Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th August 2021 Written Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode Written Online

Rudra and arman’s fight keeps. Rudra hits arman’s head with a vase and he collapses. Rudra then walks to preesha and holds her. Preesha says she is feeling lightheaded. He asks if she consumed alcohol and fumes on arman. He takes her out while he sees receptionist bringing security guards, receives back in, sets fire in room, takes her out diverting their interest, and receives her into cab. Motive force asks if the whole thing is alright as fireplace alarm is ringing. Rudra says the whole lot is great and asks him to power cab speedy. Receptionist wakes up arman and asks him what befell. Arman reminisces rudra hitting his head and eliminating preesha and asks lodge staff to search his spouse. Drives takes rudra and preesha to his buddy hotel and says no person will disturb them right here. Rudra thank you him and taking preesha to a room fumes on arman and thinks he’s going to in no way allow arman comes close to preesha. Receptionist informs arman that his spouse is found nowhere within the motel, maybe that guy took his spouse with him or she went with him. Arman asks her to find their location.

Chechaji calls arman. Arman informs him that rudra took away preesha and explains complete incident. Chachaji fumes and says he’s going to whinge police commissioner against rudra. Arman stops him and says the truth of him and preesha no longer but married will be out and it will be complex to him, rudra shouldn’t recognize this reality, so he’ll deal with the problem in his own manner. Chachaji asks him to address it sensitively as the whole international is aware of that preesha is thakur circle of relatives bahu and their dignity is at stake. Arman nods yes. Chachaji thinks only one person can tell him about rudra.

Heavily drunk preesha gets romantic with rudra and says she is uncomfortable in sari, so she desires garments. He asks how will he get garments now. She insists him to present his t-shirt. He hesitantly removes it. She slips behind bed asking him to close his eyes, removes sari, wears t-blouse, and says she is feeling loose now. She then get romantic and touches him seductively. He nervously asks if she knows what she is doing. She says sure and maintains. Dil mein ho tum ankhon me tum… song plays inside the historical past. She is set to kiss him when she falls asleep. He thinks she tempted him to the middle. Sharda calls him and scolds him for going at the back of preesha to shimla as she determined it out via bunty and chachaji and says preesha is a person’s wife and a mom and he ought to leave her by myself for someday. Rudra says he doesn’t have any hassle with preesha becoming anvi’s mother, however can’t spare her for arman. Sharda keeps he is incorrect, but he discontinues her call. Chachaji walks in and warns her that her son is making an attempt to damage their own family’s dignity and he’s going to no longer spare her son. He then calls arman and asks if he located out of preesha and rudra’s area. Arman says he searched many lodge and now not but found their region. Chachaji indicates him to song preesha’s mobile. Arman says her smartphone is with him, so he’ll music rudra’s range. Chachaji says they shouldn’t spare rudra.

Precap: preesha panics seeing rudra napping next to him and asks what is he doing right here. He says they consummated again and suggests lipstick marks on his chest. Arman reaches their lodge room. Their fight starts once more. Rudra slips and falls down significantly injured from stairs.

Replace credit to: Nimra

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