Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th September 2021 Episode Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th September 2021 Written Update: Pritam’s Bag Gets Swapped

Pritam scolding Amrita and Guneet. Kuljeet is asking who you are. Angad asks what happened. What happened? Nimmo says Samdhi ji has misbehaved. She’s asking Pritam what your problem is. Sudha says when we came here, he got after us. Pritam says I didn’t know them, I asked them to move the car, they parked the car here. Angad tells us he’s our tenant. Then Kuljeet says okay, if he says to us, if he stays here, if someone parks the car outside the gate, he says. Pritam says yes. Pritam says yes. Soni asks him to say that he’s sorry. Pritam says all right, I’m sorry about uncle ji. Kuljeet says okay. Pritam says aunty ji, sorry. Sudha says okay, our train got late, so we got angry. Kuljeet says that we came early to surprise you. Pritam says so sorry. Sorry. He’s got a call. Take the bags Angad and Kamli. Amrita says that you want us to stay away, we want you to stay away, don’t mess with anyone. Pritam says that your parents have been arguing with me. She says you didn’t yell, okay, don’t you have shame on elders to yell. I said sorry twice, call them, I’m going to say sorry again. She goes. She goes. He’s searching for the bag. He’s going to get the other bag. He says how the bag went. He’s taking Nitin’s bag. Nitin asks it’s all fine. Pritam says he takes this bag and keeps it in our old house, he’s got a shell. Nitin gets out of shock. Kuljeet and Sudha have a conversation with all. Kuljeet says we were already sitting in the train when Guneet called us.

They’re laughing. Amrita hugs Sudha. Sudha. Kuljeet says I miss the jokes of Dada ji. Daddy says she doesn’t say that, she’s going to start elsewhere. Now he says I’ll tell you when you’ve kept the new guard. Angad’s asking who. Kuljeet says he asked us to move the car when we met outside. Sudha says he’s okay. Amrita doesn’t love him, he’s been yelling at dad. He excused himself knowing we’re Amrita’s parents, he’s a good man. Guneet asks for tea and snacks from Soni and Nimmo. This bag has the goddess Amrita bharai objects, Kuljeet says, hold it in her room. Amrita says that I’m going to take the bag. She’s going to her room with the bag. Meera says Shetty liked the stupid line of Kabir. She’s speaking to the peon. She asks peon to get Kabir to trouble. He says he’s favourite of Shetty, I’m going to lose my job. She says I’m going to get a job in my father’s office for you. He’s sure, then I’m going to do it today. Kabir is coming and thanks for falling. Shetty comes and says I shared Kabir’s idea, she liked it, you gave my kid Kabir a fantastic line, I shared your pic too, they want you both as their models. They’re asking what. Peon gets coffee spiked for Kabir. Shetty says I need this, I’m sorry to get another for Kabir. He asks Kabir to drink. Meera yells no, Kabir has ordered it, how can you drink it. Peon says yes, I’m going to get one more. Shetty is saying shut up. Shut up. You can’t drink it, Meera says. Kabir says leave it, his office in Shetty. Shetty asks you Meera how dare you. He’s drinking the coffee. He says coffee is strong, I needed it, nice. Meera and Peon are worried about this. Shetty says if customer asks both of you to be model, then… He feels a stomach upset. Kabir questions what happened. What happened? Shetty says I’m only going to come. He goes to the toilet. Kabir asks him what happened. What happened to him? He gets the call of Angad. He’s asking that the parents of Amrita have come, great, I want to come and sit with Amrita. Meera hears the conversation. Shetty comes and says that I said, if the customer asks you both to make a model…. Meera asks you’re all right. Shetty goes back. Shetty goes back. Kabir says it’s going to be planned in the budget. Shetty is coming and telling me to let go. Kabir says don’t waste our time, finish the discussions and go. Meera tells him to let go of it. Kabir says he’s going to yell at us later. Shetty shouts please let me go. He’s running. Kabir asks what is happening. Meera says I don’t know, do your work. Do your work. She asks Peon to receive Sir medicine. Kabir requests coffee. Peon goes. Peon goes.

Nitin and Monty are watching the bag. They are trying to open it and disseminate the bomb. Monty is pushing pritam. He says what I said, he’s got a bomb; he shouldn’t open it. We don’t know the calibre of the bomb, so if it blows, then we’re going to be dead. Nitin says, but we have to do something, we’re only going to take it and sit down. Pritam says sit well, it isn’t a time bomb, it’s going to explode when bags open. Rathi wants it too; he wants us dead, if we don’t open the bag, we’re going to win his trust. Monty says that it’s a great risk. Pritam laughs and says don’t worry, Rathi’s going to call to understand my intention. Nitin asks why you got the bag. Pritam says I had to take him out of the house in Sakhuja. Sudha says I’m not going to keep a heavy bag. Pritam says his goddess Amrita, bharai, will be there many people, it wasn’t safe to keep. Amrita misses and shouts Karan. Sudha hugs her. Sudha hugs her. She locks the wardrobe.

Precap: Dada ji says I have a Kuljeet and Angad competition. Pritam argues with Kuljeet and Dada ji. Amrita asks Pritam not to be seen in her function, to leave the house.

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