Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2021 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sania Tricks Rudra

Episode Start: Rudra shows Ahana’s picture to Shimla people and asks whether they saw her. No nods everybody. He tells Sania that Ahana isn’t here, so they ought to be back to Delhi. Sania says she’s seen Ahana and she shows a woman there. He goes to the woman and apologises saying that he was thinking that she was his bhabhi. Woman smiles and leaves. Woman smiles. He scolds Sania. He scolds Sania. She says that she looked like Ahana. He thinks where Saransh must have been taken by Ahana. Preesha drops Anvi to the class and looks for Krishna. She sees kid and asks whether Krishna dropped early today. Nanny asks her not to meet Krishna as Ahana warned her strictly against it. Preesha thinks of waiting until Krishna finishes class. Returning to Shimla, Rudra tells Sania that he is going to return to Delhi as Ahana is sure. She asks him to get her some juice or water, and when he goes to shop she removes the air of a pneumatic car and now thinks she’ll see how he’s going to return to Delhi. Rudra brings her juice and water and tells us to come back soon to Delhi. She shows a flat pipe and now tells Shimla to stay. He says that they can’t and he’s going to make an arrangement. Arman is calling Sania and asking where they are. She tells Shimla and tells him about the situation. He asks her to ensure that Rudra does not reach Delhi until his marriage is with Preesha. Rudra comes back and says he’s hired a cab.

Anvi comes back from the classroom. Preesha asks Krishna. Preesha asks. Nanny worries Ahana’s going to scold her. Preesha sends Anvi to his car and in classrooms searches for Krishna to find her locked in a crying toilet. She asks Krishna to turn the knob of the door. Krishna tells her that she tried a lot and she didn’t open it. Preesha scolds the teacher and asks Krishna to hold her hand and come out to the window. Krishna says that she’s going to fall. Preesha says she will not. Preesha says she will not. Krishna says the promise of God and holds the hand of Preesha. Preesha doesn’t pull her, then asks her to climb a stool and then wash the basin. Krishna’s doing the same thing. Preesha takes her out and emotionally pampers her thinking who is this dear girl. Nanny is taking away Krishna. Preesha thinks why this child is attracted to her.

Rudra asks the taxi driver to get back to Delhi quickly. Sania doesn’t think she will lose so easily and Rudra is offered to mix a hypnotic powder in water. He refused. She says he ought to drink it for the sake of Saransh. He snacks and feels somnolent. She asks whether he’s okay. He says he’s drowsy. He says he’s drowsy. She’s acting like scolding him. He says all will be okay when Saransh is found and falls unconscious. She asks the driver to take them to a hotel, and now thinks she will see how Rudra will reach Delhi on time and stop the marriage of Arman and Preesha.

Preesha prepares herself for the next ritual of preweeding and wears her earring. Stud falls down. Stud falls down. She imagines that Rudra picks it and prepares it in the SRK style. Dekhlo Jaanam Mitgayi Dooriyan, Mai Yahan Hoon Yahan.. background song pays. He closely fixes all the jewellery. She stops him at last and asks her not to further torture her as she marries. He hugs her from behind and asks how he can stay in her heart. She says he lies, he’s gone and lies now that he can’t stay without her. Vasu knocks and asks if she needs assistance. He hugs her tightly and says that they can’t divide her. She asks him to go, because if she sees them together amma gets angry. He says he doesn’t fear anybody. When she doesn’t open the door, Vasu gets worried. Arman asks what happened. What happened? She says her daughter doesn’t open the door, there’s something wrong. He goes with the replacement key. Preesha and Rudra continue to express their love to each other, then Preesha becomes aware that when Vasu goes inside, asks what happened. She says she was in the washroom to Vasu. Vasu takes her along. It takes her along. Arman believes Preesha lied and he calls to find out the location of Rudra. Sania leads Rudra unconsciously to a hotel room and wiggling his air, he thinks he can sleep quietly, because he cannot easily get to Delhi. Episode End.

Precap: when Preesha says that I love you, Arman gets happy. Mishka hopes that Rudra won’t reach Krishna until tomorrow, or that her plan will fail. Rudra shouts that he will go and stop the marriage of Preesha. Sania is trying to challenge him. The wedding rituals of Arman and Preesha begin.

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