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Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update

Episode start: Kartik said Sirat did the tutorials for Rangoli, right. Sirat says yes. Sirat says yes. Daddy asks Sirat every day to make Rangoli. Kartik says she’s going to do it twice a day. Sirat says I’m going to try. He says promise you’re going to try. Sirat says that I’m going to get ready and come here. She goes. She goes. Surekha says, Daddy, make the puja plate ready. Surekha says no, my nails are going to rupture. Then Daddy says that you are cutting your nails, you are doing no work, just decorating the plate. Kartik says that I’m going to come. Dadi asks when you have learned how to make Rangoli good, I know how to read emotions. He says I’m going to get ready and come. He’s running. She’s laughing and praying for them. Suwarna and Manish get ready. Get ready. She tells Ganpati that we should try to stay happy in the house. Manish says that I don’t expect me to, I don’t want to. She tells you, when Naira came into the life of Kartik, you didn’t like her, she made her place in your heart when the misunderstanding became clear. He says that she was Naira, Sirat, there’s a lot of difference. She says Sirat’s going to make a place for herself too. He says I’m worried about those who are waiting for her, what if their expectations break.

The Ganpati get Kartik and Sirat. The aarti are Manish and Suwarna. Everyone is dancing Hello ganesha…. The teacher calls Kairav. Sirat answers. Answers. She goes to Kairav. She goes to Kairav. It was actually half day at school, she asks. Kairav says yes, he says yes. Kartik asks what happened. What happened? She says the teacher called Kairav, she was tense that children disappeared after lunch, no problem with half a day or power line, both bunked the lessons. Kartik asks you’ve both been lying to us. Sorry, Kairav and Vansh. I thought you both understood and went to school, Sirat says. We made a mistake, Kairav says sorry. Sirat says I asked you many times, you lied easily, you didn’t think it was wrong. Kartik says that we haven’t believed that, Kairav, you call us your best friends, you’ll lie to us. Kairav is sorry. Sorry. I don’t want to talk, Sirat says. Kairav says that I promise that this isn’t going to happen again. He hugs her. He hugs her. All ask Sirat to forgive the children. Sirat says sorry, I don’t want to talk to them, they have lied on the puja day many times. Manish says that children learn what they see around them. Sirat says I’m not going to hear. Kairav is sorry. Sorry. Kartik says you’re not going to go to your room now. He takes the children.

Suwarna asks for forgiveness from Sirat. Sirat says, sorry, we’ve got to explain their error to them. Surekha says she doesn’t know how to raise children, she doesn’t care, Kairav isn’t her real child, her anger makes them away from parents. She argued. She argued. Suwarna asks her to stop it. To stop it. Surekha doesn’t say everybody’s like you, we understand the pain of our own children, she makes the children cry, she scolds them and sends them away. I know what’s okay for him, a mum understands this every day, I also know what is new to them, I know the importance of a mother well, a real mother scolds a child, Maudi loved me, and also punished me for wrong, did she love me less, I know the difference between right and wrong, I want to teach it to the kids, I know more and more… I’m not so happy. Sirat says you said it.

Suwarna asks Surekha to take this out of her mind. Daddy says yes, you’re never supposed to say this again. Gayu says Sirat is teaching a mother’s true meaning, a mother doesn’t get blind in love, she should be strict. Akhilesh says that Surekha, I am ashamed of you. Surekha says that her first festival was after marriage, she made it a big problem, children went home for puja, I don’t think it was wrong; if children get upset in a house, Lord doesn’t get happy. Kairav says Sirat’s not going to talk to me, that’s our error. Vansh asks how we’re going to say sorry, come along with me. Everywhere, Sirat gets sorry notes. Kairav is sorry for ears and signs. She’s going to her room and she’s getting angry. Kartik says you punish him, not him. She says it was my error, I couldn’t win her confidence. He says I can say the same thing, too. She says you’re his father, they’ll see your love when you scold him, my worry appears like a step-drama. mother’s She yells. She yells. Episode end.

Precap: Sorry, Kairav says, I’m really sorry, she’s going to get upset and leave. Boxing is practised by Sirat. She faints down. She faints down.

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