Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat Receives A Good News

Sirat recalls the doctor saying that his pregnancy was false. Sirat asks how this can happen. I’ve had all these symptoms of pregnancy. Doctor says you’re not pregnant because your mind feels symptoms. Kartik asks, I haven’t heard this before, how can this happen. It’s a joke, Surekha asks. Sirat tells me that joke happened to me. Clap and say you thought you’re going to tell a certain storey and we’re going to believe you, joke our emotions, abortions the child. She says I tell me what the physician said to me. He says okay, why did you hide about your pregnancy, what are you going to tell about what has happened before? Sirat tells me I’m going to say. Manish says, why did you write this letter? Manish says do not lie. Kartik asks why you wrote it, you’d abort the child. She says no. She says no. She reads the letter. The letter. She says no, the letter is not complete. On the other hand, I’ve written about my happiness, I don’t tell a storey, trust me. Kartik tells me that I had, but now I don’t know, you have hidden something big. Sirat says his half letter, come and see the letter, come and see the letter. She’s bringing him to the room. Everyone comes. Everyone comes. She’s searching for a letter. It shows the idol. The idol. She says I did it, I thought you’re going to know what I want to say. Kartik sees the toy of clay. He’s asking why I didn’t first see this. You have the uncomplete letter, you didn’t allow yourself to see the truth, the other part will be here. She’s going to get the letter. Kartik reads it. Kartik reads it. I’m sorry, he says, I misunderstood you. She says, sorry, I misunderstood you as well, I thought you would worry about the boy, I thought if my love of Kairav and Akshu would get less, I also had to make a sacrifice like Suwarna, I thought it would also be with me whatever Prabha and Surekha told you. She’s crying and saying that I didn’t want it.

She said that my dilemma ended, Lord gave me signs, I was sure I would still love Kairav and Akshu if I had 10 children. Kartik is hugsing her and I’m sorry, you got troubled. Perhaps Lord wasn’t sure, Sirat says so he gave me hope and sorrow then. Gayu tells Lord why he did this. Perhaps my hesitation is the reason Sirat says. Daddy says, Sirat, Lord’s doing it all at the right time, I am sure Ganpati will give our family good news. Suwarna says you tell us when you get this good news. Kartik says 3-4 children are all right for me. Daddy says come, visarjan’s time. They’re all going. Kartik asks Sirat to safeguard the toy idol and her dream is fulfilled. They’re going and doing the aarti. All pray. Everybody prays. They take the visarjan idols. They’re all dancing. Sirat is fainting. Kartik holds on. Kartik holds her. He’s asking her to rise. He sprinkles water. He sprinkles water. She’s opening her eyes. Dadi asks Kartik to bring her to her physician. She says she’s pregnant, I think. Sirat says no, she would know, she has done many tests, I had no food, so maybe I felt dizzy. Kartik says we gotta go to the physician. You’re going to the doctor.

Kartik says that after taking multivitamins, you’ll be all right. Sirat says that, when I was happy with the news, I had many questions, whether you were happy or not, if Kairav and Akshu were a good mother, and when I knew that I was not pregnant, I was thinking why Lord did this. He says that we have questions in our heart, answers, your health and career are focused. Doctor is coming and telling me that blood report is normal, I want to have a further test, then I can say. Sirat’s going to go for testing. Hear a heartbeat, Kartik and Sirat. Kartik asks the doctor that the sound that I think is true. Doctor nods. Doctor nods. Sirat’s wondering what. Kartik says it’s the heartbeat of our baby. Sirat asks how this can happen, the doctor says I’m not pregnant. Don’t give me, Kartik, hope. Your husband’s right, your baby’s heartbeat, doctor, wait, I’ll show you. She shows the sound.

Sirat asks how a baby could be this dot. The doctor says that if you eat well and take care of yourself, the baby will grow well, like a seed. But you said I wasn’t pregnant, Sirat says. The doctor says sorry, early stages of pregnancy are not detected, Congratulations. Kartik says we are pregnant. We are pregnant. Sirat’s wondering how. Doctor tells your child, you’ll become a mother and he’ll become a dad. Congratulations, Ganpati has returned our happiness. He hugs her. He hugs her. Sirat asks that I can handle it all well. He says yes. He says yes. They’re hugging. He says baby’s going to be big playwrights, he makes everybody dance from now on. She laughs. She laughs. He says we have to tell everybody at home, I’m going to call them. She says no, we should tell her special news in a special way. Daddy and Suwarna worry about that. Kartik and Sirat are coming back home. Kartik is joking and telling us that we went shopping. Manish scolds him. Manish scolds him. Sorry, Kartik and Sirat. Sirat says we found something beautiful and was thinking of buying, look what we got. She shows the pic tshirt of the baby. Everyone read soon. They all smile. They smile.

Precap: All dances on Pyaar ke bandhan…. You see that Akshu bends down and falls down. Akshu’s Kartik screams.

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