Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Kartik Apologizes To Sirat

Episode start: Kartik said you could never be Naira, because you’re Sirat Mary Kom Goenka, Naira had many qualities you don’t, she didn’t really have your qualities, she was a good dancer, both you and I are different, she played on stage, you were fighting in the ring, she was dancing in anger, you were angry with punching bag, sometimes Naira became Kairav’s mother first and I had to go. Everyone looks on. Everyone looks on. He excuses. He apologises.

He says you have been accepted by Kairav as Sirat. Kairav gets her tissues. He says I’ve got two Moms, Naira as Devki and Sirat as I love Yashoda, I like you both, if I compared you with Naira, so I’m sorry, I miss her, I feel God gave me my mother back when you do anything nice like her. Sirat shouts. Kartik wipes tears from her. He asks that you have understood, or that I make everybody say this, go and change, we want our genuine Sirat, we want her to be missed. Sirat hugs Kartik. Kartik. Daddy, Gayu and Suwarna smile. Kartik says okay, go. Sirat gets away and says sorry. Sirat goes. Sirat goes upstairs. Sirat goes upstairs. Children go along. He asks you all what happened, Sirat wanted Naira, Naira left this world, stop finding her in others. Suwarna doesn’t say that. He really asks, didn’t you expect Sirat to become Naira, I asked you not to compare it. Suwarna says that we didn’t, I’m sorry I didn’t know it was going to happen. I loved her for doing things like Naira, Dadi says I didn’t think she’d try to become Naira. Kartik also says I’m in fault, I didn’t understand why she did it.

Manish says that she’s wrong to think she can be like Naira, we haven’t asked her to be Naira, I asked her not to try and become Naira. Kartik says that she might feel that she’d accept that family if she were to be like Naira. Perhaps Manish says, but her mom filled her mind with poison. Suwarna and Dad said yes, he’s right, we’re all wrong. I promised to keep her happy, I thought I was motivating her, but she would put pressure on her. Akhilesh says that things are now clear. Gayu says now she’d understand it. Kartik says no, even now she’s going to be in dilemma. Sirat recalls the words of Kartik. She says that the family found Naira in me, they can accept me. Kairav says Sirat looks perfect, Naira’s coming, you’re going to be with me in my heart. Children get her downstairs, downstairs. She’s wondering why it’s so dark here, beware. She’s watching her photos on the screen. Suwarna says this is Sirat, we didn’t know it could happen, we knew the face but the heart wasn’t known, it became strong, you’re more dear than a daughter.

Dadi says that everybody thinks Sirat has a lot from this house, I know what Sirat was giving it is precious, you taught Kartik how to live again, you gave him and his children new happiness and life. Gayu says that everyone has something on their way, I have my lost sister back, I have lots of love from you, stay the same always. Akhilesh said yes, you don’t have to become Naira, Sirat needs this house, not Naira. Vansh says you’re cool, you can box. Kairav says that when I got to meet you for the first time, I called you Mumma without thinking. However, by thinking well, I gave the card to your marriage. God gifted us a Mumma. Akshu’s telling Maa…. Everyone gets amazed. Sirat’s taking her and telling her that again. Akshu says Maa. She says Maa. They’re all smiling. Sirat is hugging Akshu. Yeh… yeh rishta… Kartik says that everybody here likes Sirat. Sirat says I didn’t give you and Kairav any rights, but I have a gift back. Kairav says that Akshu has pleased Sirat. Kartik says you have to stay glad to please others. She says yes, I lost real Sirat, you’re right.

Kartik promises me that you won’t lose your identity, that you will be an international boxing champion. Sirat says KKP. Sirat says. They say the Promise of Koshish. Daddy’s asking them to cut the cake. Surekha says that cake has been ruined. Akhilesh says that I’m going to order a cake. Gayu says there’s going to be some rally. Manish asks them to do anything quickly, he cannot wait for a year to celebrate the birthday of his son and grandson. Sirat tells me I got an idea. She gets cupcakes, she gets cupcakes. All of them love it and joke. The cupcakes were cut by Kartik and Kairav. Kartik feeds all. He asks Manish to not get upset and get a cake. Manish eats it. Manish eats it. He says it’s a boring party, some music should be enjoyed. He’s going to play music. Everyone smiles, everybody smiles. Everyone dances on the banti hai party…. Sirat sees some chair dancing Kairav. The chair is shaking. She worries. She worries. Episode end.

Precap: Sirat tells me why I made a big idol for Ganesh’s child. She’s seeing a baby. She says he’s not Akshu, or Vatsal, who’s this baby.

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