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Read Udaariyaan 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Jasmin Gets Furious

Episode star: Abhiraj get the bag from Tejo. Again, he asks her to think. Everyone looks on. Everybody looks on. Tejo asks Papa Ji, who’s going to be my room. Khushbeer is smiling and saying you’re going to live where else in your room. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to take bp medicines, Fateh must now deal with two women, Jasmin and Tejo, who are not underestimated, without any attention. Khushbeer requests that Amrik take Tejo’s bag. Fateh tells Tejo… Khushbeer says you’re not entitled to talk or question, this house is that room will always be of Tejo, I won’t save you if she gets troubled. He’s asking Tejo to go to her chamber. Tejo sees and goes to Fateh.

I know that I made a great mistake, the solution is not to get her home, I don’t love her, I can’t accept her as my wife. Khushbeer says that you feel that I’ve got her for you, no, I got her as my daughter, she’s come for Biji here. Nimmo says that you have not accepted Tejo as a wife, have accepted Jasmin as a wife, or have kept her as a friend. Gurpreet looks at her. Gurpreet looks at her.

For Tejo, Bebe and Satti cry. Satti says Jasmin sat as her Sautan in Tejo’s house. Bebe says don’t worry, Lord’s going to give Tejo strength to stay. Abhiraj says that I’ve been so angry seeing Jasmin there, and I wanted to drag her here. Rupy says no, before, we ought to have kept an eye on it. Bebe says that she will go and talk to her once, perhaps she will change the decision and leave the house. Rupy doesn’t say she’s going to come. Satti is right, I’m going to beg Jasmin to leave Tejo’s house. He says I don’t believe, it’s going to affect her. Mahi asks Tejo to wait, from her room she’s going to clean the dirt. She removes the clothes and bracelets of Jasmin. Jasmin comes and asks how you dare to touch my possessions. Mahi asks you haven’t heard what father said. She gives Jasmin the packet. Jasmin and Amrik leave. Leave Amrik.

Jasmin asks what this new drama is like. Tejo. Tejo says I must stay here, I must throw the useless stuff. Jasmin says that you’re the useless thing, if your husband doesn’t like you, you know what’s going to stay in this room, Fateh’s mine, this house and room are mine. Tejo says that destiny had made my relationship with Fateh and this family. Jasmin even says I’m here for my destiny, that’s why I’m here. Tejo says you have reached here, perhaps you can’t see that everything here is my choice, that bed, side table, wall decor, all. Jasmin throws food on the wall angrily. Jasmin says that walls, house and room are going to get my colour, it’s my right. Tejo says people’s rights, not those stones. Fateh is coming and looking at the wall. He’s wondering what this is, Jasmin.

Jasmin says it was wrong, I’m sorry, it’s going to take a new paint now. Tejo says that painting does not change walls. Fateh asks why you have come to Tejo, you think you’re going to get me back. Tejo says excuse me who you are, I stayed with Fateh here, you’re not that Fateh, I don’t even know you, why I’d want to get you. Jasmin says stop your absurdity, you are angry with Fateh’s love for me, not you, so you have come to snatch it from me. Tejo says his misunderstanding, his habits of snatching me things, you did it since I was a kid, I always gave, I knew you couldn’t make anything yours, I could not take my stuff from me this time, I could not take my thing from you this time, but you couldn’t worry, I wouldn’t snatch, I only got to clear your misunderstanding, you couldn’t always fool me, you couldn’t misuse me. Fateh says Jasmin, come with me, I don’t want a drama, Biji’s unpleasant. Jasmin says that I’m not going to go. Tejo asks him to put a Jasmin mattress on the floor and there she can sleep. Fateh says Jasmin is coming with me, for many days we don’t have to stay here. He takes with her Jasmin. He takes her. Tejo steps into the room. In the room. Tejo shouts and remembers the words of Rupy. She washes her tears. She wipes her.

Jasmin says why you got me here, my room, I’ve got a right to it. Fateh asks her to refrain from reacting. She asks what she’s going to do, she has been challenging me. He says don’t struggle with her until it gets calmer. She says that you think I’m mistaken. He says that when Biji is okay, Tejo will go from here, once we get a Canada visa, we will go. She says you want me to tolerate that, Tejo loves your family. He says you do something they like you too, for Tejo it wasn’t easy. He’s hugging her and he’s going. Jasmin says that if I have to remain here, I must make a goodness drama like Tejo.

Tejo cares for Biji. Jasmin’s coming and looking at it. Biji says I want to have something cold to drink. Jasmin listens to this, and goes to Biji for a cold drink. Tejo asks Amrik to take Biji medicines. Jasmin is asking Biji to drink cold. Gurpreet comes with Jasmin scolding. Tejo gets Biji juice. Gurpreet says I think Satti has taught Tejo all the good things and Jasmin misbehaviour. Jasmin goes. Jasmin goes. She says that Fateh asked me to win her heart, I can’t be her slave. She’s drinking the cold beverage. Fateh comes to the room and watches Tejo work. He knocks at the door. He knocks. He says I want to take my suit at night. He’s going to his closet. He takes away all the formals. He doesn’t see the suit for the night. A vase falls across his foot. He gets hurt. He gets hurt. Tejo goes to see him. Tejo goes to see him. She’s giving her night suit and she’s going back. Jasmin looks at him. Jasmin looks at him. He’s leaving and taking Jasmin. She says you say that you feel sleepy, you’re going to sleep here. He says no, I went to get the suit that night. She says that I will transfer your stuff to the guest room. I don’t want you to come to a room of strangers. Tejo gets upset. Tejo gets upset. Jasmin looks at her. Jasmin looks at her. Episode end.

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