Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat’s Big Dilemma.

Episode start: Kartik asking you’re all right. Sirat says yes, there’s a problem with my phone. He says we’re going to send repair phone, I’m coming back home. She says I’ve left the club, I’ve had a little work. He says that I understand your work, you wanted to surprise me, I got to know, your coach told me that you’ve got the first international championship round. She says yes. She says yes. Doctor tells you that you left the reports. Thanks to the doctor, Sirat says. Kartik asks why health reports. Why? Today, Sirat says that everybody has had their regular tests. He asks it’s all right. She says yes. She says yes. He asks her to look after her health, come home, I reach her, too. She’s finishing calling. She says I’ll become a stepmom if I have my own child.

Kartik comes home, Kartik comes home. He says I’m tired, I’m going to tell Kairav good-night, you know Arun’s wife, her miscarriage, talk to her, she feels better, he says my family is whole, he’s right, I want nothing in my life, my family has a son and daughter, my pretty wife and two sweet kids! He goes. He goes. Sirat may say Kartik doesn’t want another child, but her son doesn’t know that he’s going to be happy or worried to know it. Sirat comes downstairs this morning. She sees Vatsal comforting Gayu. Vansh asks her for assistance for a test. Gayu scolds him. Gayu scolds him. Suwarna asks Gayu to lovingly explain to him. Daddy and Suwarna are coming to calm Gayu down. Gayu is complaining about Vansh. Suwarna says kids have lots of bronze these days, it’s a big thing to handle two kids. Sirat asks Gayu to persuade Vansh to see Vatsal. Gayu asks her to do this. She says that when we have children, we’re not going to get time. She goes. She goes. Kartik asks Sirat, you haven’t been ready for practise. Sirat says I’ve been going to go. He says that I’m going to drop you. She tells you to go, I’m going to go. He goes. He goes. Kartik meets the coach. Meets the coach. Coach is asking Sirat. Kartik says she came to the practise. Coach’s requests have been made by blood reports. Kartik says yes, it’s all okay, she said she filled out the form. Coach says that we haven’t yet completed the form.

Kartik says all right, I’m going to meet the doctor and come. He thinks why Sirat was lying. Sirat’s with the children. Suwarna says Kairav is jealous of someone else’s praise. I don’t want to share her with anyone, I’m not going to let anyone come between us, Kartik only is allowed. He goes. He goes. Kartik comes home, Kartik comes home. Sirat goes after him. Sirat goes after him. She asks why you’re so angry about what happened to Kartik. Kartik says you won’t get angry when you trust someone and that person hides things. She asks you who did it. He says you’ve hidden from me a big thing. She says I’m going to tell you, I’ve been frightened. He says that I have been frightened and you haven’t gone out today to practise because you aren’t fine, you couldn’t tell me what the reports have been, tell me, I went to the doctor, but she left and show me the reports. She says only deficiency of vitamins. He says give me the number of the doctor. She says that I’m all right, don’t worry. He asks her to rest, you haven’t completed the form. She says the coach isn’t there, so he might not know. He says I was thinking you lied to me. He’s hugs her and sorry, I was afraid. If you lie to me, I don’t like, I hope you remember the promise, tell me the truth. She’s signing no. He says that I want you to do boxing, your future is a champion. He shows her a pic. He says I’ve edited it, we’re going to fix that perfect family pic. She thinks how to tell him this pic is going to change.

Sirat is asked by the doctor to meet a gynec, she needs to change her diet, protein shake can harm her body. Sirat ends the call. The call ends. Kartik comes and asks Sirat twice a day to drink the shake of protein. He gives a glass to her. Sirat takes it. Sirat takes it. He’s asking her to drink. Kairav is coming and telling him to see what Akshu has done. Sirat throws in the floral pot a protein shake. Surekha sees that and he’s going to go. Kartik tells you’ve got it so quickly, good girl. He goes with Kairav. He goes with Kairav. Sirat thinks sorry, you’ve got a protein shake, I can’t tell you the truth. I don’t believe you, Suwarna says. Surekha says they have a problem, she’s really thrown the protein shake. Suwarna says she always stops finding her fault, we will explain if there’s something like that. Sirat looks at the reports and recalls the words of Kartik. She shouts. Suwarna is coming and calling her. The reports are hidden by Sirat. Suwarna says you’re worried about it. Sirat says that I took Akshu for a walk, I found her shoes. Suwarna says she’s wearing it already, I’d like to talk to you. They’re leaving.

Suwarna says I don’t want to interfere with your personal life but I don’t want you to go through any problem alone. Did you and Kartik struggle, looked upset, threw the protein shake and stop the distress. Kartik takes the bag and sheets of a laptop. Episode end.

Precap: Sirat tells me if I miss Kairav and Akshu after my own child. Kartik gets the report from Sirat. Surekha maybe says that because of the championship she hid this news.

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