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Episode start: Preesha tells Rudra now, but has already revealed that Krishna is Saransh. She shows Saransh’s mark on the bag and remembers Krishna searching and hugging her, telling her that she won’t leave her as Ahana takes her out of her country. She’s going to talk to her mom and not let her go, Preesha says. She takes her to the room and falls down her wig. She’s shocked, wondering why she was wearing wig. Krishna says that Ahana wears it to hide that instead he is a male. Preesha thinks why Ahana wants Krishna to be disguised as a woman. Vasu calls preesha to nanny. Preesha introduces Krishna as her friend and asks her to take her to Anvi’s room and feed her. GPS enters and asks Preesha not to marry Arman and reveals entire storey that has happened since Rudra discovered that Saransh was alive, that he married Sania to obtain the information of Saransh, Ahana ordered him to character GPS murderer… He’s telling them their Saransh is alive. Preesha gets an emotional hearing and thinks that he is the Saransh if Krishna is with Ahana. She rushes to Krishna and checks back to her mark of birth. Krishna is Saransh. She pampers Krishna happily and says he is her Saransh. The title track of Serial plays in the background. Krishna asks what happened. What happened? Preesha says he’s the son of her Saransh, and she’s gone back to her; Ahana has changed her face to hide her from Rudra and her, she has a feeling of being connected by her hand, he is her Saransh. Preesha tells Rudra, in a flashback, that Ahana changed the face and voice of Saransh to hide his identity. Rudra hugs and pampers Saransh emotionally.

Arman calls Sania and criticises her for Rudra reaching here and stopping marriage due to her carelessness. Sania says Rudra locks her in a hotel room and escapes, she is going to come and deal with the situation. Now that they found Saransh, Arman says Rudra and Preesha won’t be separated. He doesn’t want Preesha to hate him who knows the truth, so she’s going to come here to deal with this situation. On the other hand, Ahana panics that she does not find Krishna and that she warns her not to inform anyone of Saransh. She’s thinking how now she’s going to find Krishna. He says that Krishna is going anywhere he wants as they gained richness through him, so he’s now a burden on them. Ahana says she’s right, why she didn’t think so, they should flee soon to London.

Rudra keeps pampering Saransh and asks whether he doesn’t remember him. Preesha says that she can erase her memory when Ahana can change Saransh’s faces and voices. He’s not going to spare Ahana, Mishka and Sania, Rudra says now. Ahana and Mishka are brought by Sania. Arman thinks what she’s up to, why she’s come here. Sania says he has been troubled by Ahana and Mishka, now he can punish them. Rudra asks how he came to this place. Sania said that she knew Rudra was coming here and locked her in the room, so she was thinking about punishing Ahana and Mishka. She’s lying, Rudra screams. Sania says she knows that Rudra and Preesha are indissoluble, so she accepted the truth and thought about bringing them back with her son. Preesha says she’s lying, how she couldn’t easily find Ahana and Mishka before. She said she was thinking like them, hiding them, Rudra and Preesha can now punish them as they want them to. Episode end.

Precap: Rudra asks Ahana why he doesn’t remember anybody. Ahana says she gave strong medicines to wipe out the memory of Saransh. Arman is calling police and arresting Ahana and Mishka. Preesha thanks him. Thanks him. He says he’s a friend of her. He meets Sania and says he’s still with Preesha and he’s not going to let her go. Sharda is telling Preesha and Rudra to come back home. Arman stops Preesha. Arman stops Preesha.

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