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Episode Starts: Arman stops car midway. Preesha asks why did he stop the car. He says he will bring water and gets out of car. Chachaji calls him and asks where is he as he’s not in his room. Arman informs that he came to DP road to pick up Preesha as Rudra left her midway and she looks very upset, hence he’s bringing her home. Chachaji suggests him to require her on a date as she is upset due to Rudra and check out to reconcile together with her . Arman agrees.

Mishka gets heavily drunk at a club. Rudra walks to her acting and asks if she came with Ahana. She asks if he came even here. He says he’s stressed regarding Saransh and other issues and hence wants to enjoy together with her . She says why would she. He says he’s single now. She agrees. He thinks once she gets more inebriated, she will question him about Saransh and fund . Arman brings Preesha to the same club. She hesitates. He says Anvi will get sad seeing her sad, so she should relax, have dinner as she looks hungry then return home. She looks uncomfortable. He says he will take her home where she feels comfortable then. She agrees to have dinner.

Ahana reaches lawyer’s office and confronts him for revealing Rudra about Saransh and fund . Lawyer says he didn’t take her name at all and just needs his money. She says she is going to be out of India soon and orders him to end her pending work. Bunty noticing her in lawyer’s office and calls Rudra to tell him, but he busy with Mishka doesn’t pick his all. Rudra continues serving alcohol to Mishka and says he can understand her loneliness. She asks when. He says she was alone in Goa Hospital. She asks when, then says yes and Ahana joined her later. He asks if there was somebody else together with her till then. She says she was all alone and continues getting inebriated. He thinks she is clever and isn’t revealing truth even being heavily inebriated. Arman with Preesha walks in and sits at a table nearby. Preesha checks her mobile and gets angry not seeing Rudra’s messages or calls. Arman asks her to relax and have some food at least for Anvi’s sake. She starts. He thinks he must do something to cheer up her mood and excuses Preesha. Rudra continues questioning Mishka. Mishka says she had reached mandap to marry him, but he betrayed her and she will never forgive him for that. He says let us ignore past and asks if she will stay In India or fly abroad in the future. She says she and Ahana are flying to London. He says Ahana told that, but how will they survive in London without money. She says she and Ahana have set up everything in London as they have their father’s business there. He reminds her that her father’s business is shut. She says they convinced back investors and got the business back to profits. He thinks she is lying and has high capacity.

Arman returns to Preesha wearing joker’s props. Preesha laughs and asks how did he get them. He says he got it from hotel manager and asks if they’re cute. She says very cute, drops water on her sari and goes to clean herself. She walks out of washroom and remembers her romantic date with Rudra and him leaving her midway. A passerby lady sees her crying and asks if she is okay. Preesha nods yes. Mishka gets more heavily inebriated. Rudra thinks now he needs to question her and asks how did Saransh’s fund reopened, its funny. Mishka laughs saying its funny. He says she was injured, Saransh should be alive to reopen fund , someone genius must have reopened it somehow. She says her didi got it reopened via Desai lawyer. He repeats Saransh should be alive for that. She laughs again and asks if he still didn’t realize where is Saransh, Saransh is.. He repeats to travel ahead. She continues laughing that Saransh is.. and loses consciousness. He thinks how will he find out Saransh’s truth now. Episode Ends.

Precap: Rudra lifts unconscious Ahana and helps her. Preesha notices him with Mishka. Rudra threatens lawyer and insists to inform the reality . Lawyer agrees.

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