Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2021 Written Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

The episode begins with the Daadi telling Manish and Suwarna about the vows. She says the two of you will support each other, you will earn together and cook food together, before when the man earned and the wife cooked. Sirat imagines Ranvir and his moment. Daadi says now another vow. Siratt thinks that I will never leave you, I will always be with you, except death, no one can separate us. Daddy said the third prayer, we will bring prosperity together. Sirat smiles and thinks of Ranvir. Chauhan signed the man. Kartik thinks of checking the projector and getting everything ready. Daadi says the fourth prayer is respect, we will respect each other’s family. Sirat imagines a happy family moment. Ranvir feels uneasy. He dreams of Sirat and smiles. He smiled. Daadi tells Suwarna to move on from the fifth round. She says you two should be good friends.

Sirat closes her eyes and looks at Kartik. She is upset Ranvir asked what happened? Kairav asked her to click on her picture. Sirat says I will click. Audio recording opens. She clicks on Kairav’s picture. she goes. Kartik asks what are you doing here? The photographer is gone. Dadi says the sixth vow is to take care of each other and the family. Manish and Suwarna went for a walk. Sirat is worried about Ranvir. He says I’m fine, I took cold water, that’s why, I’m upset to see you upset. Dadi said the seventh prayer is sincerity, you two will be sincere with each other. Manish and Suwarna have promised to keep these seven mantas. Sirat looked at Kartik. He turns and sees Ranvir leaving. She wonders where he went.

Kartik angrily approached Chauhan. The FB caught the photographer and asked Kartik what he was doing there, I would call the police. This person says no, it’s not my fault, Chauhan asked me to play it on the screen. Kartik got angry. FB over. Guy asked Kartik to show the photos and videos, come quickly. Sirat wonders why this happens to me, I look for Ranvir and Kartik comes forward, where is Ranvir. Ranvir says the doctor said everything is fine, what is happening, who should I tell here, they are all happy, they will be upset. She has a cough. Manish is filling the sand in Suwarna’s mang. Dadi says he is now a husband and wife. Everyone applauded. Suwarna Conference says. Manish tells you the same thing. Sirat sees. Ranvir says I will call Sirat. She has a bad cough. He sees blood on the crucible. He is shocked. Sirat is looking for Ranvir. She looks at Kartik. She remembers Maai’s words. He asks all is well “I was looking for Ranvir,” she says. He asked, “I will look for her.” Sirat says no, you do your job. Raj meets them. He says I’m coming to see you, I’m not making money, I’m building relationships, I’ll see you again. Kartik says Ranvir is not well, Sirat will take care of him, the relationship is most affected. “There is nothing better for me than Ranvir,” says Sirat. Raj blesses him. “It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t joined. I consider you my daughter,” she said. he goes. Kartik says he is a good man. Sirat says that when he finds out that I will not come to the press conference, he does not know what the reaction will be. Kartik says I will handle it. She goes to see Ranvir. He looks at the rat. Ranvir says okay, I will ask the doctor. He calls the doctor.

The doctor asked how are you? Ranvir says sorry, I know you are going somewhere, I wanted to ask something, I have a cough. What does the doctor ask? Ranvir says yes, I am attending a wedding here, is there anything to worry about? The doctor says you should go for a test. Ranvir asked because it was a bullet. The doctor says that I don’t think he is addicted because of the pill, I get tested immediately, tell your wife about it. Ranvir asks if there is anything serious about it. The doctor says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Ranvir says I will talk to you again. He looks at the biography.

Kartik scolded Chauhan. They both argue. Kartik says Sirat is your bahu. Chauhan says that she will not be Ranvir’s wife for long, I will bring out the truth. Kartik says I will bring out your truth, how can you sink the honor of your family. “I was amazed to see how someone could face a double,” says Chauhan. Sirat asks what happened to Ranvir? She looks at the blood and asks if it’s blood, what happened, are you all right? Ranvir doesn’t say anything, we were in the pavilion, sindoor fell on my face, I have come to wash it. “Tell me what happened,” she says. “sindoor, cool, I’m fine, no stress,” he says. He thinks I can’t tell the biography. “I only respect you because of my age,” says Kartik. Chauhan says there will be many seasonal frogs like you. Kartik smiled remembering Naira. He says I heard the word frog and got a smile, what do you think, a scorpion or a termite that is eating its own son’s happiness. The rat says listen to your tongue, I will destroy you. Kartik says OK, open challenge, do it. Chauhan says that many great personalities were ruined for the sake of women. Kartik told him to get out. The rats left.

Precap: Ranvir says if I am not alive, then remarry like uncle and aunt, you should also remarry. Sirat gets angry.

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