Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat’s Baby Shower

Kartik declares that he will ward off the bad sight because his wife is beautiful. Sirat says, “I will give Maudi’s love and blessings to my daughter today; if she were here today, she would have loved her very much.” She sobs. He comforts her and hugs her. Dadi says we didn’t realize it had been 6 months; I hope the baby arrives soon after another 2 months; call Kartik and Sirat. Yes, Suwarna says, it’s time for godh bharai. Sirat is brought by Kartik. Dadi protects himself from the bad sight. Kartik, as well as everyone else, cough. Dadi says that the bad sight was cast by someone and that it has now escaped. Kartik cracks jokes. Dadi instructs Suwarna to begin the rasam.

Suwarna forces Sirat to wear the chunri and presents her with a gift. She whispers her wish into Sirat’s ear. Dadi and others go through the same motions. Surekha believes that the baby’s nature will make him similar to our family. Kairav presents a gift and expresses his desire for a fairy-type sister. I want a daughter like you, Kartik says, she should scare everyone and be so determined, the world should shine if she smiles, I want your carbon copy. Sirat cracks a smile. He keeps Maudi’s present there. From Maudi’s point of view, he says it’s for our daughter. Sirat’s family, according to Kairav, has arrived. Everyone is concerned. They notice the coach and the students. Sirat says, “I consider you all to be my sisters, and Coach Sir to be my elder brother.” Kartik says that I summoned them to bring Nanihaal for our daughter. She expresses gratitude.

She defines family as those who support you. He says that we can all give our lives for you. The gifts are given by the girls. Kairav says we’ll play a game; we’d like a baby girl but don’t know what the Lord has decided. Dadi says that elders can see a child’s face and tell whether it is a boy or a girl; I believe Sirat will have a boy. Surekha believes Sirat will marry a girl. Vansh and Kairav instruct them to burst the balloons; if it is pink paper, it will be a girl; if it is blue paper, it will be a boy. Sirat is wearing gloves. Kartik inquires as to why you wish to punch the delicate balloons. Gayu says that when Sirat wears the gloves, she becomes stronger. Sirat deflates the balloons. Akhilesh says there are only two balloons left. They are overjoyed when they see the pink paper. Kairav says that we will now have a sister in the family. Akhilesh says we’ll have a dance right now. Dadi sings “tere sapnon ka sansaar”…. They are all dancing around Sirat. Sirat is uneasy. Kartik is holding her.

Sirat converses with the infant. Kartik inquires as to what you are discussing. She says that she always kicks me. He says, “Great, she’ll take my retaliation for your punches.” He invites her to soup. I don’t want, she says. He motions for her to take a seat. He feeds the soup to her. Dhaage me moti jaisa…..plays…. She inquires as to what is the matter. He says I feel guilty, that work always goes on, but these moments will never come again, that we have few regrets in life, that I wasn’t with Naira at Kairav’s time, that I was with her at Akshu’s time, but that I have to go to a meeting now. She says that the delivery will take another two months. He expresses his desire for the network to remain stable in that location. She says you’ll be back until the end of the night. He says yes, I won’t go anywhere until the baby arrives, and then I’ll take a five-month paternity leave. She cracks a smile.

Dadi, Suwarna, and Gayu make Sirat laddoos. Gayu says you should scold her and tell her to eat it, and I agree. Suwarna says we’ll make the baby bag later because it’s not necessary right now. Kartik prepares the bag. He says we should be mentally prepared for an emergency; I can’t take any chances. Sirat and I have already made a list of names, according to Kairav. Kartik laments, “You both didn’t involve me; show me the lost.” Kairav displays the lengthy list. Kartik inquires about the baby’s name list, noting that only one baby is on the way. She says we’ll put it on the shortlist. Kairav pronounces the baby names. Kartik inquires, “Do you know the meaning of such names?” We don’t want it, I’m the father, I’ll keep the last name, you both are insane. They both laugh. He cracks a smile. Episode end.

Precap: Kartik asks Kairav to look after Sirat, Akshu, and the upcoming baby. He’s in a meeting. Sirat is in a lot of pain and informs Kairav. Kartik is unable to connect to the network and is concerned about Sirat’s availability.

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