Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat’s Emotional Outburst

Episode Start: Surekha taunting Sirat. Surekha taunting Sirat. Sirat says sorry, I took a pill for painkiller and maybe slept with that, Kairav, sorry. Kartik says its okay, birthday didn’t start. Manish says Sirat’s all forgiven. Suwarna is asking them to come and cut the pastry. The cake was cut by Kartik and Kairav. Everyone sings, everybody sings. Kairav feeds the Kartik cake. Sirat believes I promise the best party will be the birthday party. Kartik comes downstairs his morning. He sees the whole living room furnished. Thanks to Sirat, Gayu says we feel a celebration. Suwarna says she remained awake throughout the night and did so, then she prepared breakfast. Sirat says that today I don’t want anything wrong. Kairav says wow, mummy used to do so. She smiles. She smiles.

Kartik is calling Sirat to speak. He says decorations are good, today you had to go for the demo game. She says I can stay away all night, fine, one day in a year is coming. He tells us that this opportunity to become a boxing champion comes once in a lifetime. She says I’m going to reach time, I’m going to manage house and job. He asks what you’re going to do if you fall ill. She says I’m not going to fall ill. He says that you have to campaign on time. Kairav sees the gifts and all thanks. Kartik says this gift to Sirat and I. Thanks to them, Kairav. Sirat says that from my side you will receive another special gift. Kartik says you don’t give me anything, okay, I’m going to finish work, get ready and get ready and get campaign time. He’s going to go to office. He’s saying, Mr. Gupta, don’t wait for Sirat, she’d come. Gupta says Sirat has been chosen by the federation for this campaign. Kartik says I’m going to call her and ask her where she is. Sirat tells me that I’m on the way. Kartik is asking her to come quickly. She’s coming to the orphanage.

She says I’m going to do a final job and then the preparation is over. She asks a lady to send her children, the birthday of her son Kairav. The lady says it’s not permitted. Sirat says it had previously been permitted. The lady says I’m going to know, you might need permissions. Kartik says perhaps Sirat has been stuck in the traffic, she’s going to come. The man is coming to Sirat and tells Naira ji. She says that in Kairav’s birthday, I’m Sirat, Kartik’s wife, I want some children to come. He says sorry, 15 days before permission, I can’t help, it’s a rule. Kartik calls here. Kartik calls here. Sirat does not respond. Sirat does not answer. Gupta says it’s waste our time. Kartik is sorry. Sorry. Gupta says that she doesn’t know the impression of this campaign, otherwise she’d come on time and that we’ve made the mistake of selecting her for this campaign. He leaves his team. He leaves. Kartik says she’s in any problem where Sirat is. The man says I can’t help, sorry. Sirat thinks I’m going to give Kairav a surprise now. She checks the missed call of Kartik. She calls Kartik and tells me to check in 10 minutes. He asks where you are. She says I was preparing for the birthday of Kairav. Okay, he says, don’t come here, they already left. She says how I’m going to persuade Kartik. She remembers the words of Gayu. Everybody likes to prepare.

Kartik listens to the family compare it to Naira. Kairav is yelling mumma…. Everyone is turning and Sirat is coming. Kartik remembers Naira. Daddy, Suwarna and all smile. Vansh says that I felt Naira returned. Sirat asks I’m looking all right, I thought I was trying something else. Gayu and Dadi congratulate her. Sirat asks who made the cake, I gotta fix it. She takes the cake, she takes the cake. She stumbles and falls down the cake. Kartik holds her. Holds her. Sirat shouts as the cake falls. She says that I have found Kairav’s birthday cake by difficulty. I want to ask the same thing, Kartik says, what is happening. She says I’ve been slipping, she doesn’t know how. He asks what’s going on with you, what you’re doing, what you’ve worn, high heels, gowns and what you want to become. She doesn’t say anything, I was thinking I was wearing something special. He says I haven’t seen you cover like this, so uncomfortable, Sirat doesn’t look, you just can’t stand, why do you get hurt. She says I’m all right. He tells me enough, he tells me the truth, what you’re trying to do, the federation officials left, you lost the campaign, you said that, you’re going to run your career and family, you’re not looking for a career, why did you do that decoration? She says I want to be like Naira because Naira used to do this.

Like Naira, Kartik asks. I forgot I’m like Sirat, not Naira, I can never be like her, Manish said right, my facial matches with Naira, I don’t have a quality like her, I’m sorry, I’ve married Kartik. She says sorry, I could not live with your expectations, I could not do anything, I couldn’t balance house and career, I failed. I couldn’t do anything. It cries, and says my mother said right, I can’t handle this house and family, it’s Naira, I can’t prove it wrong. Cries of Kartik. Sirat excuses. She sits crying. She sits crying. Kartik sits with her. Sit with her. Sirat says in this house I look odd, I can never be like Naira. Kartik says you are right, you could never be like Naira. You’re right. Episode End.

Precap: Kartik asks Dadi and Suwarna why Sirat has forced himself to become Naira. Suwarna doesn’t say anything like that. He really asks, you didn’t expect her to be like Naira.

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