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Vidya first posted in the February 2020, Episode 1, Written Update on MultidesiderDama

Vidya Return Updates

The episode begins with Vivek and Vidya watching and smiling at each other. He says you have a lot of work, you need to show the kids, I have to show you in the morning and at night. Tell me, is it okay? She says I’ll be ready for the test in half a year. He says we will win this monster. She says I will be an instructor around her right now, I can’t give this test right now, people will ask why I gave the reason. They say that I did not consider it, we will do something special and fill this structure from Delhi. She says I will finish the test, love affects and heals a person, it does not fall or break, you need to mislead my lie, I admit it Will not

They say how we will fulfill our mother’s guarantee, so we will be separated. She cries and the numbers won’t let that happen. He asks what we will do now. She takes water. She watches the news on television. She is stunned He says the water is falling. He watches the news. He says I understood that his management, Nanak Singh, did it. It ends in bold. He requests that he return. He throws a container and smashes the glass. They go out and take the man. He says you did it, tell me.

That person really. Says, I did this to restore Nanako’s grace. Vidya went to get a telephone. She opens the storage and says Vivek, your telephone is not here. Vivek slapped the man. The man says I’ll give. Vivek noticed that his telephone SIM was not working. He inquires that is not due to Sim. This guy has a SIM.

Vidya says Vivek ji … Vivek sees the man eating the SIM card. The man says that you cannot stop Nano Singh now. Nanaku is going to court. They say that would have worked. Nanuko goes to court. He requests that the legal adviser release him soon. Legal advisers say everything is fixed, no one can stop you now. Vivek and Vidya are the heads. The gangsters taunted them to stop them.

Nanwick can’t get out like this, says Vivek. He runs into the car. A truck arrived. Vivek went ahead. He survives. He asks Vidya are you okay? She says yes. They saw the car until the end of the road. She requests that she drive cautiously. When the brakes didn’t work, the hooligan hit his car. They notice that the car is buzzing and eating. People see the accident and call the police. Vivek’s Amy got a call. Anand says that Vivek’s flag was turned. She is stunned Avatar and Ma got bad news and were stunned. Dharma asks what? Nanako was released from court. The judge gives them a perfect bait and only punishes Nanako and Jagat. Nanco Snickers. They go to the city. People look at it.

Nanak goes to the sanctuary. He falls down and pleads. People come and request that they stop the playwrights. Nanako sat down with his maid. People watch. Ninko is dressed in a white dress. He says that I am no longer an old Nanako, I have changed, I am happy


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