Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat Confronts Sheela

Kartik is leaving for work. Sirat requests that Dadi polish the bangles. Dad assures me that I will complete the task. Sirat believes you believe I will lose it. Suwarna says no, Dadi called the shop, it’s closed at the moment, drop Kairav off at school, and we’ll get the bangles polished later. Kairav says I’ll go by myself. Sirat says no, but I will accompany her. He tells you that the driver is already there and that you should go rest. She replies, “Fine.” She requests that the driver stop Kairav inside the school.

Sirat walks into the house. Surekha asks how long you intend to be concerned in this manner. Dadi asks how I will inform Sirat that my bangles have been stolen. Surekha says Sheela stole it. Sirat is taken aback. Sheela is her destination. Sheela says your brother is ill, and I have to leave; you have family to look after you, but he doesn’t. Sirat closes the door. She says she won’t let you go until the bangles are returned. Sheela asks. Sirat chastises her. Sheela says that I don’t have the bangles. Sirat says, “I know it very well, and you should be ashamed to do it in my sasural.” She chastises Sheela.

She asks as to how long you intend to fall. Sheela makes a counter-argument. I swear to you, I don’t have the bangles, she says. Sirat demands that she swear on Sonu that she did not steal the bangles. She inspects the bag. She receives the funds. She asks, “How did you get the money?” and “Tell me, where are the bangles?” Sheela says that I don’t have it. Sirat asks, “Did you steal it?” Don’t think I’ve become like these good people; I’ll call the cops. Sheela responds, “No, stop, I sold the bangles for 5 lakhs, and the money lenders were threatening me on the phone.” Sirat asks as to where you purchased it. Sheela responds, “I’m not sure.” Sirat invites you to accompany him. Sheela says your Sasural is wealthy; what difference does it make if I take a portion of their wealth? Sirat says it’s important, so come with me. She meets the man in Chor Bazaar and asks about the bangles. According to the man, I have sold it. She threatens him with the police. Sirat says he’s sold it, so you won’t be able to get the bangles any longer. Sirat asks how I can track down the man who purchased the bangles; they are nice people who didn’t even tell me about it. Kartik resays Dadi’s bangles.

Dadi sobs and asks as to where you found it. Kartik says, “I discovered the market where stolen goods are sold; it’s a good thing no one else took it; Sirat and Manish should not be aware of this.” Manish arrives. Sirat transports Sheela to her home. Sheela requests that I return home to my son. Sirat says she won’t let you go until she gets her bangles back. Sheela says, “Please let me go.” Sirat says you must make me contact the man who purchased the bangles. Sirat chastises her for causing harm to the family. Sheela warns, “Don’t hit your leg, you’ll expose my name and then fall even more,” referring to Manish’s words, “find bangles and return them, let me go.” Manish says that while we are concerned about Sirat’s health, we cannot cover up her mother’s crime. Surekha agrees, but how long will we keep this a secret? Kartik says that Sirat’s health is critical, and that whatever she goes through is not her fault if her mother is incorrect. Manish believes your reasoning is incorrect. Dadi believes his decision is correct; jewelry isn’t more important than someone’s life, and we need to focus on Sirat and the upcoming baby. She assures Kartik that they will not inform Sirat about her mother. They notice Sirat and Sheela standing at the door.

Dadi was looking for you to give these bangles, according to Kartik. Sirat asks, “How did you get these bangles?” He says it has always been with Dadi. She asks how much you’ll lie for, I know everything, a fraud woman stole this and sold it in Chor Bazaar, I stopped her from fleeing, I went to get the bangles, but the bangles had been sold to someone else. He questions why you went in this manner, saying, “You should have told me, my mother had done such a cheap thing with your family, I’m sorry.”

Suwarna says don’t blame yourself; calling Sheela was my mistake. Sirat says no, you called her for my sake, my mother isn’t concerned about me, I’m sorry, please forgive me. He scolds Sheela and requests that she leave. We will punish her if she says no. He says that we will not be happy, that she will not learn a lesson, and that she will be in a lot of trouble. Sirat tells Sheela that they always forgive her and that she never changes. Sheela departs. Kartik is thanked by her.

Manish becomes enraged with Sheela. Suwarna says that calling her was a mistake on my part because of her nature. Manish says Sirat has her blood; I’m concerned that the baby will have the same blood; we must work hard and raise the child well.

Sirat and Kartik notice a shooting star in the sky. He says I’d like to request a cute little doll-like daughter. He clings to Sirat. Kairav appears, yelling, “Papa!” Next time, he says, make a wish that our children don’t get in the way of our romance. Kairav orders strawberry ice cream for Sirat. Sirat expresses gratitude. Kartik says that you adore her. Kairav says I’ll look after my younger sister. Kartik adds, “I’m confident we’ll have a daughter.” Kairav believes Akshu requires a sister. Kairav says I’ll get two rakhis, look after them, and give them gifts. Kartik says, “All right, give me some ice cream.” No, says Kairav, it’s for Sirat and the baby.

Sirat is ready after six months. Kartik approaches her. He compliments her. She says that our daughter will be familiar with makeup and punch as well. He gives her a kiss. She asks him to leave so she can get ready. He says exactly what you say. Episode end.

Precap: Dadi sings Tere Sapno Ka Sansaar….plays… Sirat’s godh bharai function takes place. Everyone gets up and dances.

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