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21st Aug Episode Start: Chauhan getting the death certificate and burning it. Kartik asks Sirat to listen to him. She says he is burning the proof. He says I have the real proof, look here, I kept other papers there. She says we got the proof, how will we go now. Chauhan turns to go. He gets lawyer’s call. He says doctor gave me the file, I had burnt Ranvir’s report, Sirat will be punished, she can’t prove anything. Kartik gets angry. She stops him. He says I won’t leave him. She says we have to think of something.

Kirti feeds Kairav and says I don’t meet you often, I m not a good Bua. He says no, you are the world’s best Bua. She says you have grown up, Sirat told me the truth, she said you supported her, you did right, tell me the truth, you will feel bad when she leaves. He hugs her sadly. He says I have explained myself. She asks what. He says mumma used to explain that we should value the moment and not waste it by thinking of future. Surekha looks on and thinks what’s Kairav saying, is it about Sirat. Kirti says sorry, food fell on your clothes. Kairav says its okay, I will clean it and come. Surekha says Kirti won’t tell me, I have to make her say it. She says poor Kairav, I know everything, few things are such that we try to hide, but we get to know it. Kirti says we should support them until they tell us the truth, its their fight with the media, Kartik asked them to make any news, the truth will come out. She lies about Kairav’s friend. Surekha goes. Kirti says I understand well what you wanted me to say. Kartik asks Sirat is there any other way. Its all about the love….plays…. He gets Manish’s call. He says everyone would be worried. Manish says I m worried that Kartik went with Sirat. He gets Kartik’s message.

Chauhan says keep an eye on the doctor until he leaves the city, Kartik and Sirat shouldn’t meet that doctor. Kartik says we will see him. She says we will wait for sometime more. Chauhan turns to see. He hears guard stopping someone at the door. He asks what’s happening here. He sees Manish and Akhilesh. Sirat saves Kartik and gets hurt. He ties the kerchief to her hand. She says we shall leave soon. They leave. Manish asks Chauhan not to involve his son’s name. He threatens Chauhan. Chauhan says do anything you want.

Manish and Akhilesh argue with Chauhan. They see Kartik and Sirat leaving. Akhilesh says we got the proof, we will see you in the court now. Manish says we will send you to the jail, you don’t know Goenkas. They leave. Chauhan recalls Akhilesh’s words. He goes to check. He sees a blood drop on the table. He recalls Saroj’s words. He says where did the papers go. He checks the burnt paper. He gets angry and says Sirat you didn’t do right.

Kartik says when this proof reaches court, Sirat’s innocence will be proved. Everyone gets happy. Kartik and Sirat thank Manish for help. Dadi says we shall fix one thing, I have a wish to keep Kartik and Sirat’s marriage again, we will get our lost respect back. Manish asks what happened to your hand. Kartik says she got hurt while saving me. Manish says get the aid done. Dadi says come back soon. Kartik asks Kairav to get first aid box.

Sirat drops the paper. The paper flies towards the diyas. Kartik kicks a football and hits the diya plate. He saves the paper. She says I thought we lost this proof. He says we will keep this safe. Naksh talks to Naira’s pic. He says I miss you a lot. He says Gayu will come to tie me the rakhi, I will miss your rakhi. He sees the rakhis. Suwarna and Kirti look on. Suwarna says no one can take Naira’s place, but Sirat can tie a rakhi to Naksh, talk to him once. Kirti says I don’t think Naksh can give Naira’s place to Sirat, he may get upset. Kartik does the aid to Sirat’s wound. Kairav says I will just come. Kartik asks Sirat to shout, it makes pain less. She shouts. He says you should give warning before shouting such. She says I didn’t shout loud. He says peoples will complain now. She says you asked me to shout, now you are making fun of it. He says bandage is done, I was saying it for this. She says oh, so you fought with me to divert me. He says this trick never fails. She says its not like that. He gets hurt by her hand. She says sorry, its matter of few days, these fake blames will be removed from our names, then I will go. Kairav looks on and cries. Episode End.

Precap: Sirat and all the ladies dance. Kartik dances with Sirat. Rimjhim saavan…plays…

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