Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Preesha’s Immense Trusts For Rudra

Episode Start: Anvi while having breakfast informs Preesha that she has her friend’s birthday and wants her buy a new dress for her and birthday gift for her friend. Arman says they will go for shopping. Anvi insists Preesha to choose her dress. Preesha agrees. Arman then calls someone and smiles. Chachaji asks whom he is calling. Rudra with Sania reaches shopping mall. Sania says his choice is really good and his dressing sense is good, their choice will match for sure. Rudra fumes. Arman brings Preesha and Anvi to the same mall. Vasu and GPS reach next. Arman says he called them as Preesha didn’t meet them since long. Preesha and Anvi get happy seeing them. Sania selects saris for her and asks Rudra if its looking nice. He without looking at it busy on phone says its nice. She shows him different saris and then a shirt. He says nice. She says its a shirt and if he shows this attitude, she will never reveal Saransh’s details. Rudra shouts back to not threaten him. she asks him to select a sari. He selects a red sari and says its his favorite color.

Preesha informs Vasu what all happened in the recent days. Vasu shocked asks if Rudra married someone else. Anvi walks to Preesha and selects a sari for her. Sania goes to trial room to try the sari and asks salesgirl to give her sari when she asks. Preesha walks in next and tells same to salesgirl. Power goes off. Salesgirl exchanges saris by mistake in dark. They wear different saris and walk out. Sania sees Preesha wearing her sari and angrily insists her to return it as her husband chose it. Preesha looking at Rudra says she will not return it and thanks Rudra for the sari. Rudra silently looks her. Preesha walks away asking Sania to select different sari. Sania angrily asks Rudra why didn’t he fight with Preesha. Rudra says he didn’t want to interfere between 2 women. Preesha walks to billing counter. Arman asks if she really wants to take Sania’s sari or just wants to take revenge from her. Preesha says she saw how Rudra looked at her and is sure something is bothering her. Arman asks why she is still mad behind Rudra and ruining her life. She says Rudra loves only her and she can see it in his eyes.

Sania scolds salesgirl for giving her sari to Preesha and humiliates her. Vasu noticing that asks her to behave with salesgirl. Sania humiliates her next. Preesha noticing that warns Sania to behave with her mother. Sania continues. Rudra noticing next warns Sania to behave with Preesha’s mother and says he loves her doesn’t mean she can misbehave with elders. He drags her from there angrily. Vasu stands shocked. Preesha informs her that Rudra married Sania and something is wrong, she knows he loves only her. Sania to take revenge from Vasu drops an unbilled shirt in her bag. Watchman hears a beep during checkout and stops Vasu. Vasu says they bought 4 kurtas and have a bill. He checks and says there is one more dress in her bag and calls manager.

Precap: GPS informs manager that someone wrong put a shirt in their bag. Manager gets them arrested in shoplifting case. Preesha with Arman rushes to police station and asks inspector how could he arrest her parents without checking a CCTV footage. Inspector checks CCTV footage and finds Sania putting a shirt in Vasu’s bag. Episode End.

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