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Udaariyaan 14th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Udaariyaan 14th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode.

Episode Starts: Dilraj saying a bouquet has come for Jasmin. Satti asks who sent it. Dilraj says bad manners to check. Jasmin checks and gets the sorry card. She recalls Fateh. She says my college friend Fatima has sent this, why did she fight if she had to convince me. She reads his message, please meet me today. Fateh calls Jasmin. Tejo gets the student Aman and introduces him. She says Aman is distracted, he fails repeatedly , i believed he should join the academy, he’s sharp, his mind should be directed in right direction. Fateh says i will be able to see. He gets Jasmin’s message. She asks when will we leave at midnight, did you forget, dinner, night stay at the hotel. He says of course, we’ll leave at 6pm. She says okay, i’ll be ready. He reads Jasmin’s message and calls her. She asks when are we meeting, tell me. He says 4pm, I actually have to reach home till 6pm, dad called me for an urgent work. She says fine, we shall meet.

He thanks her. She says you’ve got work with Tejo, not your dad, stop lying, see what I do. Tejo enjoys the spa reception . She asks Mahi what was the need of all this. Mahi says i would like Fateh to only get stunned seeing you. Fateh waits for Jasmin. He says she isn’t answering, once she comes, i’ll convince her. Biji selects the saree for Tejo. Tejo smiles. She gets ready. Biji compliments her. Tejo thanks Biji. Fateh calls Jasmin. He says she didn’t do that before. He leaves from there. Door bell rings. Tejo smiles and says i feel Fateh has come. She runs to the door. She sees Amrik. Amrik goes to his room. Mahi says Fateh will come, where will he go leaving such a pretty wife. Fateh is on the way. He looks for Jasmin.

Fateh comes to the college. Guard says just staff is inside, students left. Fateh calls Sweety and asks for Jasmin. Tejo says no, i’ll wait, he will think I m desperate. Sweety says I don’t know where is she. Fateh says where are you Jasmin. He reads her message again about the first meet and last meet. He recalls Jasmin. He says don’t do anything Jasmin please.

Mahi asks where is Fateh, its 7pm. Tejo says maybe he got busy in some work, get your perfume, i prefer its fragrance. Mahi says sure. She goes. Tejo gets sad. She calls Fateh. He doesn’t answer. Fateh looks for Jasmin everywhere. He sees some packet in his car. Biji asks did you retain that packet within the car. Mahi says yes, what’s in this. Biji says night wear. They laugh. Mahi says their plan shouldn’t cancel. Fateh says Tejo’s clothes. He takes that packet. Fateh goes to Jasmin’s house. He calls her out. Everyone asks what happened. Fateh greets them. He says Tejo gave some stuff to give to Jasmin, i was passing by and thought to give it. Satti says but she isn’t at home, she said she will be going out along with her friends. He says i’ll wait. Satti says but you have got to travel with Tejo. Fateh says yes, I will go. He gives the packet and goes. Gurpreet says its 9pm. Tejo says he will come, he had some work. Gurpreet says change and come out, you can’t move to Chandigarh at this time. Fateh says where did you go, Jasmin, don’t do anything, i’ll tell everything to Tejo, please come. He leaves. Tejo calls Buzo. She asks for Fateh. He says I don’t know, don’t worry, i’ll find out. Fateh stops the car on the roadside. He says how long will I find her, I just hope nothing happened to her, she is in some problem. Tejo says I hope you’re okay. She prays.

He says i’ll tell Tejo, at least she will find Jasmin. He comes home. He sees Jasmin outside the gate. He gets down the car and runs to hug her. He asks where were you, i used to be madly finding you, why was your phone off, what was that post. She says i was passing time, I knew you’ll find me everywhere except your house. He asks do you think its a joke. She says yes, you chose Tejo again, you were going with Tejo for dinner by lying to me. Tejo falls asleep. Fateh asks what do you want. Jasmin says I wanted to ascertain if you’ll take Tejo to dinner, what is going to happen to you if you lose me. He says i was so worried. She says truth is, you can’t live without me. He asks will you go to this extent to make me realize.

She says yes, you’ve got to decide to which extent you’ll go for me. Fateh comes to his room. He sees Tejo sleeping. He thinks I m not doing right with you. She wakes up. She asks are you fine, where were you, I had called you. He says sorry, my friend met with an accident. She asks who. He says Nikhil, you don’t know him, I took him to the hospital, I m really sorry. She says whatever, you may have dropped a text, I had to lie to everyone that you just went for academy work. He says you’re right, sorry, my mind wasn’t working. She says its okay, you sleep. She removes the earrings. She asks did you had food. He nods and says good night. She says good night. She thinks there’s something he’s hiding from me. She goes to change. He thinks its right time, I should tell Tejo everything about Jasmin.

Precap: Jasmin sees marks on Fateh’s neck and questions him. She says that she doesn’t trust him. He has been lying to her a lot lately. Other side, Tejo also questions him the same. He gets frustrated on her saying she’s having a doubt on him again. She tells him not to shout at her. She is his wife, not slave. Episode Ends.

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