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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Episode Starts: everyone dancing on Mann main hai…. and celebrating. Manish gets a call. He goes. Dadi says Kartik and Sirat had to come together, their relation was fixed by the Lord Lord much time before. Dadi gives Akshu to Sirat. Dadi says we will have one last rite, every bride wears jewelry from your Maayka. Kartik takes Akshu from Sirat. Sirat goes and cries thinking of Nani. Dadi asks is there any trouble. Sirat says no. Dadi gives the jewellery. Sirat says no, I can’t take this. Dadi says it’s not your Nani, it’s her choice, no one knew it would happen, but when I was buying new jewelry, she made that choice, we didn’t know you would get it, keep it as a gift from your Maayka. She blesses Sirat. Sirat looks at her. They hear some noise. They see the media troubling. Manish says that we got some relief and now it has started again. Kartik and Sirat listen to reporters questioning their relationship.

Manish asks Kartik to answer them now. They argue. Akhilesh says she got defamation for us. Surekha says Kartik made her his wife and brought her here, if she becomes infamous then we will also become infamous. Akhilesh says that I changed my number three times in 6 months, what should I do now, local news channels are calling. Dadi says whatever it is, we should all stand by Sirat, I know and I believe she is innocent, she is the bahu of Goenka family, nothing should happen to her. We all know that Kartik and Sirat are innocent, why should we back down,” Suwarna said. Dadi says that before we were fighting for Kartik, now we will fight for Kartik and Sirat. Manish asks why we will fight, it is a forced relation. Kartik says because Sirat is a part of this family, when a member has a problem, the family stands together.

Manish says now you remember the family, where did the family go when you promised Ranvir and then married him, you just wanted to be great. He says sorry Maa, Suwarna and I will leave the house, we will not stay here, no one needs us. Surekha says Akhilesh and I will leave this house too. Suwarna says no, we will stay here, give me some time, everything will be fine. Manish says you can stay here, you decide, if you want to stay with your husband, or Kartik and Sirat. Dadi and Gayu worry. Kartik says this is not fair. Manish says that you have done a lot of injustice to your father and family, you do not stop us, we will not stop you. Dadi says you are doing the same thing again, where will your mother live in the partition. Manish says I am not dividing but giving up my rights, Kartik is now the head of the family, he will make all the decisions from now on, I will name the business to him, shall I announce to media that Kartik is everything, Manish is nothing. They hear the media shouting. Manish says you broke the family. Dadi says this won’t happen until I m alive, do anything after I die. Suwarna says Don’t say that, there will be a solution Dadi says everyone is increasing to the problems.

Manish says Kartik took a decision and it will break this house. He asks Kartik to remember this. Everyone goes. Sirat says don’t spoil your family relation for me, let me go to Kartik. Kartik asks are you fine. she says No, I’m not feeling well, I feel suffocated. He says look at me. She says something is going to happen, I need fresh air. She opens the door and looks at the media on outside, He says there is media outside, please stay at home, She goes from the back door. The media sees her and runs to her. The media questions her. The family looks on. Sirat recalls Kartik’s words. The reporter asked if Kartik want to make Ranvir out of his way and get the boxing team alone. Chauhan sees Sirat on the news. He thinks your luck is bad, the media will do my work. The reporter asks did Ranvir knew the secret, was it the cause of his death, what other business does Goenkas run, how much black money did he have, is just Kartik favoring you or someone else. Sirat, Kartik and everyone get shocked. Sirat throws the mic and shouts enough. Kartik says welcome back Sirat, I don’t have any worry now, tell them what you are. Sirat says murder case is running on me, don’t tell a word against Goenkas, step back first.

Chauhan hears her. Sirat asks what do you want to ask, ask now. She asks did your questions end, I remember it, you want to know why I killed Ranvir, I didn’t kill him, no one killed him, you want to know why Kartik is supporting me, what’s our relation, did you hear about humanity, Goenka family is dragged in this case, they have nothing to do with this, they are decent family, they stand for everyone, they have affection for everyone, if its wrong, then they deserve a punishment, its right, who supports the wrong, I didn’t come in two hearings, no one tried to know why I didn’t come, you just made the news, just one person tried to find me, I swear on his humanity, if I don’t prove my innocence in 7 days, and clear Goenkas’ name, then I will go to the judge and ask him to punish me. Episode Ends.

Precap: Sirat says I will return this family’s respect, I request you to tolerate me for a week. Manish looks at her. Sirat says I wish we tell everyone the truth of this fake marriage. Kartik nods. Kairav hears this and asks fake marriage.

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