Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th September 2021 Written Update: Rudra And Preesha’s South Indian Wedding

Rudra is romantically involved with Preesha. Sharda inquires about the location of his kerchief. He says he’s looking and tells Preesha he can’t leave her alone until tomorrow. She kisses his cheek and asks if he can kiss her back now. He says that it is now more difficult. Sharda inquires if she should accompany her. He says to have found his kerchief and walks down the stairs with Preesha. Chachaji chastises Arman, telling him that they now have to perform two marriages as a result of his foolish behavior. Anvi insists on sleeping with Preesha at night. Preesha transports her to Saransh’s room and sleeps between them. She hugs Saransh as she sleeps. Anvi awakens and is saddened to see Preesha pampering Saransh even while he is sleeping. She sobs as she exits the room. Rudra dials Preesha’s number. Preesha wakes up and answers the phone. He says that today is their wedding day, and she is still sleeping. It’s only 3 a.m., according to Preesha. He reminds her to arrive at the temple at 5 a.m. for their South Indian wedding because he wants to see how she reacts to the South Indian bride. She expresses her desire to see him as a South Indian groom and inquires as to how he will tie mundu/lungi. He says that Appa is on his way to get it. GPS calls him, and he hangs up on Preesha.

Preesha notices that Anvi is not present and goes to her room. Anvi says she only loves Saransh and has slept with her only. Preesha says she slept on Saransh’s side and adores her as well. Anvi asks that he demonstrate this by preparing her for marriage. Nanny enters and asks if she can help Preesha get ready for her wedding. Anvi is adamant. Preesha agrees and goes about doing Anvi’s makeup and ironing her clothes. Arman and Sania discuss how to prevent Preesha and Rudra’s wedding. Sania says that only Saransh can distract Preesha, enters Saransh’s room quietly, pinches sleeping Saransh, and flees. Sarnash cries as he awakens. Preesha rushes up to him and asks that Anvi’s clothes be ironed. After she leaves, Sania enters and burns Anvi’s dress while sending nanny away. Preesha finds Saransh and comforts him. He says Anvi pinched him like she pushed him the day before. Preesha believes it is wrong to accuse anyone. Anvri sobs as she sees her dress burn. Sania, accompanied by Arman, enters and informs Anvi that Preesha has burned her dress and that she will not be able to attend the wedding. Anvi has stated that she will not be attending the wedding. Vasu enters with GPS and says Preesha can never burn her dress, offers her a new dress, and says Preesha will wear a similar dress and they will both look similar. Anvi brightens up. Sania confronts Vasu, saying that Preesha should not have burned Anvi’s dress and then abandoned her; what if something had happened to her? Vasu yells at her that Preesha can’t do anything wrong, that Sania should have left baby Anvi alone, and that she is wrong. Sania is deafeningly quiet. Arman, according to Vasu, is well aware of Preesha’s situation. Arman chastises Sania. Vasu instructs GPS to get Rudr and Saransh ready and walks out with him. Sania confronts Arman for scolding her while she is attempting to assist him in stopping Rudra and Preesha’s wedding. He asks himself what he could have done differently. Sania says that he has lost two days and that he will not be able to cancel the wedding today.

Vasu enters Preesha’s room, pleased to see her dressed as a South Indian bride. Anvi joins them, still dressed in her gown. Preesha thinks she looks exactly like her. Vasu drives them to the temple. Preesha and Rudra’s families meet at the temple. Preesha expresses her gratitude to Arman for the lovely arrangements. Arman says that it was Rudra’s idea. GPS is credited by Rudra. Preesha is overjoyed that she is marrying the love of her life. Episode end.

Precap: Chachaji informs Arman that he was unable to prevent Preesha and Rudra’s wedding. Arman says no, and while everyone is distracted by Saransh and Anvi’s fight, he steals the mangalsutra.

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