Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th September 2021 Written Update


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Episode start: Pritam said the wiring is defective and they want to move forward. He’s got a call. He requests them to resolve the assassination case, and his picture is distributed in police stations. He’s looking out at Amrita. The pickles are kept by Amrita and Kamli. He sees the burnt curry. He says I’ve done it hard, it burns. What I’m going to have, I can’t eat dry rot. He sees the containers pickle. Now when they made me a thief, he says, so it’s okay. He’s going to get the sticks. He says perhaps the mood of Guneet was really bad. He’s taking some spots in the bowl. He sees Amrita. He sees Amrita. She’s asking what I’m going to say. He says I saw how the pickles were made. She asks you’re an expert, you’ve run a pickles shop. Sorry, I’m going to keep it back.

She’s saying no, you’re going to spoil the rest. He’s holding the bowl and sorry, don’t advertise. He goes and always says that she has trouble. She’s a thief, she says, he might have asked. She’s going and seeing him eat the food. Kamli says Dadi asked the container to tie this cloth. Kamli brings him pickles. Pritam sees Amrita. Amrita. He’s telling her my container. Instead, Kamli says you should have said thanks. He says that she did a favour by sending pickles, she’d have to send curry. He eats pickles. He eats pickles. He likes it. He likes it. Shetty asks what is going on, we lost the customer, new ad isn’t ready. Meera says she’s ready. Kabir is coming. He congratulate Meera. He congratulates Meera. He says I have something personal to talk about. She asked him to go. She asked him to go. Kabir’s telling her about the dead body. Shetty stops him. Shetty stops him. Meera always asks what this dead body talks about, I can’t work here, I resign myself. Kabir is asking her to withdraw. Shetty says you can’t go, you are my star. He’s coughing and sitting down. She asks are you all right. He is asking for medicinal products. She goes. She goes. Kabir asks two months’ advance, his goddess my Bhabhi bharai. Shetty says that just a few days ago you joined. Meera is coming. Shetty asks Kabir to prepare the ad, and he will make progress. Meera laughs. Meera laughs. Angad comes from the office. Office. He says job is okay.

Guneet and everyone are talking about the list of guests. Kabir calls Nimrat Kaur/Nimmo home. Nimmo comes with a slipper to beat him. Don’t call her by her name, Amrita says. Kabir asks you why when I asked you not to sell the bangles. Dada and Dadi are asking why. Why? Because of your long guest list, Guneet says. Nimmo doesn’t say its error. Kabir says you’ve undervalued me, I have money. He gives Guneet 50000rs. These are your bracelets, he says. You’re shocked. Guneet asks how you got them. Kabir says Sunny saw you, I got it back at a jewellery store. Nimmo says that we’ve got to give him the money back. I paid him money, Kabir says. Amrita asks how you got it, tell me. Tell me. Dad asks that you’ve done some wrong job. Kabir says no, I’ve taken a salary advance of two months, I don’t involve a champion when I lie. Everybody’s getting emotional. He gives Nimmo braces and says he doesn’t sell anything again, father has respect in the town. Nimmo hugs him. Nimmo hugs him. Kabir says today, thank you, you handled the problem. Dada ji asks what’s going to happen next month, and after two months he gets salary.

Angad says I’m going to get my wage. I’m going to get more advance pay, Kabir says don’t worry. Angad asks you which company gives you so much wages. Kabir says I showed you a letter of appointment, chill, I’m not stealing. Guneet asks Nimmo to keep the cupboard money. Guneet says we can now work on the list of guests. Checks of Kabir. He says if all was all right, then the name of KK would have been there. Angad gets upset. Angad gets upset. Amrita asked what happened. What happened. Dada ji said I was thinking about Shabana ji, she wanted to come in your goddess bharai. Meera’s been so excited, Soni says. Guneet says KK has also been glad to hear about the pregnancy of Amrita. Angad asks that we can talk about another thing. Dada ji says it’s a happy moment, all of us are going to be Shabana and Krishnakant too. Nimmo says we don’t want to make it more insulted, we don’t want to call them. Kabir thinks that when they come, Meera’s going to tell you about my job. Amrita remembers Meera and is saddened. Episode end.

Precap: Dada ji says that we have the god-bharai of Amrita, we’re happy if you’re coming. I’m going to come with my family, KK says. Meera’s getting shocked. Angad gets angry and tells me that I can’t see her face again. Kabir tells Pritam Angad’s problem. Pritam asks Angad now to agree, okay if he doesn’t like the girl. Amrita says that Meera’s a pretty girl, you’re going to do your job.

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