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Read Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh Gets Insulted

the man summoning Mrs. Virk to the stage Nimmo says Tejo has vanished; perhaps she has left. Rupy says she prioritizes her family over herself. Tejo has been imprisoned. Khushbeer wonders where Tejo has gone. Fateh, call your wife, the minister says, I have to leave. Fateh says only two minutes. Tejo bangs on the door. Mrs. Virk, according to Jasmin, is about to be put on display. Dilraj asks assistance from someone. Jasmin notices Khurana. Fateh and Khurana are remembered by Khurana. Jasmin, everyone is calling you there, he says. No, says Jasmin. Don’t be shy, he says. Everyone is taken aback. Khurana asks Fateh to bring his wife. Fateh is dispatched by the Minister to find her. Tejo discovers a bat there. She shatters the glass and yells. When she sees Dilraj, she says, “Open the door quickly.” Dilraj asks that the man go get something. The man tries to break the lock with his hockey stick. Fateh walks over to Jasmin and takes her hand in his. The lady inquires if she is Fateh’s wife; I had met someone else at home that day. Khurana says to be Fateh’s wife. The door swings open. Dilraj inquires as to who locked you up. Tejo responds, “I’m not sure, I have to go on stage right now.” She dashes forward.

According to the minister, we need such couples who walk together and encourage the youth. Everyone applauds. Tejo and Dilraj dash forward. She enters the stage and apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, I…. She notices Jasmin. Jasmin wonders how Tejo got here. Minister inquires as to her identity. Khushbeer refers to Fateh’s wife. The minister then inquires as to who she is and what is going on. Everyone is concerned. The lady says she has two wives. The man says his wife is one, and the other is his Saali/sister-in-law, who is correctly described as half wife. The lady inquires as to why Fateh is silent. Tejo sobs. The man says that if MLA Khushbeer cannot care for his children, how can he care for the state? Tejo exits the stage. She cries and flees. Minister hands over the check to Khushbeer and leaves the shawl there. He walks away. Khushbeer exits after handing Fateh the check. A reporter asks the minister whether he will take action against Fateh. Fateh throws down the check and rushes outside. Khushbeer asks that the minister pay attention. Minister says the sky is the limit, your son is having an affair with his wife’s sister, if you can’t handle your family, how will you handle the state, you must answer in the party meeting. He asks that Khurana explain Khushbeer to him. Khurana questions Fateh on why he introduced Jasmin as his wife when she is his Saali. Khushbeer turns to face Fateh.

Khushbeer is upset at home. He remembers the minister’s words. Khushbeer asks that Gurpreet not reveal her face again. Fateh observes. Biji wonders why Jasmin came there. Amrik inquires as to who locked Tejo in the storeroom. This, according to Mahi, was done by Jasmin. Khushbeer says that if I had removed Fateh and that cheap girl that day, this would not have happened. Fateh departs. Nimmo questions why she sent Tejo if she had to come. Balbeer believes Khurana is to blame. She says Fateh introduced Jasmin as his wife; if Fateh is incorrect, who are we to blame? Fateh is sobbing. Mahi says Tejo was overly concerned, but Jasmin is unconcerned. Jasmin converses with Sweety. She says that the family is in mourning, that Tejo should not have come, and that she is very happy. Tejo believes you can be happy. Jasmin hangs up the phone. Tejo says he came to see how you celebrate a major event. Jasmin says yes, Fateh and my relationship came out, what could be better? Tejo asks Fateh and you, or simply you. Jasmin inquires if you have any work. Tejo says that my job is to catch your lie; you locked me in the storeroom and addressed Khurana as uncle. Jasmin inquires as to what nonsense. Tejo says that he knows everything. Jasmin says it is a lie. Tejo says Khurana uncle’s name wasn’t on the guest list, so you called him. If you had to do this, why did you talk big things, why did you send me? Go tell Fateh, and ask him about your wife’s status. Jasmin says that if you stop this drama, he will give me my wife’s status; why did you tear up the divorce papers; and why don’t you leave our lives. Tejo says that you are the cause of this, that you pushed all the boundaries and performed this drama.

Jasmin responds, “Yes, I did, I can’t tolerate you in Fateh and my life, I want Fateh’s wife’s rights, I’ll go to any length, if you don’t want me to do this, then leave him for me.” Tejo says, “I would have left him for any other girl, but not for you,” you aren’t suitable for him, if your love is true, you would have married him, you had to go to Canada, you left him when he lost his job, you want me to leave him for you, what is this love, you want to break his pride and insult his family, you call this love, you don’t love Fateh, you can’t love anyone, you just love yours.” Jasmin says yes, but Fateh adores me, and you are unimportant to Tejo. Tejo says that I am his wife and that you are merely a second woman. Jasmin gives her a look. Tejo asks, “Why are you shocked? This is the truth, Jasmin, you have no other identity or status than this, you got everything by lie and fraud, when you look in the mirror, you won’t see any sister, daughter, or any girl who loves Fateh, you’ll just see a second woman, who doesn’t get a place in the house or society.” Jasmin sobs and walks away. Tejo sobs. Jasmin enters her room and examines herself in the mirror. She shatters the mirror. Fateh arrives and inquires as to what transpired. According to Jasmin, I’m leaving from here. He inquires as to your destination. She tells you to leave me alone. Listen to me, he says. She says she will not stay with you, what is the point of living, it would have been better if I had died that day, why should I bear this insult just because I love you, I got a new name, second woman, you are my first love, I don’t want to be your second woman. He grabs her and asks, “What’s the matter?” Either marry me or take me to Canada, she says.

He says, “Shut up, and tell me why you’re saying it.” People, she says, are saying it. He says, “Don’t think about people, I love you, did I tell you anything because I love you, you won’t go anywhere, don’t be mad.” She says you’re making me angry, so much has happened, why don’t you give me wife’s status, which Tejo now has, she always insults me, I called Tejo there, what did Tejo do, she insulted me, I can’t stay this way. He assures you that everything will be fine; just give me some time, and I promise everything will go as planned. He embraces her. He considers his options. Gurpreet sobs. Fateh arrives. She wonders why her children, first Simran, and now Fateh, are bereaved. She recognizes Fateh and embraces him. He wonders why this happens to him, why he doesn’t find happiness, I know I made many mistakes, you think Jasmin isn’t right for me, but I love her, everyone is upset with me, but someone has to compromise and move on, I wanted to divorce Tejo, but she had torn the divorce papers, I know Tejo is very hurt, but we have to move on, if I love Jasmin, is that my mistake, I can’t hurt Tej She gives a nod. Episode end.

Precap: Gurpreet tells Tejo, “I don’t have much courage, so just leave this house.” Tejo sobs.

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