Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2021 Written Update: Rudra Doubts Arman

Saransh approaches Preesha while she is dancing with Rudra, kneels down, and asks if she wants to dance with him. Preesha recalls Saransh asking the same question prior to his memory loss and emotionally hugs him. They both lift and dance happily with him. Arman notices this and goes back to Anvi. Anvi inquires as to why Prishma did not appear. Arman says that Preesha is with her real family and will not be present; she has forgotten about her. Anvi says more, and the sight of Preesha dancing with Sarnash and Rudra shatters. Preesha, according to Arman, got her real son Saransh and forgot about Anvi. Preesha thanks Rudra for making Saransh remember this song because of his song act. Saransh’s memory will be completely restored after their marriage, according to Rudra. Preesha says they will happily live together with Saransh and Anvi, and when she sees Anvi, she invites her to dance. Anvi does not respond. Arman and Sania are still brainwashing her. Rudra inquires as to whether Aniv is still upset with her. Preesha explains how Arman stopped Anvi and the rest of the story. Rudra suspects Arman is plotting something. He approaches Anvi, cheers her up, and invites her to a dance. Sania inquires of Arman whether Preesha is a magician because she easily persuaded Anvi even after they brainwashed her. Arman says that he has already planted a seed of doubt in Anvi’s mind, and that Anvi will not allow Preesha to marry Rudra.

On the same old song, Rudra and Preesha dance with Anvi and Saransh. Chachaji walks out, unable to bear the same drama, and overhears Bunty talking to someone on the phone, asking for DGU Sound Company’s details and sending them to him, promising to expose whoever is betraying Rudra. He goes to tell Arman. Preesha asks Anvi if she enjoyed the dance and advises her not to be angry with her again. Arman says she shouldn’t because Prishma is with her; he’s happy for Preesha and will miss her when she leaves his house. Chachaji pulls him aside and informs him that Rudra has obtained the details and phone number for his DGU sound company and that he should take action. Arman dials the receptionist’s number in order to dispose of the sim card, but she does not answer. Rudra answers Bunty’s call and walks away. Chachaji notices him and tells Arman to keep trying while he takes care of the guests. Rudra meets Bunty, who instructs him to call that number until his friend locates it. Rudra tells him to wait and see if Arman is involved. When Arman’s receptionist answers the phone, he tells her to throw away the phone and sim card she used to call Rudra because Rudra is trying to track it. She is submissive to him. Rudra discovers that the phone number has been turned off. Bunty tells him to relax because they will find it later and invites him to the sangeet.

Chachaji summons Vasu, GPS, and Sharda to the dance floor and joins them in the dance. Rdura returns disheartened. Arman notices him and is relieved that he has not found any evidence. He dragged Rudra onto the dance floor. Rudra inquires as to why he appears to be happy all of a sudden, as if he has escaped from something. Arman says he should be sad because he is taking Preesha away from him. Rudra inquires if he is envious. Arman asks that all of this be put on hold so that he can enjoy the dance. After the dance, Rudra informs Preesha that they will have both a Punjabi and a South Indian wedding, as they have in the past, and asks Arman if he can handle the arrangements. Arman says he’ll do anything for Preesha because he’s happy for them. Sharda suggests that we go home and come back fresh the next day. Rudra says to have misplaced his kerchief and asks that Preesha accompany him. Sharda mocks them. Rudra takes Preesha aside and begins a romantic relationship with her. She is shy. Episode end.

Precap: Vasu is overjoyed to see Preesha dressed up as a South Indian bride. Rudra and Preesha’s South Indian wedding ceremony begins. Sania informs Arman that if this marriage occurs, he will be powerless to intervene. If marriage can take place without the mangalsutra, Arman says he will steal it.

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