Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Sheela Comes To Goenka House

Kartik has stated that we will go to the doctor. Sirat claims I can smell Maudi’s homemade Laapsi. Suwarna appears and says, “Have the laapsi, I looked up the recipe on the internet and made it.” Sirat thinks it’s fantastic. She takes a bite and declares it to be delicious. Kartik suggests having some, but not too much, and sitting down to eat slowly. Sirat says, “I’d like some more.” Kartik does not elaborate. Dadi claims you shared three plates of laapsi. Sirat thinks it’s fantastic. Suwarna claims that laapsi has ended. Sirat inquires as to how. Sheela arrives and asks that they not cast a negative light on her daughter’s food. Sheela extends a warm welcome to everyone. She tells Sirat she can eat as much as she wants. She claims I made laapsi at home and gave it to Sirat; why did Suwarna lie to me in order to obtain the recipe; and I’m also turning into Nani.

Suwarna’s phone call is shown to Sheela on Facebook. Suwarna inquires as to how Maudi used to make laapsi and if you know the recipe. Sheela claims that she makes it better than her mother; the recipe can be found on the internet. Suwarna says she wants me to make it for Sirat as a surprise. Sheela thinks I’m not crazy for believing you. She thinks Sirat is extremely fortunate to have such a caring Saas. Suwarna asks that she tell her the recipe. Sheela says, “Fine, make a note of it.” FB has come to an end. Suwarna claims, “I thought, Sirat wants it so…” Sheela wishes you all the best. Sirat is summoned to see what she has for the baby. Sirat says we’ll notify you when your grandchild arrives, so you can leave now. Sheela says you’ll like Maudi’s dishes; if I stay here, I can make them for you; your baby will be healthy. Sirat says, “My family is here for me,” and Kartik asks that the driver drop her off at the bus stop. Sheela says she’ll need me because she’s my daughter. Suwarna claims she is now our daughter. Sheela says she might need me, so keep that in mind.

Sirat smacks the bag. Kartik cracks jokes. She claims I can throw a punch. She asks why you stopped Sheela here, knowing her intentions, she can never wish good for anyone, and why you kept her. He claims that Maudi is no longer alive and that only Sheela can take her place. She says you’ll realize your big mistake soon, and she’ll try to hurt me. He says no, we’ll keep an eye on her, and we’ll put up with the old relationship for the sake of the upcoming baby. She embraces him.

Suwarna arrives in Sirat. Sirat looks after Akshu. Suwarna says, “Please forgive me.” Sirat says, “It’s not your fault; I know you’ve done that for me.” Suwarna says, “I saw you talking to Maudi’s photo and got teary eyes, so I decided to do this for you.” Sirat says, “I used to despise the word mother after seeing Sheela, but now I respect mothers after seeing you, how can someone be so good?” Suwarna predicts that you will also become a good mother. Sirat claims that he will fight the entire world for Kairav and Akshu. Suwarna says, “I know,” but remember to take care of your child as well. Sirat responds, “I know, a new relationship does not diminish love, but rather increases it; I will love my three children equally.” Kairav thanks the Lord when he hears this. He says Sirat loves us a lot, and I promise I’ll look after the new baby.

Sheela arrives in the morning to give Sirat a glass of juice. Sirat says, “I don’t want it.” She mocks Sheela. Sheela claims that I don’t want to make the same mistakes again. Sirat asks that she halt the drama if she has come for money. She walks away. Sheela claims that I am in desperate need of funds. She sips her juice. She receives a phone call informing her that I require two days to make the payment. Sirat, she claims, will not give me money easily. Sirat enjoys wearing the bangles. Dadi says these bangles are from my Nani, who was born into a royal family and gave them to me in my godh bharai; now it’s your turn to get them. Sirat claims it is too expensive. Surekha claims that Dadi will take it away from you. Dadi responds, “Yes, I’m giving it to you to wear for a day.” Sirat says he understands. Dadi says I got this from my Nani, so I’m guessing it’s from your Nani so you can feel her love when you wear it. Suwarna claims you’ve won Dadi’s heart. Surekha warns that the bangles can become misplaced. Sirat says, “I’m thinking the same thing.” Dadi instructs her to keep it safe and to have it polished before she wears it. Sirat says that’s fine. Sheela claims that bangles are expensive and that if I get the bangles, I will be able to pay off all of my debts.

Sirat claims that Dadi delegated significant authority to him. Kartik says you can handle all of your responsibilities, so I’ll tell Dadi not to make you wear bangles. She says she’ll be sorry. He says, “Promise me you’re not going to take stress.” She replies, “Fine, promise.” He says I’ll leave right now. She bids her farewell. She gives him a kiss. They have a chance. Dadi claims I kept bangles for puja, but they vanished. Surekha believes Sheela would have taken it. Kartik inquires as to what transpired. Surekha claims that her Nani’s bangles have replaced Dadi’s bangles. Dadi confirms that it is very expensive. Surekha suggests that we go check on Sheela. He warns, “Don’t do this, Sirat may be worried,” and adds, “If Sheela has stolen the bangles, it’s my promise, she can’t take it out, just keep an eye on her.”

Precap: According to Kartik, this matter should not reach Sirat and Manish. Manish says, “I got to know, and I’m also concerned about Sirat’s health,” but that doesn’t mean we’ll cover up her mother’s thievery. They turn to face Sirat.

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