Udaariyaan 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Udaariyaan 25th September 2021 Written Update: Gurpreet Requests Tejo To Leave

Rupy and everyone else in the house were in tears. He says that because we fed her Canada dream, she did not settle and is ruining Tejo’s house as well. Gurpreet says it is difficult because Khushbeer has her as a daughter. Fateh says, “I promise, support me, and I will not make any mistakes.” Biji says I ruined your daughters’ lives. Everyone cries and hugs her. Simran calls Tejo and asks that she see the news. Tejo is taken aback when he learns of Fateh’s affair. Fateh and both families are aware of the news. They become concerned. Sweety inquires if you have seen the news. Jasmin says, “I don’t care about the news; everyone will forget it; I wish my life’s problems would go away; don’t ruin my mood.” She hangs up the phone. Fateh takes a look at her. She instructs him to consider his options. Dilraj says I’m not going to school because my friends make fun of me. Satti is concerned. Nimmo mocks Jasmin.

She agrees with Mahi that Jasmin would have locked Tejo up. Mahi questions Jasmin on why she did this. According to Jasmin, I asked Tejo to attend the function, Khurana uncle arrived, and I did not take the stage myself. Khushbeer tells her to stop babbling and to leave. Fateh arrives. Jasmin sobs. Khushbeer applauds Fateh and mocks him. Gurpreet considers taking action. Tejo’s family is introduced to her. She says that we have been greatly insulted, that no one is happy, not my son, not your daughters, not anyone, that both children made a mistake, but that we must find a solution, and that I have a request: bring Tejo back home. Rupy observes. We didn’t want to send Tejo to your house, according to Satti. I know, Fateh and Jasmin are there, Jasmin has become her Sautan, how can they stay happy under the same roof, Khushbeer took Tejo home as his daughter, I can’t tell him anything, but I can beg you for their happiness, Gurpreet says. Satti says, “I see what you’re saying, but I need to talk to Tejo.” Gurpreet walks away. Satti suggests that we call Tejo back. Rupy says no, she’s not coming back.

He says Khushbeer understands right and wrong, that he took Tejo, that she will fight for her rights, that I will not become a stumbling block in her fight, and that he will not allow anyone to become a stumbling block. According to the minister, Khushbeer’s actions have caused problems for the family. Khushbeer is depressed. Fateh receives the trophy. He recalls Khushbeer’s words. Khushbeer will not be given an MLA ticket in the upcoming elections, according to the minister, and this will serve as a lesson to others. Fateh accepts the award and trophy back. The media and government officials have left. Gurpreet returns home. She asks Jasmin if she is happy now, and she says, “You claim to love Fateh, you insulted him, you will get my curse.” Jasmin says it’s not my fault, your son brought me here, it’s Tejo’s fault, your husband brought her here, curse her. Gurpreet says that you are not embarrassed to say nonsense. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and tells him to relax. He invites Jasmin inside. Khushbeer and Balbeer have returned home. Dada ji inquires as to what transpired. Khushbeer says that nothing is fine and that everything has been ruined. Balbeer says that when his party refused to give him an election ticket this time, he was deeply offended. But, as Fateh points out, Papa…. Khushbeer says enough, are you happy, you were my pride, I didn’t expect you to make me ashamed, you ruined everything, father’s respect, family name, everything, no one spoke in front of me, they are mocking me, it’s because of your affair. Tejo asks that he calm down.

Gurpreet asks that Tejo examine Khushbeer’s condition; it is not her fault; they are to blame; he brought her into the house as his daughter, but this house lacks the courage to bear any additional burden. She says, “Respect me, your mother, and leave this house; you can spend your life in peace; leave this house to fate.” Biji inquires as to what you are saying. Jasmin beams. Gurpreet says, “Forgive me, let Tejo go,” adding, “We can send Tejo to stay with respect; I lost Simran, and I don’t want to lose Fateh.” Tejo comforts her with a hug. She suggests that perhaps aunty ji is correct, and that it is better for everyone if I leave now. She begs and begs and begs and begs and begs and beg Khushbeer says you’re not going anywhere.

Please, she says. No, he says. He takes her hand in his and says, Tejo will not go anywhere, she will stay here with us in this house, Tejo will not bear a punishment for someone else’s mistake, I have been broken, my shoulders aren’t so weak that I can’t bear a daughter’s responsibility, I’m not stupid to not understand someone’s plan, this plan to oust Tejo will not work, if anyone else wants to go, he/she can go.

Biji inquires, “Why did Gurpreet say that? I don’t understand.” Tejo says to be right in front of her. Fateh observes. Dada ji says she became blinded by her son’s love; Khushbeer understands right and wrong; you should not go; Fateh and Jasmin should. Jasmin says, “I don’t know how long I’ll hear about Tejo; I hope to get a visa soon, because Fateh and I are leaving for Canada.” Tejo says, “You have blood tests and then a doctor appointment; I’ll come from college and take you to the doctor.” Biji inquires as to how you intend to face everyone. Tejo insists that I face everyone. Sweety says don’t leave the house because you’re being defamed. Jasmin says, “I’m not afraid; just stare at me.” Biji wonders where you get your courage. Tejo says that he sees you all and gathers courage on his own. Fateh becomes depressed. Tejo sobs and walks away. Udaariyaan….plays…. Episode end.

Precap: The ladies object to Jasmin and seize her in order to blacken her face. Jasmin is taken aback. Her face is blackened by the ladies. Tejo returns home and is taken aback by what he witnesses.

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