Udaariyaan 21st August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: everyone playing a game. Jasmin asks why aren’t you answering Fateh. Tejo gets Jasmin’s call. She goes to speak . Jasmin asks how are you, I wanted to meet you, i used to be worried for you. Tejo says I m fine, don’t worry, Fateh is taking much care of me, tell everyone at home to not worry for me, we were playing tambola, i will be able to meet you tomorrow. Jasmin says okay, take care. Jasmin thinks I have to meet Fateh some way. Fateh cleans the bed. Tejo says thanks for these three beautiful days, if this didn’t happen, then you would have not done this. He says don’t think its due to any guilt. She says lie, you’re in guilt. He says sorry, I m not a good husband, can you forgive that mistake. She says yes, but on a condition, you have to always take care of me, do you agree. He says yes, its not always possible, but i’ll do it sometimes. She throws the cushion at him. He says you will lose this game. they have a cushion fight. They fall down on the bed and laugh. She recalls their moments. He hears Jasmin’s voice and turns. He sees Jasmin in Tejo. He hugs her and says i really love you too. Tejo says i love you. He sees Tejo. He holds his head. She hugs him and sleeps in his arms. Fateh stays awake. He goes to the terrace. He recalls Tejo’s words and sits crying.

He asks what do you want Lord, I don’t want to remember Jasmin, i would like to forget her, but I can’t forget her, she is my first love, I won’t punish Tejo, i will support her. Its morning, Jasmin sees Fateh’s car and gets in. She says don’t be shocked, park the car aside. He parks aside and asks her to travel , he doesn’t want to talk. She says I didn’t understand what you said, tell me, relation works by mutual consent, it should break by mutual consent, you decided it alone, I won’t accept your decision. He says I took this decision because I m helpless, nobody knows about us, we will end this here, many hearts are hurt. She asks what about me, i need to be with you. He asks her to leave. She says I didn’t come to leave. He says it will be better for you to get out of this. She says i’ll show you what i will do. He asks what will you do.

She says you’re just mine, i’ll do something that Tejo knows the whole truth. He says you won’t tell her anything. She says you’ll know it soon. She leaves. He drives off. Jasmin hires an auto and rushes. Simran asks Tejo to come to the temple. Tejo says I won’t like lying to Fateh, i’ll try. Fateh says don’t go to Tejo, Jasmin. Tejo says maybe Gurpreet and Nimmo have come home, i will talk later. Jasmin comes home. Fateh calls her. Tejo asks why did you come, I told you i’ll come to meet you. Jasmin says i want to talk something imp. Tejo asks what’s the matter. Jasmin says listen to me with a calm mind, actually… Fateh comes there and looks at them. Tejo says you have come, Fateh. She asks Jasmin what do you want to say. He signs Jasmin to not say. Tejo says you can say it in front of him, tell me. Jasmin says its good he has come. He signs no. Tejo looks at him. He smiles.

Fateh says Tejo has to rest now. Tejo says i will fall sick if I rest so much. She asks Jasmin what happened. Jasmin says I wanted to tell you that… He worries. Biji calls Tejo. Tejo says i will just come. Jasmin says listen to me and go. Tejo goes. Fateh asks are you mad, just leave from here. Jasmin says you didn’t tell her the truth, i will tell Tejo. He shuts her mouth and drags her outside the house. He asks what were you going to do, please understand, everything is over between us, Tejo is my wife, my present, you’re my past. She says no, you can’t decide to get separated, i know you’re upset for whatever happened with Tejo, i will explain her. He says she could have died because of me, you won’t tell her anything, come with me, mislead her.

Jasmin says you’re feeling guilty for Tejo, what about me, my happiness, I agree that Tejo is your wife, but don’t you love me. He says its a punishment for me also, but I can’t punish Tejo. Jasmin catches his neck and says I can give my life for you, Tejo was getting to die in that incident, but she can’t give her life for you, did you hear me, its good if you remember this. He asks really, you can give your life for me, come with me. He takes her to the car and scolds her. Tejo comes there and looks for them. Fateh says enough now, i’ll show you what’s madness, what do you want to prove, you want to die, i’ll show you how to cross limits in love, we will give our lives together today. He takes her in the car. He asks her to take a seat inside. He says sit quietly, you like to die, right. Tejo sees Fateh leaving in the car. She says where did they go, without informing me. She thinks what did Jasmin want to tell me. Episode End.

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