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Jasmin said Tejo was snatching a room, she now is looking at Fateh, I’m not going to let this happen, I’m going to make her out of this house. She thinks and smiles. She smiles. Tejo is coming to her room. She’s going to get a bad smell. She says what the odour is. She’s inspecting the room. She sprays some cooler air. She’s locking the room and she’s going. Jasmin smiles. Jasmin smiles. Tejo says where I’m going to sleep, Nimmo’s in Mahi’s room, Jasmin’s in the guestroom. Jasmin thinks I’ll make you out of this house very soon. She’s asking why you’re roaming, what happened. Tejo doesn’t say anything, why are you worried about me. Jasmin says I’ve only come to ask you. Tejo says I think in my room there’s something wrong. Jasmin tells me that you’ve made me out of your room, what you sow is what you reap, that you can come to my room and sleep, I don’t feel too bad. Tejo says if poison turns candy, people are shocked.

Jasmin says you’re doing whatever you right, otherwise you’re going to blame me. She goes smiling. She goes smiling. She’s shutting the door of her room and dancing. She says I made Tejo out of the room, I knew it, Fateh is mine, that room will soon be mine. You see Fateh sleeping in the tejo. Tomorrow she thinks her visarjan, I have to wake up early. She’s lying on the couch. She sees Fateh and remembers his words. She sleeps. She sleeps. Jasmin thinks I’m going to see where she sleeps. She sees Tejo and Fateh and gets furious. She says she came to sleep before Fateh and soon I gotta make her out of the house. She goes. She goes.

Fateh wakes up. Fateh wakes up. He sees Tejo on the opposite couch sleeping. Here he thinks Tejo…. Tejo has a cold feeling. He thinks she’s got a fever. He’s going to check. He doesn’t think she has fever. The blanket covers her. She holds his hand. She holds his hand. He comes back and sits on the couch, drinking water. He lies and looks at her to sleep. Khushbeer, Dada ji and Gurpreet see Tejo sleeping this morning. Tejo wakes up Gurpreet. Tejo see them. Tejo see them. She’s looking at the blanket. She sees Fateh walking away. Khushbeer asks why you’ve been sleeping here. She says I couldn’t stay there, she says some smell was coming from my room, I didn’t want to trouble you at night. Dada ji asks what was the smell. You’re going to check. You’re getting the bad smell. I’m going to call the cleaner, Khushbeer says. Jasmin smiles and thinks you’re never going to know what the smell is. Jasmin remembers shopping in a box. In the kitchen she sees Tejo. She goes and maintains the box in the room.

Tejo asks why you’ve come out. Biji says you’re going to be busy, I thought you’re not getting ready for a walk. Tejo says that I’m going to get ready. Come and greet Mahi and Nimmo. Biji says the temple should be cleaned, then decorated. Jasmin’s dresses are checked. Fateh is coming. She says that there’s no dress that I can wear, her first feature in Virk house, buy a good dress for me. He asks how early in the morning I’ll get it. She says I don’t know. I don’t know. He says all right wait. The cleaners check the room and say we got nothing from Sir. Khushbeer goes. Khushbeer goes. Fateh comes into the room and smells bad. He goes and gets Jasmin’s dress. He asks you to remember that. Jasmin says yes, it’s pretty, Tejo did wear it. Fateh remembers Tejo. Tejo. He says it doesn’t matter, I don’t remember, for you I got it, get ready. She hugs him. She hugs him. Amrik comes and says you have a big puja at home, you spend time with your GF. Fateh says your own work is mindful of you. Khushbeer comes and says you have done a bad thing, you ought to hear taunts. He asks Amrik to visit Tejo’s room.

Tejo’s doing Rangoli. Gurpreet says his gorgeous thing, why did you not get ready? Tejo says plumber is in the bathroom and I’m going to get ready when they come out. Rupy, Satti and Bebe come home. Come home. Tejo hugs Satti and says that I’m all right. Bebe and Rupy are hugging her. Jasmin looks on. Jasmin looks on. Bebe says we thought we had the darshan of Ganpati. You’re going to be worried for your daughter, Biji says I know your worry. We’re not worried but Jasmin is here too. We’re anxious about her, too. Rupy says Khushbeer brought Tejo as his daughter. The cleaner says nothing is here. He says in the drain there is no problem, we don’t know where the wrong smell comes from. Khushbeer says it’s possible to go. Dada ji tells us to break the wall in order to check for termites. Jasmin thinks you’re never going to know the smell. Tejo you’re seeing her. She never thinks it’s a problem, she’s behind it. Mahi asks where Tejo’s going to sleep, she’s going to sleep in my room.

Khushbeer says Amrik’s going to sleep in hall, Tejo’s going to sleep in his room. Tejo says no need, I’m going to go home a few days, Mahi is going to give Biji medicine in good time. Biji says I understand that right, I will let you go in one condition, and when the room is fixed, you will return home. As you find right, Khushbeer says. Tejo says he’s promising. Jasmin thinks that plan is successful, Jasmin in Tejo out. Jasmin is calling Tejo. Tejo sees and remembers the saree. He said I’m going to look more lovely if I wear that, I’m gorgeous, and you go and get ready, sorry Tejo, I forgot there’s a bad smell in the room, and so you’re going home to mother and daddy. Tejo says that you don’t believe I understand you, that the smell won’t come alone in the room, anyone did it. Jasmin says I didn’t understand you. I didn’t understand you. Tejo says I am going to explain to you, but on the festive day I do not want to argue with you, I will not spare you if you’re involved.

Precap: Tejo’s going to leave the house. Jasmin’s coming to her and saying, are you going? Good. Now the colour of the walls will also change along with the walls. Tejo’s in car. Tejo is in car. Jasmin comes into the room of Tejo and takes the dead mouse out. Someone is coming and turning on the lights. Jasmin looks on. Jasmin looks on.

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