Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: Tejo running to Simran’s house. She says someone took Candy on the scooty, come with me, we will report to the police. The guy gets Candy home. Candy says he didn’t let me play there. Tejo gets shocked seeing Buzo. Fateh says everything is spoiling. Jasmin asks is everything fine. He says Tejo is doubting me. She says don’t think much about her. He says I feel responsible for this, I m doing wrong with her. Tejo says you’re doing wrong with Fateh, you had hidden this from him, since when do you know this. Simran says sorry, we wanted to tell you. Buzo says its okay, Tejo had to know this one day. He holds Simran’s hand and says i love Simran.

Jasmin says we should tell them the reality . Fateh says no, everyone likes Tejo at home, what will I tell them. Jasmin says relax, its okay. He says I m fed up lying. Buzo says I had to hide this from everyone. Simran says Buzo helped me tons . Tejo asks does one also love Buzo. Simran nods. Tejo asks what’s there to hide. Simran says Fateh will get angry on Buzo. Tejo says no, its better to find a good chance and tell them the reality , I have seen everyone missing Simran a lot, I promise everything will be fine. Buzo says Fateh is my only friend, don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to lose him. Jasmin says i will massage your head. Fateh thinks of everything. He faints down. Jasmin worries and asks what happened, open your eyes, how did you fall down suddenly. She sprinkles water on him. She says i will call Amrik, but he will know everything. She runs to get help. She asks someone to stop the car. A car stops. She sees Nimmo within the car.

Nimmo asks what happened. Jasmin says Fateh is there, come with me, i will tell everything. Nimmo worries and asks what were you both doing here. Jasmin says i will give all the answers, first take him to the hospital. They get Fateh to the hospital. Nimmo asks what’s happening, your love didn’t end for Fateh, what were you both doing out of the pind. Jasmin says i will tell you everything, don’t tell anything in front of Tejo. Nimmo says you got late in requesting. They see Tejo coming. Tejo comes running. She asks what are you doing here. Jasmin says actually… Tejo asks where is Fateh. Nimmo says calm down, he’s inside, doctor is checking. Doctor says he’s fine, his bp was low. Tejo asks can i meet him, I m his wife. He says yes, you’ll meet him, take care of his diet. Nimmo asks why aren’t you giving him food, I don’t understand, sometimes you throw a celebration for him. Tejo goes to Fateh and asks are you fine, what had happened. He recalls Jasmin. Nimmo comes and asks how are you. He says I m fine. Jasmin comes. He looks at her.

Nimmo asks what were you doing with Jasmin out of the pind, you were with her when you fainted. Tejo looks at Jasmin. Nimmo says its good i was passing by, what were you both doing there. He thinks what to say, don’t know what did Jasmin lie. Tejo says we will go home and talk. Nimmo says I have to answer Gurpreet. She asks Jasmin to say. Jasmin says i was going for extra classes, Fateh was passing by, he stopped the car and apologized to me, he suddenly fainted. Tejo asks why didn’t you call and tell me. Jasmin says I got stressed, I went to highway to get lift, I saw Nimmo and got him here. Nimmo thinks she is telling stories now. Jasmin says thank God, Fateh is fine now, take care, i will leave. Tejo holds her hand and stops her. Tejo says don’t tell anyone at home, they will worry for no reason. Jasmin says okay. She leaves. Tejo asks Nimmo to not tell anyone about Jasmin.

At home, Nimmo says Tejo was making all this for Tejo, and that we got to eat it. Biji says Tejo takes care of him well. Gurpreet says he doesn’t eat well, so his bp got low. Nimmo says she went to academy to pull his ear and make him eat the food. Tejo comes to academy and says you should have taken rest. He says I have work. She asks did you’re taking breakfast. She asks the peon. Peon says he didn’t eat till now, he just had coffee. She scolds Fateh. He asks what’s your problem. She says nothing. He says you think that I m unwell, I m fine, tell me what’s going on in your mind. She says you had fought with me, but you went to apologize to Jasmin, why, you didn’t remember apologizing to me, would you not care for me seeing such a mark on my neck, would you doubt on me. He says I just saw her on the road and said sorry, you don’t talk like Nimmo. She asks will you compare me with Nimmo, you’re thinking wrong, Jasmin isn’t the problem, we are the problem. She argues. She asks him to share his heart. He says I can’t tell, I m done, I don’t want to stay here and see your face. She says then pray that something happens and you don’t need to see my face. She cries. Episode End.

Precap: Fateh slaps a man . Later, that guy goes in Tejo’s classroom and points a gun at her saying he will spoil her and her husband’s life. He asks her to call Fateh. Fateh sees Tejo’s call, but doesn’t devour saying he doesn’t want to speak to her. He’s having a good time with Jasmin. Jasmin is dancing and he watches her. The guy tells Tejo to keep calling Fateh. If he doesn’t come, then he will shoot her.

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