Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – 10th February 2020 Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 10th February 2020 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Kartik scolding the inspector. The inspector says we are trying to find the culprit, you cannot speak to us like that. Karthik says sorry. The inspector says it will take time. Manish says that if you delay, the offender can escape. The inspector doesn’t talk about them being upset. Kosh says we will leave soon, Bring it on. Karthik told Naira not to get upset or else she would get sick.

Naira says Trisha was trying to say something, she was getting angry, please don’t misunderstand me, maybe she was talking about Lave, Kush or their friend Abhishek. He says enough, calm down. She goes to visit Kiev. Kyurph goes into hiding and he hears Lao and Kish. Kish says we’ll throw away Trisha’s phone. Lao says it won’t be caught. Kosh says Abhishek has gone to his cousin in the US, we will be stuck.

Lav says, OK, we’ll call. Naira says I have to find out what Trisha was saying. Kairav sneezes. They see Kairav. Kush says he came again. Lav says I believe he heard everything. Naira asked Gayu for Kairav. She thinks sorry, I didn’t pay attention. Lav captured Kairav. Kosh says to leave him, he’s scared. We’ll tell him what we were doing, Lav says. He tells Kairav to promise, he won’t say anything.He says we have hidden a ghost there, which is dangerous, he will eat everyone. He is scaring Kairav. Kaira cries and runs towards Naira. He hugged Naira and said there is a ghost.

Naira asks who told you, take me there. Bring it on and look. Naira says that Kairav is in the bathroom, she is scared, saying that there is a ghost. Kairav asks Are you here? She says yes, Papa is here too. Karthik said yes. Naira says we have to clean it from her heart. He doesn’t talk about being upset. Kairav arrives. They dance. This….the game. he says that Kairav is brave, his father is strong. Karthik says yes, we will always keep you safe. Kairav sleeps. Karthik asks how he thinks about the past.

She says she does not know, she is very scared, she is not listening. He says okay, we’ll explain tomorrow. This morning, Kairav is scared and hugs Karthik. Suwarnaa and Manish ask Kairav to get an ice cream treat. Vanshhh says that I and I will go to school now. Naira says Kairav will not come today. Vanshh says I won’t go either. Guy said no. Naira says that you would like to go and wish from your friend Kairav. She asks the assistant about Trisha. Come out and greet everyone.

Everyone talks to Kairav. Bring it on and look. The Naksh says we will play with Kairav. Naira says we will play football. Kairav says I won’t go to the garden, it’s a ghost. Kartik asks who told you, tell him. Naira says there is no ghost. Kartik asks Have you seen? Kairav says no, Lav and Kush did that and hidden the ghost, as we hiddene toys. Luv said no. Akhilesh scolded them. Manish says that we will dig the place and show that there is no ghost. If we find it, we will beat it. Everyone says yes, we will not leave the ghost, come on. Shows the Kairav location. The servant digs in and gets a packet of chips. Grandma asked what’s inside? They are surprised to see the box.

Naira took the servant. She checks. Kartik says wishes were written on Chit. Bring the box and hiddene the phone, remembering Lave and Kush. Luv said that I told you, we will put some. Kartik asked what is all this? Luv says that we used to do this in childhood, we got our wishes and hidden it. Kush says that we told this to Vansh as well. We did not tell Kirat about the past, Luv says. Surrekha says that my sons take care of everyone. Daddy bless them. Naira watched. She says I’m not able to see anything. Kartik asked him to come with him, so he got the idea. They go to Trisha. He says you can talk to us in this situation, will you try too.

Trisha closed her eyes. Naira pleaded for help, they would arrest the culprit. Kartik says we can catch him. They ask Trisha to tell them the characters. Kartik says we will name it and find out. Naira says the reality will come out now. They show the numbers. Trisha spoke to three criminals. Trisha reacts to seeing El and cries while remembering the incident. Naira asked: Do you have anything to say? He asked that the man’s name begin with El. Trisha’s nature deteriorates. Naira called the nurse.

The nurse says this happens if the patient misses a bad experience. They say we are trying to ask about the culprit. The nurse says forget her for a while, focus on her health. The nurse injects it. Trisha falls asleep. Kartik is talking to a doctor. He says the doctor will come now. He asked Naira to rest, they are fine now. Naira thinks who it could be, whose name starts with L.


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