Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat Gets Labor Pains

Kartik has been summoned by Manish for labor. Sirat and Kairav are kissed by Kartik. He asks Kairav to look after Sirat, the new baby, and Akshu. Kairav nods and departs. When Kartik sees Sirat, he says, “I’ll go, take care.” He kisses her goodbye and walks away. She becomes concerned when she hears the sound of a police toy. Kartik is preoccupied with the meeting. He does not have network access. He considers going outside and making a phone call. Dadi says I’m going to the temple, and I’m going to touch the chadava once. Sirat touches the plate and says, “Gayu told me you did puja for the new baby.” Dadi asks if I should leave Suwarna and Gayu at home. Sirat says there’s no need because you’re not going too far. Kairav says I’ll look after her. Dadi compares Kairav to Kartik; we’ll bring Akshu along, and if you get worried, call us; we’ll come back. Sirat asks that they leave Akshu at home. They leave. Sirat and Kairav enjoy singing and dancing. Sirat is in pain. She takes a seat and calls him out. He inquires as to what transpired.

She says, “Get my phone as soon as possible.” He hands over the phone. She dials Kartik’s number. She says that there is no network. Kairav says he’ll get our missed call notifications, so I’ll call Dadi. Dadi and the rest of the family have arrived at the temple. Dadi advises everyone to keep their phones in their bags because they were stolen from us the last time. Surekha is responsible for the phones. They aren’t responding, according to Kairav. Sirat says Dr. Vibha isn’t in town, so she gave Dr. Seema her phone number. She calls Dr. Seema and tells her that she is in labor and that the baby is on its way. The doctor advises her not to be concerned and to come to the hospital. Sirat says I can’t come; come home and check; only the kids and I are here. The doctor says I’m free to come, but we have facilities at the hospital. Sirat says, “Fine, we’ll go to the hospital.” Kairav inquires as to how we will proceed; Kartik is not present, nor is the driver’s uncle; will anything happen to my sister? She declines. He questions why this occurred when no one is present. She says you’re a good boy; we just have to keep our heads up and figure out what we’re going to do. He says, “I have to help you; please tell me what I can do.” She asks that he obtain the pink bag. Kairav takes the bag and reports back. She says the bag will be heavy, so go get it. No, he says. She inquires as to the whereabouts of Akshu. They kidnap Akshu. She says that there are no taxis or cars available. He says I’ll go hire. He says a prayer. He says that our house car has arrived. The driver arrives and inquires as to what transpired. Sirat wonders where Dadi and everyone are. He says they’re at the temple, they’ve sent me to the office, and they’ll need a lot of time.

Sirat asks that we be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Akshu sobs. Sirat says we forgot the milk bottle and should return the car. No, Kairav says, I’ll feed her the biscuits. She apologizes and says, “I’m sorry, Akshu, but I’ll feed you something once we get to the hospital.” Akshu is consoled by Kairav. Sirat says that Akshu understands my anguish. She asks Kairav to call Kartik for her. Kartik, Manish, and Akhilesh are all very busy. Sirat sobs. Kairav instructs her to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. A tyre on the car is punctured. He says that there is no stepney. Sirat says we’ll take a walk. He says no, but I will make arrangements. Kairav sings a poem to divert Sirat’s attention. She says I’m dizzy. Everyone applauds Kartik. Kartik believes there is no network in the phone, so I will call Sirat. Client comes to a halt and speaks with Kartik. Kairav asks that Sirat drink juice. He says I’ll go see the driver’s uncle. She declines. Sirat agrees to ride in the driver’s car when he gets a lift. Kairav and Sirat make their way to the hospital. A lady comes to her aid and takes Akshu. Sirat is asked to wait for 5 minutes by the nurse. Sirat declares, “I can’t wait.” Don’t worry, says Kairav, the baby will be fine.

The doctor examines Sirat. Sirat inquires about my baby’s well-being. Don’t worry, the doctor says, premature delivery occurs in seven months, we need your husband’s signature, we may try for a normal delivery, but a caesarean may be performed as well. Episode end.

Precap: Kartik meets Sirat and dispatches her to deliver the package. Sirat is critical, according to the doctor, and we may not be able to save your baby. Kartik is taken aback.

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