Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: Family realizing that Pritam has left and is about to let it go. Beeji asks Amrita to say what she wants but she says that it’s not necessary now. Dadaji asks Guneet to see outside. Guneet finds Pritam speaking with someone on phone about Sakujhas. Guneet calls him and he enquires about Amrita. Guneet says she’s fine now and asks him to come. Pritam asks about the rent and advance. Nimmo says it’s 10000 rent and 30000 advance and Pritam immediately accepts shocking them. They ask whether he doesn’t have anything to say and he nods no. Nimmo asks about his family and he says he has none. They ask him to wait out for sometime and he leaves.

Amrita finds Pritam and decides to reveal the reality to Family. Pritam asks her about her keys. He shows her the keys and gives it to her. Pritam says about what happened in the bank and apologizes for what happened in the auto. Amrita leaves the place and comes to the place where her family is discussing about whether to rent Pritam or not. She tries to talk against but Dadaji trusts him. Later, Pritam gives the advance to Sakhujas and is about to go when Soni asks him about his name. He identifies himself as Pritam Chaudhary and leaves. Dadaji gives the cash to repair the pipe. Nimmo is relieved that they will get at least 10000 per month.

Kabir shares with his friends about the Meera’s attitude during interview. They ask him to let it go as its common in life. they say that Angad wouldn’t like him working at Meera’s office. Angad calls Kabir and asks about how he did the interview. Kabir says he did well but they gave it to recommended people. Angad understands him and asks him to let it go. Kabir asks him to about his job but he too says that he couldn’t get one. They both cuts the call. Meera calls Angad and lashed out at him. Angad couldn’t understand anything but Meera speaks ill about his family and cuts the call. Angad fumes.

Angad walks on streets recalling whatever happened with Meera. He got into an accident. On the other hand, Amrita decides to talk about Pritam to family. Kabir is worrying about informing Nimmo that he couldn’t get employment . Amrita says to Kabir about the new tenant who is that the one who snatched her auto and threatened her in ladies washroom. Kabir says its not right to keep the gunda there. Kabir comes there to his family and says about Pritam. He asks them to ask Amrita. Amrita is about to say when Pritam comes there. Kabir is about to lash out at him when he comes there with injured Angad along with Guneet. He says about Angad getting into an accident and Pritam saving him and admitting him in hospital. Dadaji says Pritam that they changed their decision and asks Nimmo to return the cash as they won’t go against Amrita. He says that he was in hurry which is why he got into the auto forcefully. Angad praises Pritam too. Amrita asks Kabir to let it’s and agrees to let Pritam as their tenant. Episode end.

Precap: Amrita recalls her moments with Karan in the room and is upset that Pritam is taking on it. Pritam calls Sakhujas innocent.

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