Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2021 Written Update: Rudra And Preesha’s Romantic Haldi Ceremony

Arman follows Preesha. Preesha. Sania believes that she needs to stop Rudra so that Arman can complete his task correctly. Preesha gets into the bathroom with her eyes, to wash haldi. Servant asks Arman whether he has done his job well. Arman says yes, and asks him to close the main tap of the Preesha bathroom sometime, then reopen it. Preesha turns on the tap and does not find water. He enters the bathroom and purifies her face and eyes. She gets nervous and tells herself to do it. Water is rebooting and falling on them. He thinks its timing is perfect. Sania goes to Rudra and tries to get him involved in her discussions. Sharda asks Rudra to look at Preesha as she went to the bathroom a long time ago. Sania’s not stopping Rudra. Arman tries inappropriately to touch Preesha and says that water does not stop. Rudra enters and asks to see why he doesn’t stop the water. Arman says that it doesn’t stop. Rudra shuts down the tap. Arman blames his servant and leaves to scold him. Vasu goes next and takes Preesha to change her clothes. Rudra sees Arman talking with a servant smilingly and thinks why he praises the servant rather than scold him. He recalls recent incidents and thinks why he is always present at the wrong place when he tries to stop his marriage with Preesha.

Preesha comes back to Haldi. Rudra selects haldi and kumkum and doesn’t think anyone can separate them. Arman believes he’s going to separate them. Saransh strikes Rudra and kumkum flies and falls on the hairline of Preesha. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu.. background mantra plays. Arman is shocked as Rudra and Preesha are happy to see that. Sharda says she said Rudra and Preesha are made to each other, the color of Rudra’s thali fell like sindhoor to Preesha’s hairline. Vasu says haldi is finished, now his time to play colours. Rudra applies colour on Preesha closely to Ang Lagade Re Mohe Rang Lagade Re.. Song plays background while others normally apply colour. Preesha gets timid and tries to leave. He pulls her back. He pulls her back. Arman’s jealousy. Sharda says that the haldi ritual is finished now. Rudra says she’s not finished yet and puts Preesha in a water bath. She’s pulling him in the bathroom. Again, he touches her deeply, and she smiles. Join them with GPS and Saransh. Preesha is grateful to Arman for organizing a good haldi function. Chachaji and Sania taunt Arman that Preesha and Rudra’s bidayi have been rejected by his plan and he himself. Arman says he won’t and 24 hours are still left.

Next morning, Sharda and Rudra bring Preesha’s bridal dress. Rudra holds the hand of Preesha instead of dressing. She shies. She shies. Rudra is warned by Sharda. Preesha says she’s going to keep her room dress. Rudra insists on accompanying her, and he can’t say that he wants to spend time with Preesha directly. GPS says that he can. He can. Rudra says Preesha is shying and tells people to watch. Sharda and Vasu say he’s right to spend and send them up with Preesha. More jealous is Arman. Rudra takes Preesha and hugs her in her room. She’s acting shy. He says his wife’s romancing. She shows her hand color and asks why he applied it. He says his love color, and she should not take it away. She says he’s supposed to apply more. He touches her lustfully and tries to kiss her. Arman comes in and coughs. They are alert, and Preesha asks whether he has a job. Arman says caterer wants Preesha to talk to. Preesha says she will. Preesha says she will. Sharda takes along with Rudra. Arman thinks only one night after that he will be Preesha and Rudra will be forever out of Preesha’s life. Next morning Sharda and Arman return to the house of Arman for wedding and commend the beauty of Preesha. She then pampers Saransh and today says the marriage of his parent. Rudra is hugging Preesha and Saransh and telling his happy family. Arman gets jealous of that.

Precap: Chachaji asks Arman whether or not he will stop Rudra and Preesha’s marriage. Only wait and watch, Arman says. Rudra received a singing offer and gladly informed Sharda that her bad days were over. Chachaji asks Preesha why Sangeet has not yet begun. Rudra’s missing, Vasu says. Chachaji says Rudra’s so careless that this wedding should be cancelled. Preesha gets that tensed.

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