Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh Defends Jasmin

Fateh says I’m just going to come. His friend says I didn’t eat pakodas worse than that until now. The pakodas are eating Khushbeer and his friends. Fateh looks on. Fateh looks on. The man says he’s really delicious. The lady says you really made it too delicious. Jasmin smiles and Fateh signs. The guests are leaving. Jasmin stops Khushbeer and tells me my award. Biji asks what prize, you don’t think you’ll say so we’re not going to know, Tejo did it, otherwise the name Khushbeer would have spoiled. When Jasmin goes on call, Tejo makes pakodas. Biji says I saw Tejo making the pakodas, you think you are going to fool it all. Mahi gets the pakodas and says this masterpiece was produced by Jasmin. It tastes and spits Nimmo. Jasmine is scolded by Biji. Jasmin is shouting and running to her room. The hands are joined by Biji, Mahi, Gurpreet and Nimmo.

Fateh is wiping Jasmin’s tears and saying his all right, you tried at least. She asks if anybody understands it, they’ve seen the bad pakodas, they haven’t seen my hand burned. He’s worried to see her hand. She says Tejo insulted me with this. He says Tejo just saved yours and the respect of this house. Then she came into the kitchen to cook, she might have helped me, but she has to do great, everyone knows that I don’t know how to make cooking, why did Biji ask me to make so many stuff. Fateh comes to everyone. Fateh comes to everyone. They dine. They dine. Gurpreet asks him to come. He asks him to come. Fateh says I don’t want to eat, because she can’t cook, I don’t like how you treat Jasmin. Biji asks why, Tejo doesn’t cook, you and us for herself. He asks that’s what a good woman she knows about cooking, she tried and got her hand burnt. I know that you don’t want us to stay there. And Fateh and Khushbeer argue. He asks Gurpreet to see the actions of her son. He leaves. He leaves. Tejo goes after him. Tejo goes after him. Gurpreet looks at Fateh. Fateh looks.

She says come with me. She says come. Tejo asks why you left food, if you’d like Jasmin to give importance, she wants us to get troubled by her actions. He says Fateh’s wrong, he’s with Jasmin. Gurpreet says to stay here, eat here, sing the name of Jasmin, never talk like this to your dad. Tejo says you can’t vent food anger, come for my sake, please. Khushbeer says it’s all right. Gurpreet says that you don’t know how Tejo respected your dad, Jasmin would have insulted him. Fateh tells me that I know… Gurpreet says I have always supported you, but I won’t tolerate anything against respect for my husband and family even if you’re wrong. She scolds and goes to Jasmin.

Jasmin says I’ve faced it all because of Tejo. she is so clever, she breaks your relationship with your family, she makes me fall in their eyes, she has done the drama and ripped divorce papers. He asks why she’s going to do this. She says she wants to get you back because she loves you. He remembers the words of Tejo. He thinks Jasmin might have said the truth, I could have trusted Tejo a lot. He goes to his room. He goes to his room. Tejo’s in the toilet. He’s going to her and he’s dragging her out. He’s wondering what game you’re playing. She’s asking for game? He says I can clearly see, you kept the rat in the AC pipe, don’t attempt to lie, I met the man you bought the rat from. She says I can’t believe. I can’t believe. You asked Jasmin to cook pakodas, then you went to the kitchen to impress everyone with your cooking, you signed the divorce papers and then torn it, why. He says that I can’t believe too. She says I heard people go in love blind, I saw it today. He says I love Jasmin you can’t see, you love me and you want to get me. I’ve got more reasons, I want to see you regretting, Jasmin is my sister, I’m aware of her, I don’t know her, I want to watch the scenes of your life, the plays of your life, I told you that Jasmin will be the biggest mistake of your life, I want to see you wear the punishment of the mistake, you never deserved myself! He says, come out of your world of dreams, you think Jasmin and I’m not going to stay happy, we’re glad and will always be happy. You know your joy is like a bubble of water, we watch it burst, I smile and you will have a tear in your eyes, then we know who played the game, why and with whom, I will give you advice in advance, start collecting empty vials when the bubbles of your joy burst, then break the vials by hitting the wall, you may be less painful, you may leave my room. He leaves. He leaves. She sits crying, she sits crying. Simran calls her. Simran calls her.

Today, Simran says his four days, Tejo didn’t answer my call. Buzo says I’m going to get upset to see Fateh. She says something’s wrong, please go and see Tejo once, for my sake. He says okay, stop crying, tomorrow I’m going to go. He hugs her. He hugs her.

Fateh receives the gifts. The person says love There’s also Jasmin card inside. Tejo looks at her and remembers her moments. Mahi comes and asks Tejo to assist her in this project. Fateh believes Jasmin will be pleased to see the flowers. He attaches the balls to the walls. Look on Mahi and Tejo. Mahi asks Tejo to rest, tomorrow she will submit her project. She goes. She goes. Tejo looks at Fateh. Tejo looks at Fateh. Buzo is coming and tells me that Tejo has come back, I can meet her. She’s in the kitchen, Mahi says yes. Tejo cries and thinks of the words of Fateh. Buzo is coming. She’s asking how you are, how Simran and Candy are doing. He says okay. She says that I couldn’t answer her call, convey my sorry to her. He says she’s worried. Call her once. After all, you’re very strong, you smile, Mahi told me all about it, how do you see them together, you care about Fateh, his family, the academy, you love him a lot, how tolerate it. She thinks of the words of Fateh. Buzo holds her. Buzo holds her. She yells. She yells. He asks her to remain powerful. Fateh sees Buzo holding Tejo in his hand. Gurpreet is coming and looking at it. They’re getting angry. She says that I ought to have trusted you. Buzo and Tejo are looking at them. Snorkeling leaves Tejo. Gurpreet says that today I saw them together, no margin of suspicion.

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