Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th August 2021 Written Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode

Episode starts: Angad asking Nimmo to send Dada ji to the office. Dada ji meets his friend Mansoor at the cafe. He asks why didn’t you come in Dolly’s marriage. Mansoor says I had fever. Dada ji keeps a mask. Mansoor laughs and says test results came negative. Dada ji says its good. Mansoor asks how is Amrita. Dada ji says she is ok , she has sorrow in her heart. Mansoor says a new life will come in your family, you’ll become great grandpa, remove the wig now. Dada ji smiles and says yes, but this is my hair, I wish Karan comes back. They order tea.

Dada ji says I m still upset with you, you didn’t come. Mansoor says I visited meet your Bhabhi. Dada ji says why didn’t you tell me, i might have come and met her. Mansoor says no use now, since last 6 months, I didn’t attend the graveyard, now once I went, I saw another grave made over her grave, she has become a land now. Dada ji cries and says there are not any signs of her, we didn’t get Karan’s ashes. Mansoor says we don’t need to cry, we had sworn. Dada ji says we have to pay this price of being elders, you can’t break down, else the house will shatter, what shall I do, problems aren’t getting less, Guneet’s shop aren’t running, Angad lost his job. Mansoor says don’t worry, Angad is talented, he will get employment . Dada ji says the family wants to give the penthouse on rent, I came here to meet an agent. Mansoor recalls Pritam’s words. He laughs and says Lord is amazing, someone told me for a rented house, i will be able to tell him to see the room.

Dada ji asks who is he, is he an honest man. Mansoor says don’t worry, I guarantee, he’s a nice man. Pritam gets the aid done. He says its a little thing, i will be able to see him, we’ll beat him tons , i will be able to make him a ghost, but not now, you also stay calm, once the work happens, then we’ll beat him. the man says this place isn’t safe. Pritam says we’ll have a new place now, I even have to remain in decent locality, you both don’t show me your face. They laugh. Amrita gets scared when a bulb blasts. Angad says its just a bulb. they are going to Kabir. Kabir says I m finding a job on the web site , i will be able to get the work , Angad, i will be able to leave it once you get a job. Amrita says i will be able to slap you, have your coffee. Kabir likes the coffee. Angad smiles. Kabir asks will you call mummy. Angad says i will be able to train you for interview. Kabir says leave it, tell me about Meera. Angad says I don’t want to speak about her. Kabir says I miss her. He says I m going now, call me later. He goes. Amrita says I also can’t forget Meera. Kabir says i do know Angad couldn’t forget her.

Amrita says its not easy to forget the one you love, Karan didn’t leave from here. Kabir says time heals every wound. Amrita says wounds heal, memories can’t get erased, Amrita and Karan’s name can’t get separated. Its morning, Kabir gets ready for the work interview. Nimmo says its Karan’s shirt, why did you give it to him. Amrita asks why, doesn’t Karan’s siblings have a right his things, just bless Kabir. Kabir jokes. He says i will be able to get the work today, because Karan is with me.

Everyone blesses Kabir. Kabir and Angad leave. Amrita hears some sound. Baljeet and Pammi get a man home. He says he’s the new tenant. Dada ji asks why did you get him suddenly. Guneet says you ought to have made me meet him first, stop. Baljeet says I spoke to him everything. Dada ji says its our house, who is he to decide, we’ll decide who will stay here. Pammi says but talks were final. Baljeet says I m helping them, they’re insulting me. Guneet says go and see this room, till then we’ll discuss it. Dada ji says no, just go, we don’t want to offer the house to you. Baljeet says you won’t get anyone else. Dada ji says I spoke to my friend already. Baljeet says I even have no value here. Amrita says we might have spoken to him already.

The guy gets angry and leaves. Baljeet and Pammi argue with them. They get upset and leave. Nimmo asks will the other guy come. Dada ji says don’t worry, he will come. Amrita reads a novel. Nimmo prays. Kabir comes for the interview. most are busy in their work. Guneet says we’ve to convince Baljeet and Pammi. Soni says leave it, they’re going to get convinced in two days. Amrita says Dada ji didn’t do right with them. Dada ji says Mansoor took guarantee of the old tenant, i will be able to go for a shower . Kabir goes to the conference room. Amrita says he are going to be good if Dada ji chose him. Soni says but he’s a stranger. Amrita says let him come, we’ll see. Amrita goes to see at the gate. Pritam comes. Kabir goes and sees Meera. Pritam removes the mask. Amrita gets shocked. He says fake doctor.

Precap: Meera interviews Kabir. Kabir says i want the job, please. She asks him to leave. Pritam sees the house. Amrita says I even have to inform something about Pritam. Episode Ends.

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