pritam asks, “Are you all done laughing?” They laugh even harder. Dadi requests a selfie. Pritam ascends the stairs. Pritam is photographed by a man. Kabir asks as to your identity. The man flees and dials the inspector’s number. He says that we have found the murderer of that girl and that he is the same person. Pritam, according to the inspector, has vanished.

Pritam washes his hands of the flour. We got tired, according to Kabir. Angad says yes, we want to unwind, come with us. Pritam says no way. We’ll split the drinks, according to Kabir. Pritam cracks a grin. They take a seat to drink. Guneet summons Kabir and Angad. They hide the bottles and tell Dad not to tell anyone. They take cover from Guneet. Guneet asks of Pritam, “What is going on? You’re drinking beer here, what will the people say?” Pritam says no, I was going inside because I had a lot of work to do today. Guneet says it’s fine; you’re free to drink. He receives additional bottles. He says you’re alone and have three bottles. Pritam recommends that you drink it. Guneet says I’m tired as well, but if you insist, I’ll drink, cheers. Angad says that his father sat down to drink. Guneet, Guneet, Guneet, Guneet, Guneet, Guneet, Gun

Don’t tell my father I was drinking here, Guneet says. He runs away and hides. He notices Angad and Kabir. Kabir asks if you are hiding and drinking beer. Angad says we’ll inform Dada ji. Guneet says, “I’m sure you got the beer.” Dada ji enters the room and informs Pritam that he is drinking alone. Pritam says no, referring to Kabir, Angad, and Guneet ji. Guneet says he will trap us. According to Dada ji, they all went out. He takes the bottles and asks as to who owns them, why you have three bottles, and so on. They all extend their hands to Pritam. Actually, according to Pritam… Dada ji says, “I know a person makes many pegs when he is alone to make himself feel like he is with friends; I will not let you feel alone; I will provide you with company.” Pritam observes. Angad authorizes him to send Dada ji. Pritam asks if you have any work. Dada ji says no, mehendi is in progress. He consumes alcohol.

The ladies get their mehendi done. Soni laughs as she recounts Kuljeet and Baljeet’s conversation. Pammi asks if you are making fun of my husband. No, Amrita says, praising him. Kamli appears and asks as to why Amrita did not apply mehendi. Pammi says Karan is no longer alive, so Amrita is unable to apply mehendi. Episode end.

Precap: Everyone dances during the mehendi. On the terrace, the men dance. Saroj walks outside with the bag. Pritam notices the bag and becomes concerned.

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