Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode starts: Kartik asking Sirat to sleep on the bed. He goes to sleep on the sofa. Dhaage me moti jaisa….plays…. She goes to put some cushions under the sofa for him if he falls down. She sleeps on the ground. She thinks I just have one week to prove my innocence. Its morning, Kartik falls down the sofa. He sees the cushions. He looks for Sirat. He goes out. He sees her taking care of Akshu. He smiles. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. He goes and cleans the food from her cheek. He says its nothing that I shouldn’t do, Akshu’s food got on your face. She cleans it. He asks Akshu to have food. They smile. Kairav sees them happy and prays that their fake marriage becomes real. ‘Kartik sees the boxing gloves in dust.

He cleans the dust. Sirat comes. He says Ranvir’s doctor was in Australia, he’s coming back after 6 months, i will meet him and obtain the reality about the reports. i will prove that reports are wrong, we’ll not leave the culprit. He asks are you ready for this, will you’re taking revenge on Chauhan. She recalls everything. He says the girls have dreamt to become such as you , they have hopes from you, will you fulfill your dream, will you end the stains on your name, are you ready. She takes the gloves and does boxing. He says you won’t leave the opponent, its the last round, are you ready, tell me. She says yes, I m ready. She hugs him. Bandhan aise banjaate hai….plays… She says thanks for reminding me all this, for encouraging me, i will not leave Chauhan or that Anuradha. He says keep this anger, then we’ll win the case and match also. She asks match. He says you have to fight a match with these SSC gloves, if Ranvir was here. She says no, don’t do emotional blackmail. He says fine, you have to play nationals, I even have filled the form. She says I m not prepared. He says everything is ready, only one thing, you can do it. She asks what. He says winning.

She says this time we will win, its my promise. Everyone sees the mangalsutra designs. Dadi says we have to do a rasam, pandit its its auspicious day for married couples, they will do a rasam and make their marriage strong. She sees Kartik and Sirat. Kairav thinks they aren’t husband and wife, how will they are doing this rasam. He says we will do sangeet rasam, this mangalsutra rasam is boring. Dadi asks him to go and play. She asks Kartik to return . Kartik asks Sirat to see time, she will get late for the practice. She says yes. He says we’ll go, Dadi keep the mangalsutra, we will do that later, we don’t have time. Akhilesh says let them go. Kairav says i will get the boxing kit. Kartik and Sirat leave. Surekha says she is strange, she ran like she didn’t get married. Manish says I wish so. Kartik and Sirat attend the boxing club. She recalls the old time. He asks her to only wear gloves and start the practice. He goes to manager. He introduces Sirat. Manager says coach has refused. Kartik asks how. Manager says what can coach do when club refused to her, we didn’t know about the murder charges on her. Sirat says its not proved in the court. Kartik says you can’t treat her like a culprit. They argue with the manager.

Manager says such players spoil the name, she killed her husband, she will kill her opponent also. Kartik scolds him. Sirat asks Kartik to leave him. She says my name will be cleared in one week, i will get the nationals medal and prove myself. They leave. a person says you want a teacher and that i want money, will you’ve got this deal. They get shocked seeing Mukesh. Mukesh recalls telling the manager that Sirat is charged for a murder, don’t allow her. He argues with Sirat. He says think of my offer once, no coach will help you, I m your stepfather, think again about your dreams. She says none can stop me from winning nationals. Mukesh says you didn’t lose your attitude, just like this man, a boxer can never lose his boxing, this man was a better boxer than me, a steroid blame ruined his career, Sirat can also remove gloves and wear handcuffs. Episode ends.

Precap: Kartik and Sirat come home. Dadi asks them to do the rasam, Guru ji said it can be done anytime, we thought to keep the rasam now. Kartik takes the mangalsutra for Sirat.

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