Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam Tricks The Police

Episode Start: Pritam says you’re wrong, I’ve got imp work, I’ll go. Inspector says that I’m familiar with your face, you’ve been in prison. I’m a hero, Pritam says, not a villain. Inspector says we’re going to find out, I believe I’ve seen you in prison. Pritam says I’ve never gone to prison. His name is requested by the inspector. Pritam says Choudhary. Pritam says Choudhary. He’s displaying his ID card. Inspector’s inspections. He says the name of the guy isn’t that, it’s your identity card, or you give me a fake identity. Pritam tells me to come and write the report to the police station. The inspector is asking the people to leave. He asks why you’re angry. Pritam says you think I’m a goon, you trouble me. You trouble me. The inspector gives his identification and asks him to go. Pritam leaves with his friends. Your name is not Pritam, inspector says. Guneet and Nimmo are going to Krishnakant. Krishnakant’s with his friend. With his friend. He says I m all right. Meera says you are strong. You are strong. Apa says you were giving tension, Naveen look. Nimmo thinks he will meet once for humanity’s sake. It’s opening the door. He’s seeing her and he’s turning away.

Nurse asks him. Nurse asks him to come. He goes. He goes. Nimmo asks Guneet to come, they’re not needed, in the hospital we shouldn’t have a drama. Meera says they don’t care about my dad. Apa says let that be. Let it be. Dolly comes to the office of Kabir and asks him to meet him. I’m going to come, Kabir says. Shetty’s searching for Kabir. He’s worried about the news. He’s asking where Kabir went. The girl says don’t know, she says don’t know. A guy is challenging Amrita. Meera comes and knocks on the guy. He’s asking how dare you gun me down. Meera scolds him. Meera scolds him. Amrita stops Meera. Meera stops. She slaps the guy, too. Meera asks you’re all right. Amrita nods. Amrita nods. Meera asks what happened. What happened? Amrita says relationships don’t die as soon as possible. She hugs Meera. She hugs Meera. Meera’s doing her sitting. Amrita’s asking how you are. Meera says it’s always my life, how are you, how is my champion? She’s talking to the kid.

Amrita asks him what happened to him, how is his uncle. Nothing says Meera, he is all right, why are you asking now, nobody cares about him, nobody looks after him. Nimmo is coming. She says we care nothing about it. Guneet is waiting outside. She asks Amrita to come. They’re leaving. Meera says it’s awful. Dolly tells me that I’m here. Kabir asks you’re going to make me lose work. I came to show the clothes, she says I was shopping. He says I’m not your husband, who is coming to show you clothes in office. My boss says he can see me. She’s watching Shetty come. She turns away. She turns away. Kabir looks at Shetty. Shetty says to Kabir, hear me, I’m done, I’m going to be imprisoned now. Kabir says some other girl’s dead body. Shetty asks how sure you can be. Kabir says she’s here.

Shetty asks what you’re talking about. Kabir says anyone’s going to hear, I haven’t put the dead body there, come here. Shetty asks where the dead body was. Kabir’s saying that I’m not going to say, it’s a secret. Smart, I’m ok, sorry to disturb you, girlfriend, who’s this girl, let me say sorry about her too. Dolly worries. Dolly worries. Dolly wears mask and goggles. She’s simple, Kabir says. Shetty says sorry to be troubled, why are you standing here? Come in! We’ve got a good coffee in our house. She doesn’t drink coffee, Kabir says. Shetty says she’s just letting her answer, she’s not talking. Kabir is telling her maun vrath. Dolly says yes. She says yes. Shetty says that voice, before I heard it, where I heard it. For the first time, she says we met. Kabir says your vrath was broken, just go. She goes. She goes. Kabir says let it be, we’re going to talk about the body dead. Amrita comes home. Amrita comes home. She says baby’s all right. Soni hugs her. Soni hugs her. She’s asking what happened to daddy and mother. Amrita says at the hospital, they met KK and Meera. She sees Pritam come home and lock the door. Episode End.

Precap: Pritam sings a song and cooks. Soni and Amrita dance singing. Pritam’s paper flies outside. Amrita says maybe it belongs to Pritam. Pritam rushes to see.

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