Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2021 Written Update: Preesha And Rudra’s Sangeet Ceremony

Rudra romantically touches Preesha’s ear and says the earring was lost. Is that it? she asks. He says he’d gone to sign a music video contract and surprise her; with Saransh’s return, he wants to restart singing and live happily with her and Saransh; he wants to pen a new song for her like he penned will you marry me when he first proposed to her. He then explains what her name means. She says that this means she is beautiful in his eyes. He agrees and becomes more romantic. She requests that he change his attire for their sangeet. Arman walks in and tells Rudra to get ready and come down. Rudra becomes enraged. After a while, Arman hosts Preesha and Rudra’s sangeet ceremony and announces that his best friend Preesha is getting married; Preesha is unique, and no one else is like her. Rudra takes the mic and says he is correct that Preesha is unique, that Arman is fortunate to have her as a friend, and that he is fortunate to have Preesha back in his life as a wife. He holds Preesha’s hand and says, “I love you,” then asks her to do the same. She says, “I love you,” hesitantly. Everyone applauds, and Arman becomes envious.

Rudra says, “Let us make this event special,” and announces GPS and Vasu’s dance, stating that both Punjabi and South Indian dance will be performed. GPS is hesitant. Preesha and Vasu insist, and he agrees. They both dance beautifully to the song 1, 2, 3, 4 Get On The Dance Floor.. Bunty dials Rudra’s number. Rudra exits and expresses gratitude for his presence. Bunty asks as to why he called him. Rudra says he received a call from a bogus GNU music company attempting to prevent him from attending his sangeet, and he wants him to track down the perpetrator. Bunty asks if he has any reservations about someone. Arman, says Rudra. Bunty wonders why Arman would do such a thing while they are getting married. Rudra expresses a desire to find the same. Bunty invites him to come in while he investigates. Rudra rejoins his family while watching GPS and Vasu’s dance.

Anvi is saddened to see Preesha pampering Saransh after the dance performance. Preesha notices her and invites her to accompany them. Anvi ignores her and walks away. Arman approaches her, followed by Sania, who tells her not to talk to Preesha because she doesn’t love her. Preesha becomes worried. Rudra asks as to why she appears tense. Preesha says Anvi is angry with her and isn’t speaking to her. Rudra suggests that since she scolded her, she should go and persuade her. Arman and Sania continue to brainwash Anvi and ask her to act as if she is falling in love with her in order to see if Preesha loves her as much as she loves Saransh. Anvi simulates falling down. Preesha dashes over to her. Anvi expresses her pain. Preesha says she is not and that she is acting. Anvi says it is an internal injury; she only loves Saransh and scolded her when he fell down, but she is unconcerned when she falls down; she runs away, claiming she does not want to talk to her. Preesha tries to follow her, but Arman stops her and tells her to leave Anvi alone because they will both have to learn to live without her once she marries Rudra.

Arman enters Anvi’s room. Anvi believes Preesha arrived. Preesha, according to Arman, will not be able to attend because she is preoccupied with Saransh and Rudra. Sania says she came because she is Anvi’s biological mother and cannot bear the sight of her crying. Anvi says Prishma adores her and begs Arman to bring her. Arman goes outside to contact Preesha. The dance of Rudra and Preesha is announced by the host. To resurrect Saransh’s memory, they both dance to the song Will You Marry Me. Saransh sits expressionless for a moment before walking over to them and kneeling down, extending his hands towards them. Both of them become emotional. Episode end.

Precap: Arman convinces Anvi that Preesha only loves her biological son Saransh and not her. Chachaji overhears Bunty tracking the DGU music company’s information and informs Arman. Rudra dials the music company’s number to see if Arman has duped him.

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