Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Naira Urges Kartik To Move On

Episode Start: Sirat asking Kartik to let her do the aid. Kartik says I will do it. She stops him. She says I will prove the truth in two days. She does the aid. Its all about the love…..plays…. She says done. He says don’t know when did this happen, did it happen to you also. She asks what. He says nothing. Sirat attends Akshu. He thinks Sirat didn’t hear when I told her, what to do. Kairav comes and asks his help. He says in our school play, there is a scene, Radha is scolding Krishna, how will he convince her. Kartik says its simple, Krishna will say that words aren’t needed where there are feelings, how can’t you know that I love you so much, I m not scared of anyone, I m ready to confess my love in front of everyone, Sirat, Radhe… She claps for him.

She says Krishna told his feelings in few words, I wished to just keep listening, if a guy tells such things to any girl, then she will be of him really, you should write films. Kairav goes. She gets a message. She says coach has messaged, committee has returned nationals form. Kartik says we will go and talk right away. She says yes, I can’t forgive myself if I can’t fulfill Maudi’s dreams. Kartik says I m with you. They go to the boxing club. They argue with the committee. The man says we can’t do it, try it next year, we don’t want any controversy. Sirat’s coach says you can’t ruin someone’s career. She says let me name be there in the list, if I don’t prove myself right, then I won’t play. The man says its impossible, how will you prove it in one day. Kartik says Sirat will play and win also. Coach asks Sirat to practice, they have less time. She says yes, I have to prove my innocence, time is less. Kartik says I m talking to the lawyer, vent all the anger on your practice, go for it. She nods.

She thanks Kartik. Bandhan aise banjate hai….plays…. Kartik sees Sirat from far. She practices some punches. Kartik thinks how did I say that to her. He leaves. He goes to the cliff end. Naira appears. She says don’t fight with yourself. He says you are upset with me, you heard what I said. She says you told your feelings, what’s wrong in saying the truth. He says just you are there in my heart, how can I love someone else, really sorry. She says I trust you, you won’t give my place to anyone else, you gave me happiness, you are going to fill the lacking thing in my kids’ lives, thanks, my worry will end now, I will really get free now, I don’t need to come here. He says you got upset with me.

She says no, I m really happy, love isn’t any meaning. He says you are my love. She says I m not there, love isn’t anything to have in memories, if you love someone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love anyone else, don’t deny your love for Sirat. He says my heart isn’t agreeing. She says love just happens. He says you always find me. She says I don’t like to see you alone, one who love wants to see each other happy, don’t think of the world, who want to make you an ideal husband and an ideal dad, they want to make you sacrifice, you could have moved on, life becomes beautiful with someone’s company, not with memories, move on. He hugs her and says please Naira, I need your support. She says I have to go. He says I will die without you. She says just listen to your heart and accept Sirat, I m going forever. He says I will shatter. She says no, Sirat will handle everything, you tell her your feelings. Naira goes. He runs around. He gets a white dupatta. He recalls Naira’s words.

Kartik comes home and asks what’s these preparations for. Dadi says its Janmashtami after two days. Surekha says I don’t think we can celebrate. Dadi says everything will be fine. Kartik gets lawyer’s call. He says Chauhan left the country. They get shocked. Akhilesh says case is stuck now. Sirat cries and runs to the temple. She says I couldn’t do anything for you all, it could be better if I had died with Ranvir and Maudi, or when Chauhan pushed me, why did you save me. Kartik says dying isn’t any solution, troubles increases for family if person leaves, you aren’t the root of the problem, we have to find some way. She says all the ways got shut. She cries and says everything is snatched from me, I have no one, I don’t even have the proof of my innocence. He says you are innocent, we will prove it. She asks for whom, I have no one in my life. He looks at Sirat and says I…. Episode End.

Dadi says I decided to celebrate Janmashtami well, Kartik and Sirat have to become Krishna and Radha. Kartik and Sirat dance on kisna song.

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