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Read Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh And Tejo’s Hearty Conversation

Tejo and Fateh are arguing. Sub-inspector Ballu and lady constable Vimla bring in a drunken man and lock him up. Vimla says you said you were a boxer and that you should fight him right now. Fateh and Tejo are at odds. He says that it is not only my fault, but also yours. Jasmin left the mandap, family forced marriage, your heart broke, your lie was caught, your affair was caught, my marriage and my relationship broke, it was all my fault, she says. He tells you to stop, that your mistake is that you tore the divorce papers. She says you’re to blame, so shut up. He asks her to stop talking. Inspector, you had locked my husband, Fateh Singh Virk, by mistake, says Jasmin. Ballu says to have two wives; strange, Vimla ji; see if a third girl is on her way. She says he’s a nice man; leave him, believe me. He says, “Fine, I’ll see.” He approaches Fateh and inquires, “Is this your wife?” Fateh affirms. He inquires, “One and only?” Fateh confirms, her name is Tejo Fateh Singh Virk. Ballu says that’s fine. He burst out laughing. Jasmin observes. Tejo casts a glance at Fateh. Ballu inquires as to the whereabouts of the second wife. Vimla speculates that she may have gone to get the third one. They both laugh. Jasmin says I’ll call uncle ji, he’ll solve the problem, no, he’ll charge Fateh and put him in jail, he’ll free his lovely bahu, what should I do? The inebriated man lies down to sleep. Fateh notices Tejo. He places a kerchief on the ground and motions Tejo to take a seat. He invites her to join him.

Bohot pyaar, the man sings…. Fateh says, “Stop wasting my time, I’m already angry.” The man invites you to come and express your rage by dancing with me. Fateh advises staying away from her. Tejo says he isn’t in his right mind. He asks if I want to dance with him. Yes, she says, it’s better; your night will be spent. The man grabs his arm and forces him to dance. She chuckles. The man says, “Look, she’s happy to see you dance; she’s a nice girl; did you elope with her?” Fateh asks if you’re crazy. The man begins to cry. He says my wife has fled with someone else, which is why I’m drowning in my sorrow. Tejo hands him a glass of water. The man sings once more. Fateh inquires as to what happened to you. She asks, “Can anyone see that this man is in pain?” She says, “Such is the pain of cheating, I have seen a lot, I didn’t know that I would get an experience to spend the night in the jail with you, what else will you show?” Fateh apologizes to Tejo, saying, “I’m helpless to my heart.” She wonders where this helplessness vanished when you took me out for the night. He thinks back.

Tejo, Jasmin did not enter his life at that time, he says. But she was in your heart, she says. He says, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She says, “I’m not feeling bad because you hurt me; I’m feeling bad because you used me, you played with my emotions, and you killed our relationship.” She sobs. She says that in any case, this relationship had to end, that relationships based on lies don’t last long, and that if you’ve decided, who am I to stop you? He says, “Don’t stop yourself; you used to ask me to move on; why aren’t you moving on?” You think I’m happy to see you in pain, he says.

Amrik shows up at the police station. Jasmin expresses gratitude, saying, “I knew you’d come.” Amrik says that I came to see Tejo, not you or Fateh. He extends a greeting to Ballu. Ballu says you came back; did you get a second husband or boyfriend? Amrik states, “I came to meet Fateh and Amrik; I’m Fateh’s younger brother Amrik, and they are innocent.” Ballu tells him to get lost because the inspector isn’t here. Amrik wonders where Tejo got stuck. Jasmin believes he is also concerned about Tejo. Fateh tells Tejo that she needs to rest because she doesn’t know how long she can stand. She says that her mother will also be waiting for her son. Gurpreet sobs and hugs Fateh’s picture. Fateh says it’s difficult for me to live without my mother, but I can’t meet her because I don’t want to go there.

Jasmin apologizes and asks that you please forgive your friend. Amrik believes I made a mistake in considering you a friend. She says you’re acting as if I’ve made big promises. He says no, but you had an affair with Fateh and cheated Tejo; I thought Tejo was wrong, but I wasn’t sure who was wrong. He walks away. Tejo says you don’t want to return home because a girl’s love is greater than your parents’ love. Fateh says I’ll accompany Jasmin, but that won’t happen until you arrive. She says I’m not there on my own volition, but because of Khushbeer, he won’t let me leave. He says that his father has the right to stop you until you are my wife; if you are not my wife, he does not have the right to stop you. She takes a look at him. She just sits there. Fateh is resting on her shoulder in the morning. She awakens and notices him. He awakens and notices her. He stands up and apologizes. She asks if you’re going to do anything, if you’re going back home. He says, “I told you I wouldn’t go until…” Don’t worry, she says, I’ll take care of everything.

Amrik notices Jasmin dozing on the bench. The inspector arrives. Amrik says, “Listen to me, I’m telling you the truth, I swear, they’re my brother and Bhabhi, I have their wedding photos, and look at this marriage certificate.” Ballu wonders why this girl is claiming to be Fateh’s wife. Amrik says to be Tejo’s sister; perhaps she was nervous. He instructs Jasmin to go outside and wait. Amrik says that they be left alone. Inspector inquires as to what they were doing at the lodge. Amrik says they had a fight with the family and went there; please leave them alone. Let them go, says the inspector. Fateh and Tejo emerge. Fateh expresses gratitude to Amrik. Jasmin embraces Fateh. She says that I was so worried that I slept on the bench before calling Amrik. Sweety approaches her and gives her a hug. She hands over the keys to the Chandigarh apartment. She says Fateh, and you are welcome to stay. Jasmin invites Fateh to join her.

Fateh tells Jasmin that we can’t go there. Jasmin inquires as to why, if she told you anything, and where we will go. Amrik says we’ll go home because mummy is sick and Fateh should come home. Fateh, she says, will not go anywhere. Fateh reports that mummy is ill. She says I was insulted there. Listen to me, he says. She says, “Fine, I’m ready, but I have a condition: I want a right to your wife.” She says, “Fine, I’m ready, but I have a condition: I won’t come until this woman is your wife; I’m going with Sweety.” Fateh says she is divorcing me. Tejo is shown on Facebook saying, “You’re right, if I give you divorce, Khushbeer won’t have a right,” so I decided to give you divorce and tell Khushbeer that I want to move on. Facebook is shutting down. Jasmin takes a look at him. Episode end.

Precap: Tejo and Fateh both sign the divorce papers. Jasmin appears to be in a good mood, whereas Fateh and Tejo appear to be in a bad mood.

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