Udaariyaan 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Udaariyaan 27th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh And Jasmin Leave The House

Jasmin is being opposed by the ladies. Jasmin and Sweety exchange glances. Jasmin asks that they stop talking and leave. The ladies chastise her. The lady says Fateh, and you did something wrong with Tejo, and the Punjab Mahila Morcha will not be quiet. Jasmin says that it is a family matter and that you have no right to speak; she advises her to leave. The lady says that if you don’t teach us our rights, we’ll blacken your face. Tejo is on his way home. She converses with Biji. Jasmin is apprehended by the ladies. Jasmin makes an attempt to flee. The ladies take the black makeup and apply it to her face. Jasmin is shocked and sobs. Tejo returns home and is astounded to see the protestors. She drops her purse and dashes over to Jasmin. She asks that they leave. She tries to put a stop to the ladies. Everyone hears the noise and rushes outside to investigate. Tejo yells at the ladies, telling them not to come near his sister. Dada ji says I’ll go see.

Sweety advises against going outside. She tells it all. Tejo chastises the ladies. But, as the lady points out, we were speaking up for your rights. Tejo says there’s no need, I’m not too weak to fight for my rights on the road, it’s our family’s business, so please leave. We don’t want this to happen to anyone else, the lady says. Tejo questions whether you are law or police, who you are, and how you can blacken anyone’s face. Why should we care, the lady asks, when you don’t? The ladies depart. Tejo sobs when he sees Jasmin. She leads Jasmin into the house. Everyone is taken aback when they see Jasmin. Jasmin dashes into her room. Tejo instructs Mahi and Sweety to apply coconut oil to Jasmin’s face and wash it. Biji and Dada ji inquire as to what transpired. Tejo says, “I’ll tell you what, we have to go to the hospital first.” Jasmin is sobbing as she sits. Fateh approaches and observes. Mahi and Sweety have left. Fateh embraces Jasmin. She thrashes him. She says that this happened because of Tejo; I told you that nothing will be fine until Tejo arrives; she snatched my rights, your family kept her here as their daughter, you love me, she is your wife, everyone calls me a second woman; enough Fateh, either Tejo or I will stay here. Fateh brings Jasmin along with him.

He asks, “Did you see her state, should she die, what if anything big happened today, what’s her mistake, that she loves me, I also love her, I’m the son of this house, I can get some rights, or did you give all the rights to your new daughter, enough now, I will not tolerate your principles, either I stay here or Tejo.” Khushbeer says you are threatening me, leave today, Jasmin is responsible for her state, it is the result of her sins, she did a cheap thing and got her face blackened, she has blackened her family’s face, Tejo will not leave from here, this is the result of your own actions, Tejo is not at fault, Jasmin will leave the house, ask her to leave. Fateh goes to get his belongings. Gurpreet and Mahi intervene. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and says, “I’ll take care of this.” He grabs Jasmin and walks away. Gurpreet begs for his life. Tejo and Biji return home. Tejo inquires as to what happened to Aunty Ji. She inquires, “Did Jasmin do anything? I’ll see her.” Gurpreet inquires, “What will you see?” This house is cursed, no child lives here, Simran left, and now Fateh has left. Tejo inquires. Nimmo says he has no idea what Jasmin did, but Fateh accompanied her. Biji bursts into tears. Tejo says I’ll contact him. Mahi says it’s pointless because their phones are turned off.

Fateh and Jasmin arrive at a hotel. She dislikes the location. She asks if we can stay here because there is a bad odor coming from the room and the bedsheet looks like it hasn’t been washed in months. I can’t stay here. Fateh wonders why, if it’s bad, it should be cleaned. She says I can’t stay here because I can’t clean. He says that I can only afford this. Tejo, your Papa ji listens to you, says Gurpreet; ask him to get Fateh back. Khushbeer says there is no need; he will go and learn things, he will value relationships, he does not need an apology but a lesson, which he will receive outside the house. Gurpreet bursts into tears. Tejo remarks, “I can’t believe Fateh can do this with Gurpreet.” Jasmin inquires as to the whereabouts of the money you earned. Fateh says that this is not Virk’s home. Jasmin says you worked at the academy. He says I can’t claim that money, so make an adjustment here. She says that some sort of arrangement should be made. He says give me a week and I’ll figure something out. He is resting on the bed. She says you’re sleepy, I’m worried, if you want me to stay, go clean the bathroom, I’ll clean here. No, he says. She simply asks him to leave. He walks away. Tejo tells Gurpreet to relax. Gurpreet demands Fateh’s return, stating, “I can’t live without Fateh.” Mahi says Fateh did something wrong; I’m upset; if he goes away, he won’t return like Simran; do something; I don’t want to lose him. Tejo comforts her. Episode end.

Precap: The police raid a hotel and apprehend Fateh and Tejo together. According to Fateh, they are husband and wife. According to the police, the husband and wife do not stay at such a hotel. They are taken away by police. Jasmin had gone into hiding. She stands there watching them walk away. Fateh and Tejo were arrested and taken to the police station.

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