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Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Gayu Returns Home

Episode Start: Gayu asked the driver to turn around. I couldn’t take a turn, Driver says its one way. She asks him to stop the car. He stops the car. She takes with her Vatsal. He’s asking her to stop. He gets a knife and asks her to give the jewellery, otherwise her children… She says, I’m going to give it, don’t do anything to them. Sirat is coming and hitting him. Kartik is coming and catching the driver. He asks Gayu you’re all right. Sirat remembers that Kartik came to her. She says Gayu’s gone to the cab, we’ve got to stop her. You’re leaving in the car. FB ends. FB ends. Kartik says you thought if she is alone, you’re going to loot her. Driver excuses. Driver excuses.

Kartik says I called the police. He locks the driver in the dike of the car. Sirat asks you’re all right, why did you come that way. She is asking Vansh to take Vatsal and sit in the car of Kartik. Kartik ask Gayu why did you not tell us that we would force you, that you left the house, why. You thought we would force you. Gayu said that I needed some time, why did Sirat take me here without informing me, why did Dadi call them home today, everyone would want me to go away, I thought I was going to leave. Sirat says nobody’s worried about you, they love you and want your happiness. Gayu says that I have been divorced from Samarth, I still stay there, they want me to go, and my hesitancy you understood, but they forced you to talk with me.

Kartik tells that you know me since many years, you think about our family, I don’t really know what they told you, we all love you a lot, we don’t want you to leave the house, it’s not our mistake, whatever Samarth did with you, but we feel ourselves coupable. Gayu asks why a woman has a husband, is this only relationship, does other relationships have no value, why I want the same relation, why the happiness of a woman depends on her husband? I have learned how to live happy alone, I want to become a great mother to my children. Sirat hugs her, and sadly, I haven’t thought about your rejection, I’m sorry about it, don’t punish yourself and children, come home again. Gayu says no, they’re going to talk the same stuff, they’re going to explain me again. Kartik says I promise it’s not going to happen, nobody’s going to force you. Do not punish me, Sirat says yes, you can scold me all life but come with us. Sirat says yes. Akhilesh says that they don’t reply. Surekha says the family of the groom didn’t ask anything, otherwise Daddy would be insulted. Dadi says I want to safely return Gayu and the kids. Kairav says that mother and father have come. He’s running and hugging Vansh.

He’s wondering where you missed me, I missed you. Children go. What did you say to Gayu, Manish asks, we gave you the responsibility to know her view. Surekha says she ran like Gayu’s family after Gayu, she doesn’t have any meaning. Kartik says it’s not Sirat’s mistake; we should have talked to Gayu; she feels that we want to oust her from the house; it was a misunderstanding; we won’t get Gayu forced; Gayu doesn’t want anybody to support her; she stays like before; if she’s got to marry anybody, she’s going to decide, nobody else. Thanks to Kartik, Gayu says. Dad says Gayu, from now on you are our daughter. Suwarna says this life is yours, it’s your choice, forgive us. Gayu tells me his mistake, Sirat tried to get acquainted with my heart, but I didn’t say that I was going to understand on her own. Manish tells us to share your heart, don’t leave the house, everybody cares and loves you.

Sirat believes Gayu also feels I can’t be like Naira, I must be like Naira. She’s doing boxing. Kartik is coming and holding her. He says enough that the problem isn’t too big as we do. If we didn’t arrive in time, she hugs him and says, then anything could have happened, how did I make a big mistake. She says she couldn’t talk to you herself. She says that we learned from our mistakes, I ought to have understood. He peaceed her. He peaceed her.

You’re sweet, he says, my love. She smiles. She says I’m soothed, with me you’re not upset. He’s asking what’s happening in your heart. She doesn’t say anything. He says that I think you’re lying, somebody’s there. She says no, she says no. He doesn’t even ask me. She says no, I mean yes, what’s in your heart, there you are. He says you are there. He says you are there. He holds her close. He holds her close. Kairav is coming. Kartik says his timing didn’t change, if there’s no real reason, I will beat him.

Kartik always says in the last minute you tell stuff, school exhibition is in two hours. Kairav says that everybody was worried today. I forgot to say that we must make something, sell it at school and give it money in charity to get a star badge. Manish says good, many should be helped, I’m going to make a check, give it to you. Kartik says it’s going to be wrong, Kairav’s going to earn and give it. But time is less, Manish says. I want to make something, Kairav says. I’m so proud of you Manish says. Sirat says I’ve got an idea, Kairav’s painting is good, he can make greeting cards. Kairav says superb idea, mummy only used to give these ideas, I’m going to get things; all of you help me cut paper. Sirat smiles. Sirat smiles. Kairav’s salutations. Sirat is asking him to give her two cards. Kartik asks you are going to buy the cards, what are you going to do. Sirat says I’m going to give it to the two prettiest guys, tomorrow’s their birthday. Kairav tells you that you remember my father and my birthday. She says yes. She says yes. Thanks to Kartik. He’s going to school with Kairav. Sirat says tomorrow is a special day, for Kartik and Kairav I’m going to arrange a good party.

Kairav comes home and says Sirat had a super hit idea, I got a star badge. Manish says to fix it, he’s going to take a good picture. Sirat deserves this, says Kairav, it was her idea. It’s your hard work, Sirat says. Kartik is right, star is for you. Kartik’s right. Kairav fixes her saree with the star badge. Thank you, she says, I’m proud of you, you’re the best son. He says you’re the best mother. She thinks I’m going to win the heart of all and become like Naira. Episode End.

Precap: Suwarna asks why you don’t want a parties to celebrate your birthday. Kartik says that we can avoid little, like the birthday party, to keep her from preparing for the party. Manish says that Naira used to deal with things, and his stupidity to expect it from Sirat. Sirat hears them. Sirat hears them.

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