Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Episode Written Update


Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Written Update on Multidesiupdates.com

This episode starts with Jasmine tells Tejo that she regrets her decision, even though you all tried so hard to convince me that I didn’t follow through. Tejo looks on. “I don’t feel like talking about it anymore but I feel bad for you because you’ve been crushed in this whole thing because now you have to spend your whole life with someone who Can’t love you “Tejo says Jassoo Why are you saying that Fateh and I are best friends, We spend time together, eat together, drink together and I think this is the beginning of a good relationship. Suddenly she gets a call from Fateh and he says I miss you.

Jassoo was listening and jealous. Fateh says you go, I will not bother you. Teju asks Jassoo why Gapi didn’t call you. “Jassoo said I didn’t tell her to worry because I would spend my time with my sister today. Teju said he is a Good boy and handsome, and the most important is hi is Sensible. Jassoo says don’t feel bad but hi is not Fateh, Don’t mind I am saying from the heart. you could understand that too. Teju told him to be positive and forget the rest of the negatives. Jassoo agrees.

Teju again got a call from Fateh. Jassoo says you continue I will sleep. Teju talks with Fateh and Jassoo was feeling upset. Satti feared that everything would go smoothly or that Jassoo would create another drama. Ruby told him not to worry that everything would be happy.

Fateh came with noodles in the midnight, he insisted that we both eat together. Jassoo was spying, Then she lay down on the bed again and pretended to sleep. Fateh and Teju were sitting on a Stairs and eating noodles. Jassoo was watching them secretly. Fateh tasted the noodles and said that you are considering this delicious. Teju says that what you have made for me is enough for me. They would talk to each other and spend some time. Jassoo was crying when she saw them together. Fateh later departed.

Fateh was on the road and he saw Jassoo coming from the opposite side. Fateh hides and thinks why she follows me everywhere. Fateh was trying to escape without getting noticed and Jassoo was smiles. He turns to see her. She hides and sees him. He looks for her.

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