Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Pritam Wins The Family’s Heart

Guneet asks that Kuljeet inspect the items. Everyone gets up and dances to the music. Pritam arrives and is relieved that they are all alive. He walks away with the bag. He inspects the bag and exclaims, “How did I make such a huge mistake?” A man notices everyone dancing. Amrita beams. Pritam looks on and says that if they had opened the bag, the blast would have occurred. Soni’s dance video is viewed by a man. Pritam asks, “What is he doing?” and “How dare he?” He makes his way downstairs. He grabs the man and slaps him. Everyone is taken aback. Kamli pauses the music. Pritam inquires as to what you were doing. He doesn’t say anything. Pritam is chastised by everyone. Pritam asks that the man hand over his phone. Guneet asks why you want his phone when you can just pack your belongings and leave the house. Give me your phone, says Pritam. Amrita says, “Enough already, can’t we just enjoy our function in peace?” Pritam grabs the man’s neck and steals his phone. Kabir asks that Pritam leave him alone. He inquires as to the nature of this goon behavior. Angad advises returning the phone and getting lost. Pritam asks that they watch it for themselves. He claims that if I see this, it will be bad for me. Angad watches Soni’s dance video. Everyone notices it. Soni sobs. Angad slaps him and asks, “How dare you?” He defeats the opponent.

Angad instructs Kabir to contact the police. Pritam is concerned. Amrita embraces Soni. Pritam believes it will be difficult for me. The man apologizes to Guneet and advises him not to call the police. Pritam advises against involving the police because if they investigate, many people will see this video. Yes, says Kuljeet. Pritam removes the video from his computer. He hands the phone to the man. He threatens to murder him.

Kabir kicks the guy out of the house. Pritam, Guneet apologizes. Pritam claims that whatever I did was my duty, but if I hurt your hearts yesterday, please forgive me. Soni thanks you for forgiving her. Amrita responds, “Yes, thank you; you saved us from a major defamation.” Sudha claims that everything is fine now, and that Amrita has forgiven you. Pritam makes his way upstairs. Kabir suggests, “Why don’t you come in godh bharai, we aren’t so bad, it will be fun.” Kuljeet invites everyone to come and have a good time. Pritam believes I can find the bag inside the house. Who says I won’t come? He says, “Who says I won’t come?” Angad thinks you said something wise. Pritam says that if there is any work to be done, he is willing to assist. Dadi says, “Come on, I’ll tell you.” Amrita takes a look at him.

Meera asks that Divya suggest a gift for Amrita. Naveen arrives to request money. Meera inquires if you are purchasing a gift for Amrita. No, he says, I want it for myself. He withdraws money from her purse. She inquires, “What is this?” and “Why do you want money?” Divya claims you stole money from both Dad and Apa. Naveen says I’ll return it, but I have to leave. He walks away. Meera claims he is acting strangely. She asks that Divya leave her alone.

Nimmo gives Pritam instructions. They made me a decorator, he murmurs. According to Kuljeet, I will also work at my daughter’s function. Nimmo says we’ll give Guneet the list. Dada ji, according to Guneet, will get it. Angad claims to be preparing his item for use. According to Pritam, your Dada ji is an item to become Daler Mehendi in this day and age. According to Kabir, you also perform an item. Pritam claims I’m already at work. He searches for the bag. He inquires if it is in Madam Jasoos’ room. Kabir inquires as to who that is. No one, according to Pritam. Amrita receives her dress. She claims the tailor sewed it loosely. Amrita is shrouded in darkness. Pritam asks that she stop. She doesn’t give up. He refers to a statue. She comes to a halt. He pulls up the curtains. He apologizes. She becomes enraged.

Wow, says Kabir, what a technique. Sudha says not to be upset because he is decorating this for you. Such incidents, according to Guneet, occur at work. Nimmo says I’ll get the dress repaired. She asks that Angad take the dress. Angad asks that Amrita provide her with a suitable dress. She agrees. According to Kabir, you are the function’s heroine. He receives a phone call from Meera. Amrita inquires as to whose call it is. Kabir says it’s a call from the office, that the boss is calling. He walks away. Hold the stairs, says Pritam. His name is Kabir, according to Amrita, and he is not your brother. Kuljeet says he doesn’t mind if he refers to him as a brother. He tells Pritam not to be concerned. Pritam thanks you; otherwise, your daughter would have pulled the ladder. She exits the room and closes the door.

Pritam searches for the bag. Amrita inquires of Pritam as to his purpose for being here. Sudha invites everyone to look at their possessions. Pritam notices the bag she’s carrying.

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