Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Arman Tricks Rudra

Preesha weeps for Saransh after he falls and is injured. Rudra comforts her and assures her that Saransh is fine. Preesha says he is correct, but she recently reclaimed Saransh and is afraid of losing him again. He believes her concern is valid. She displays her spoiled mehandi. He goes over her mehandi and corrects it. Tumse Se (Tumse Se) Hello… a song is playing in the background. He claims he applied better mehandi than a professional artist and that the color will be more vibrant because her husband applied it. Arman becomes envious when he sees this and decides to separate them. Preesha asks Rudra to accompany her because she wants to spend some time with Saransh. Rudra receives a call from a music company offering him the opportunity to sing on an album. He smiles and tells Sharda that their problems have been resolved, that he has a music contract, that he will pay off their mortgage, and that they will be able to resume their previous lives. She smiles, but then wonders how he can go out on his sangeet day. He says he’ll return soon after signing the contract and surprise Preesha, so she shouldn’t tell Preesha where he went until he gets back.

Sharda arrives at Arman’s house alone in the evening for the sangeet ceremony. Chachaji and Sania discuss Rudra’s whereabouts. Arman reveals that he lured Rudra to a bogus music company with a music concert and will not let him leave. Rudra arrives at the music company, where the receptionist asks him to wait until the appropriate person arrives. Preesha inquires about Rudra with Sharda. Sharda recalls Rudra’s surprise plan and declares that he will attend. Chachaji acts and says that Rudra always does this to Preesha, so they should cancel the wedding. Sharda asks that he stop. Chachaji claims that the last time Rudra went missing and then reappeared was after marrying Sania. According to GPS, Rudra did not marry Sania. Chachaji claims that Rudra will make Preesha cry after their marriage. Sharda wonders where he went, leaving Preesha crying again; she vows to tell Preesha the truth and not let this happen again. Arman informs Chachaji that Rudra will be back soon. Chachaji claims that he has caused Preesha pain again and that he does not know when he will return, so they should cancel the wedding.

Rudra enters with Ahuja and declares that the wedding will not be canceled. Arman becomes tense when he sees him return. Preesha inquires about Rudra’s whereabouts. Rudra claims that he went to sign a music contract but was duped. He recalls seeing an empty recording studio and attempting to leave, but the door is locked. He panics and bursts through the door, looking for a cab. Mr Ahuja arrives and inquires as to what he is doing here. Rudra claims he came to sign a music contract with DGU. According to Ahuja, there is no company with that name, and if he wants to do a concert, he will sponsor him because many music companies are waiting for him, and his fans will be overjoyed. He says it’s his and Preesha’s sangeet today and he needs to get there quickly. Ahuja tells Rusha’s fans that they will be overjoyed to hear about their reunion and drives him to Arman’s house. In a flashback, Rudra, looking at Arman, says that someone tried to deceive him. Arman wonders who will do it when Rudra is well-versed in the music industry. Rudra claims that someone attempted to separate him and Preesha and challenges anyone who dares to do so. Arman’s enviousness grows. He summons his aide and chastises her for being careless, ordering her to leave the premises immediately and without leaving any trace. Sania and Chachaji mock him, claiming that his plan has failed yet again and that he will lose Preesha. Preesha applies medicines to Rudra’s injury and instructs him to go out uninformed again because she dislikes Chachaji and anyone who insults him. Episode end.

Rudra and Preesha dance during the sangeet. Saransh has joined them. Arman convinces Anvi that Preesha only loves her biological son Saransh and not her. Chachaji overhears Bunty tracking the DGU music company’s information and informs Arman. Rudra dials the music company’s phone number to find out who duped him.

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