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Read Udaariyaan 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Luthra Return To Mumbai

Episode Start: Jasmin asking did you tell Fateh. Tejo says no, this was so unexpected, we didn’t even plan, uncle, aunty and everyone will be so happy, dad, mum and Bebe, Fateh will be so happy. She thinks of everyone’s happy reactions. Jasmin cries and thinks of Fateh. Tejo hugs her. She asks are you not happy. Jasmin says I m very happy, I don’t know how to react, congrats. She hugs Tejo. Tejo says I will call Fateh and tell him. Jasmin says no, will you give him the good news on call. Tejo says yes, you are right, I will meet him and tell him. Jasmin says I know your excitement, you should be sure. Tejo says I did the test just now, its positive. Jasmin says you should check again, my friend Fatima’s sister, the same thing happened with her, why don’t you go to the doctor and get double sure. Tejo says you are right, you come with me to the doctor. They leave in the car. Tejo smiles seeing some kids. Fateh calls out Tejo. Gurpreet says she didn’t come from the college, call her and ask if she has gone to nearby pind with Buzo. He says you started again. He calls Tejo. She doesn’t see the call.

Jasmin disconnects his call. He thinks how dare you cheat me, I will not spare you if this is true. Fateh says Tejo isn’t answering, Jasmin is also not answering, are they together. Amrik asks is everything fine. Fateh says Tejo’s call isn’t answering, do you know about her. Amrik says no, Jasmin is also not answering, do you know about her. Fateh says how would I know, I don’t talk to her. He leaves. Jasmin sits outside the doctor’s cabin. She says no, Fateh loves me, how did he lie to me and why, something is wrong. He says if Tejo is really pregnant, then, what will we do. Fateh comes and asks for gynac’s He sees Jasmin there. He asks what are you doing here. He says I was going to tell you, I m really sorry, everything is over between us, please understand. He goes. Her dream ends. She gets Fateh’s call. He asks where are you, with whom. Nurse asks her to go in. Jasmin goes to Tejo. She says I m Tejo’s sister. Doctor says she is worried, please calm her.

Jasmin asks what happened, why are you crying. Tejo cries and says its good we have come here, I m not pregnant, the test was wrong. Doctor says its fake alarm of pregnancy, you can still try, this isn’t the end. Jasmin says calm down, please. Tejo says I had thought a lot, I was happy that I will become the mum of Fateh’s child, I thought Fateh and my relation will get strong, no one can separate us, but this didn’t happen. Jasmin hugs her. Fateh thinks they are surely together, what can be the matter, did Jasmin tell everything to Tejo. Tejo comes. He asks where were you. She thinks how to tell you. She says I was with Jasmin, I didn’t know what to say on call. He asks what happened. She says I wanted to be sure first. He asks what is it. She says when I was in the college today, Jasmin and I… He gets Jasmin’s call. He says its imp, I will just come. He answers. Jasmin says I want to meet you. He asks what did you tell Tejo, she looks upset. She says meet me right now. He says I can’t leave Tejo like this. She says either you come out or I will come inside your house. He says she always threatens, what shall I tell Tejo. Episode End.

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